America will attack Iran

by jimzbund


I, Jimz Bund , along with our agent Johnny Dollar in US, daee John Napoleon in England and Sarkar Ostovar in Iran have come across enough intelligence that we are convinced that America will attack Iran for the following reasons:

1- US is in big trouble in Afghanistan, Iraq and econonocally at home, It can't just pull out of these areas to save face and can't stay there for more , so an attack on Iran will be a good excuse to stay in the region .This is the best time to attack and leave the mess for the next president .

2- The oil prices are rising and they need to protect the oil and maybe get more .

3- They are wrong in assuming that Iranians will liberate themselves after being attacked ! As people will rally behind the government in protecting the country and IRI will use the nationalistic feelings of the people for their grip on power.

4- The Evangelicals are pushing for the fullfillment of the Bible prophecies as per Ezekiel's book and are seeing the formation of alliances between nations as prophecised . This will expedite the return of Christ.

5- The IRI doesn't mind the war for another reason too: The world must be in chaos and the Muslims should be in trouble so that their mahdi will return and this is what the Hijjatieh president of Iran is wishing for.

6- the crusades are not finished and they want to finish it.



Jimazbund , Johnny Dollar, dayee john Napoleon, Sarkar Ostovar




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America will attack Iran

by Mahdi (not verified) on

Obviously, America is getting ready and planning to attack Iran ever since it became a threat to Israel by announcing that Israel should be wiped out of the map.


to Nader 11

by jimzbund on

 A a secret agent, I have access to Johny Dollar's  files . Agewise , Jimz Bund gets younger !!! as you can see from the 007 movies .





Bund, Jimz Bund


Johnny Dollar

by Tonya (not verified) on

That was a song... right?  Not that I remember it, mind you.  Just something I remember my sister... no, no.... my PARENTS listening to a long time ago. 

Whew... almost gave myself away!


Johnny Dollar

by nader11 (not verified) on

you remember Johnny Dollar ?
you just gave up your age dude.



by Asgar Taragheh (not verified) on

Valid argument. Indications are their second chance should be an interesting ride as Russia and Iran have signed an agreement to allow Russian troops enter Iranian soil if Iran is attacked by a foreign power. While China and Iran are in discussions for a chineese military base on either one of the Islands in the Persian golf or off shore.

The new crusaders are from the sosool fabric which is why they are on a verge of a big fall, and as history has shown over the past 30 years, they continuously under estimate the mullahs.

They will hurd the masses indeed.