Ahmadinejad & Hojjatieh

Ahmadinejad & Hojjatieh
by jimzbund

A dangerous sect within the dangerous Shiite sect within the dangerous Islamic fundamentalism and extremism.




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Anvar, Shah fed them and got shafted

by jimzbund on

the idiot Shah instead of getting rid of akhunds like his father, started to support them and left them free to do whatever they want. These akhunds kicked him out and have been oppressing Iranians for 30 myears thanks to Shah.

Akhund belongs to mosque and morgue

Bund, Jimzbund


Here’s another group…

by Anvar on

This group was founded by a 21 year old theology student in 1945 in Iran.  In their zeal to ‘purify’ Iran they too have been extremely cruel to the religious minorities.