Ayatullah's fatwa on rape , drugs and torture

Ayatullah's fatwa on rape , drugs and torture
by jimzbund

Anywhere else this guy would have been arrested and tried for crimes against humanity .



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by jimzbund on

Although I have seen many outlets talk about this but it can't be said 100% if the whole thins is true or partially true. What matters is that it is so close to what is actually  happening in Iran that doesn't surprise us. We kneo as a fact that in the past 30 years:

- wome have been raped in prison

- young virgin girls have bneen raped so that they can't go to heaven

- man have bben raped to dehumanize them and bring shame to them and their family

- prisoners have been warned that their family members will be raped right in front of their eyes if they don't confess

- girls have been raped so much that died because of bleeding and internal damage and had to be burnt to get rid of the evidence.

 So whether Yazdi said it in private or semi private or public , it is the mentality and I haven't seen any rejection by him.

May glory and happiness return to Iran



Story is FALSE

by capt_ayhab on

This piece was first blogged by Farhad Kashani : //iranian.com/main/2009/sep/mesbah-yazdi

The alleged interview with Mesbah Yazdi is a SATIRE which was published, then taken as real news.



The Israeli outlet gave no source for its story, and it has been
known to run less-than-verified claims. So our judgement at EA was “How
far away are we staying from this?!” Other sites, however, eagerly ran the piece, and it is now enshrined on Wikipedia.

The story is false. Chris Emery did some more digging and found that it had been posted at Balatarin
(a portal like Digg and Newsvine for Internet articles) three weeks ago
in the “Fun/Entertainment” section. The original story has now been
pulled, because so many people mistook it for reality, but a quick read
of the Balatarin version (even with the shaky English offered by Google
Translate) makes clear that this was a bit of very black comedy gone
very badly wrong.

End Excerpts


Mesbah Yazdi, in my opinion is one of the most despicable human beings, BUT he has never given this Fatwa. It is a satire and not true.



Lynn Wong Abdullah

It is revolting

by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

Absolutely disgusting!  Truly, we need to end IRI!


Thanks for the video

by yolanda on

I watched the video, it is horrendous, unspeakable and disgusting!