CIA is hiring now

by jimzbund

Recently the persian satellites have been broadcasting recruitment advertisements by CIA for foreign assignments . Although jimzbund is an English spy but wouldn't trust any CIA stuff to Americans as they would blow your cover anytime for political gain as we have witnessed many time before. A good spying business nowadays is to steal the Hi-Tech info from North America for the Chinese government.I love Russian double agents who are cute and make the spying business fun !. And by the way the country with the most spies is Iran which since  1980 after Khomeini asked everyone to spy on their families and neighbors holds the rank .


Bund was only afraid of Sarkar Ostovar and his Politiks !


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Dear Goffer

by jimzbund on

Thanks for the welcome.

Most are recruited internally by the FBI . It might also be that CIA is looking for Iranian double agents to improve their torture techniques ! In my opinion there should be a distinction between "jasoos" who works for money and a "vatan Foroosh" who is sold out either for money or an ideology.

Bund, Jimz Bund

News Goffer

Dear Jimz

by News Goffer on

Welcome back!  Your short blog has made me think!

I thought the Iranian satellite programs are broadcast for people inside Iran.  So, is the CIA appealing to people inside Iran to join?  

How will those applicants get out of Iran for their job interviews?  

Will they be calling American Embassy in Dubai, making an appointment for an espionage job?  

Or will another agent who is already in Iran be the recruiter who would interview the ones who have previously applied online?  

Wouldn't these guys need to know English, too, or is speaking Farsi the only requirement for the job?  

In a way, if it's only Farsi they are looking for, they would be better off hiring the host of men and women who run those satellite programs in LA, wouldn't you think?  I mean those guys only speak Farsi, too, but they are already here so they could be deployed immediately.

All in all, I think it is a pretty dumb idea for the CIA to advertise for job vacancies among people who are already living in the Middle East, but I might be missing the point entirely.