Congratulations to Shiraz martyrs

by jimzbund

Idon't lnow why people are giving their condolences to the relatives of these martyrs ? the people who gather at that meeting every Saturday call themselves the fadaeen for the Mahdi and are hoping to be martyred in his path so now they have achieved their wish and are in their mansions in heaven !. I wish everyone of them get their heart's desire and are honoured with the Martyrdom station.


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To: Anonymous XY

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Thank you for the reference to a well known writer Mary Boyce about the Zoroastrianims. I have already her book.

As you saw in my comments what I said, is that if people are making negative comments about various religions it comes from: lack of education, knowledge and a fanatical mind-set.

I am not a proponent of the IRI nor do I believe they follow the true teachings of Islam. Like many others they use Islam as a guise; this is why I said the religious mask of anyone who uses religion to conduct their atrocities has to be removed. This includes Christians and Jews as well as others.

I am against breeding of hatred against any religion which only brings about disunity and hatred. The world will never be at peace if we attempt to attack one another based on race, color or creed.

I also know among illiterate people of all faiths there is ignorance, superstition, against people of other religious beliefs, from different countries, and backgrounds.

Unfortunately, racism, bigotry, after thousands of years has not gone away, it is pretty alive; including in this so called "civilized West". This is quite unfortunate; and does no good for any people or any nation.

This is why I indicated that individuals have to educate themselves about all religions before they make comments and spread false information.

I am also aware of Khatami's conference and the question asked of him by a Zoroastrian, and his response was we are all Zarotoshti - which is the case, our roots go back to Zarthost.

If you recall in Iran many years ago there was a day called "Omar Koshi" by Muslims themselves. Now where does this come from, from ignorance, and lack of knowledge. Was this beneficial to divide Iran from its Sunni neighbours? Does this kind of an attitude benefit our mother land?

We will never get anywhere if we attempt to spew hatred.

Education, education, education and education is a must and its our responsibility to educate and not brew hatred. The only way that we can bring harmony and peace among all people is to show our commonality and bring people together as opposed to attacking them for their beliefs; and creating further hatred, animosity, and division.

Now if this kind or rationality is bothersome to some people, then they are believers of exactly what I am against.

And James, no, you failed to understand what I said, and as usual instead of answering a straight forward question you twist the words and start attacking with foul language. Bravo to you!


Re:Anon 2

by jimzbund on

Sorry I forgt the story of Moosh va Gorbeh by Obaideh zakani !!!which reminds me of you playing moosh mordeh !

anyway, take it easy and stay regular in prayers just remember that a fart can invalidate your prayer which is a pillar of the religion( osooleh Din). Azoo billha men al shaytan al rajim... 



Bund, Jimz Bund


to Anonymous xy

by jimzbund on

Thanks for your patience in writing to Anonymous 2. These guys are trained deniers of anything and will resort to any lies and fabrications to defend Islamists.  That is the reason that I treat them like kids and don't take them seriously.

Unless some one pretending to be Iranian or hasn't read the history or talked to Zoroastrian, jews, Christians and baha'is of Iran, they all were labled " najess" and Zoroastrians were called " Majoos" , they had no rights compare to a muslim and if they were riding a donkey and saw a Muslim they had to get down as a sign of respect and salute them! even their shawdos were considered najess.  same with others to a different degree. Now people are going against these BS and treating others in a better way but they have a long way to go. I have zoroastrian friends from Yazd and also India , same with Christians and bahais and muslims and know what I am talking about.

take care




Bund, Jimz Bund



by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

Anonymous-2: You are wrong about treatment of zartoshtis. Historically they were far more mistreated than jews and Christians for reasons that (1) islam does not recognize them as people of the book, (2) they were in competition with islam for heart and soul of iranians and thus had to be defeated. They "were" indeed assumed "najes." If islamic republic tolerates them minimally is because of their iranian roots and the affinity of some iranians towards them. Otherwise IRI tried (and still do) to remove anything related to zartoshti religion, including noruz, chaharshanbeh souri, mehregan, sadeh, etc. Even the tomb of cyrus the great was not immune, khakkhali tried to destroyed it, and even today some hezbollahis on this site were rejoicing to see it destroyed due to flooding of sivand dam. See comments on articles on sivand dam and cyrus tomb on this site.

I suggest that you read one of many Mary Boyce books on state of iranian zartoshtis that reflect her decades of research on-site in iran.

Also search Youtube for mulla and chaharshanbeh souri or noruz, to see how mullas make fun of iranian celebrations and condemn them.

Or even see comments made by Dr. Farhang Mehr in presence of Khatami about treatment of zartoshtis in iran and khatami's lack of any convincing response to discriminations against them. This is on Youtube too.

And finally ask yourself, why the majority of zartishtis left their country and sought refuge in India. Or why they have been immigrating to western countries en mass after the revolution.

Denying IRI wrong-doings does not solve any problem.


Thanks for your references

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

You obviously have no references except the 3 that you provided.

I was not asking for your high school books, don't play dumb. You indicated the three that you mentioned were among a handful that you picked.

Anyone who believes they are intellectually qualified in criticizing a topic, whether that is religion, or whatever else, needs to demonstrate that they are have an abundant wealth of knowledge on that topic; otherwise their comments will be considered void of knowledge based analysis. By the way 20 for any avid reader is elementary.

Thanks anyway for giving it a shot.


top 20 books

by jimzbund on

sure ketbahaye dabestani va dabirestani = more than 20 , authors edareh amoozesh va parvaresh

tow digeh cheghadr shooti baba ! LOL 


Bund, Jimz Bund


Give me the top 20 list of books you have read!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I would appreciate the top 20 list of books you have read, include the name of the authors please!


Anon -2

by jimzbund on

I have read hundereds of books on these subjects and just gave 3 for the starter as these are done by Muslims two of whom used to be Mullahs and got killed and assassinated  by the Mullahs ! . It seems you are just full of hot year and inexperienced in real life in Iran , I have travelled and lived in many parts of Iran and have seen first hand how the Shiite treat even Sunnis  let alone others. I am too busy to spend too much time trying to write or respond to but just list the points to trigger thought. go back and do some rowzeh khooni in masjed now..

Bund, Jimz Bund


Your selection of books as reference demonstrate shallowness

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

All of you anti-Muslim groups continue to quote Ali Dashti as if he is your Bible for the truth. You want references buddy, I can shower you with reference books from highly renowed scholars and Dashti is not even a footnote as a source.

I suggest you do some real homework and get back into the library and start reading some scholarly books.

No Iranian calls Zartoshtis Najess!

Don't spread your bullshit propaganda. To call them Najess means shitting (Tof-e-sar-bala) on our own history as all of the great Persian Kings which we take pride in as fathers of Iran where Zartoshti!!

Have you ever gone into a remote enclave in a far away desert or deh in Iran, where the people are Muslims to see how angry they become when foreigners come to film movies which depict our ancient Kings who took their pledge from Zartosht as barbaric or even having failed in a war!! Bet you have not!!

Zartosht has its place in Iranian history and no one dares say anything about them, including the IRI - they know this is one way to turn the Iranian people against them. Just like your spread of hatred toward Islam manages to do the same.

Now if there are ignorant people, who have a wrong impression of a particular religion and faith this is a different story; and it comes from ignorance and lack of knowledge and education, which unfortunately is wide among many people of various faiths or no faith at all; this includes yourself who keeps stirring up hatred and false propaganda about Islam.

Here we go again, another individual using another great religion Zartosht to hide his hate mongering and fanatical ideology to promote Islamophobia.

Terrorism is an ideology, it has no color, it is not particular to any religion; it is only when people use religion as a guise to conduct their attrocious activities.

It is time for us all to start learning the truth about all religions. It seems like their is a total lack of knowledge by many people regarding all faiths: Bah'ai, Zarthost, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. If we want to speak from a point of "true" knowledge then we have to educate ourselves!!

Many prefer to pick and chose books or point to hateful documentaries, and web-sites which portray a wrong image of all of these religions; this is a very easy and lazy task and does not take much effort.

What is difficult and time consuming is when one aims to really gain knowledge with an open mind, by putting aside their particular prejudice and bias.

Hatred, divide and conquer does not work anymore; and anyone who resorts to these shameful tactics whether under the name of "Christianity, Islam, Judaism, aetheisim, Bah'ai, Buddhits, Hindus, Zarthost etc" are extremists and fanatical in their mindset. They are not followers of the true credence of their religion or belief, but rather hide behind religion or no religion to justify their hatred and intolerance!!

As I said in a different blog, the mask of religion has to be taken off from those who preach hatred in order to bring disunity among mankind.

Next time you want to speak about a religion, I would expect that you put forth scholarly work which is abundance on these topics; otherwise keep silent.


These guys are not Iranians

by jimzbund on

These are bunch of tokhmeh Arabs who beat and bloody themselves, kill others in the name of some Arab Imams who Arab themselves don't care about ! why are they Kasseh daghtar az Ash ? Iran has benn suffering for 1300 years beacuse of the Arab imperialism and superstitions. The proud nation of Iran has been reduced to a terrorsit state by these guys. Parts of Iran have been lost to Russians beacuse of these Mullahs during the Ghajar and now. Pure Iranian people like Zartoshtis and others have been labled as " Najess" and are treated like animals . Iranians need to read these 3 books :

1- 23 years by Ali Dashti

2- Shiah gari by Kasravi 

3- Tavvalodi Digar




Bund, Jimz Bund


MassodA These people will

by ankar mankar (not verified) on

These people will never repent, they follow the book and the book says kill mercilessly and they do.



by Zarthoshty (not verified) on

Killing other human beings is wrong no matter of what race, religion, country they are from. We as iranian need to watchout for each other and keep the other countries out for the sake of our nation. I do not care for iranian government but I will not condem muslims just because the government is islamic. We need to separate the government and politics from our religion and beliefs.


Another Iranian dissident group is in competition with the MEK

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Well according to this link the Monarchists took responsibility for the terrorist activity in Shiraz. Unfortunately we have too many terrorist groups; it seems like the monarchists are in competition with the MEK, Jundallah, PKK, PJAK, etc..

As I said Barbarians at the Gate - they too showed their true color!! Khaen is their true name!

If they think this is the way they are going to earn the respect of patriotic Iranians inside and out; then they are the fools I always expected them to be.


Bahram the Iranian

brave basijis

by Bahram the Iranian on

if you cant say something productive , keep it quite.they are the first  to defend the first in line to protect Iran. Some pepole can only be brave at home. I wonder what they would do if they face a basiji .americans themselves are desperate how to deal with them never mind bunch of .......

dont get too happy, they are many more to come


Hope there will be more...

by masoudA on

of these type of mahdi martyrs.   These are the type of people who tied a Bahaii guy to a tree and set him of fire in Shiraz last week - they need to urgently head to their promissed heaven and enjoy the virgins. 


So now we know who are the hypocrites!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

The vile comments from some of you on this site demonstrate you don't deserve to be called a human being. I don't care if you have two eyes, two legs and look like one; there are animals who have more compassion than you.

Barbarians at the gate - now we know who they are. What hypocrites you are when you comment on other sites about democracy, freedom and human rights for the Iranian people and then laugh and make jokes when the same people are killed!

Thanks for showing your true color. Now we know what you truly stand for!


People praying = wanting to die

by Reza411 (not verified) on

So what you guy's are saying is that all these people were there to die intentionally so they could be martyrs, interesting take, from the video I saw it looks like when the blast happened the crowd was running away from it not towards it and did you notice most there were very young. I don't defend any of the actions of religious fanatics and I surely don't agree with them. But taking pleasure in peoples deaths, especially young people is not something I want to take part in and if I do, it shows i'm no better then they are because the only reason i'm not doing it to them is because I don't have the opertunity to. That mentality is really going to help our country right, like I keep saying our biggest enemy is ourselves. And in regards to your comments jimzbund, I could say the same thing about you. And to anonymously, now I poped an artery...Yeaye now I can be a martyr too.


Reza 911 call for help

by jimzbund on

Death  is good but for the neighbor ? Isn't it what all these guys are begging and crying for and are ready to kill anyone who doesn't agree with their ideology ?  Aren't these people who harass and persecute evrybody to keep the IRI in power ? they call themselves Fadaeen for mahdi so now they are Fadaeen and have reached their goals , what is the problem then ? I am not talking about some innocent bystanders or passerbys who got killed but some bassijis who were at a rave party beating their chests to go and kill others. These guys have the same mentality as the Taliban and Al Qadea but for Shiite 12'ers. Also thanks for being polite online and just calling me an idiot as this is the best that guys like you can do online.




Bund, Jimz Bund


well said

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I wish more of these roaches would have been killed. I guess they now can go to heaven right? aren't these the same people who talk about beauty of martydom? well their dream came through.

Bahram the Iranian

not funny

by Bahram the Iranian on

they are in better place now

may god bless their souls


to: Reza411

by Anonymously (not verified) on

I think you just popped an artery dude!
when they use a masjed to store extra fire arms and ammuniation, that's not a place of worship anymore. They pray for martyrdom all the time, what's wrong with Mr 007 here wishing them the same??


YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

by Reza411 (not verified) on

Your an idiot. If you think your comment was funny, it wasn't. If you think your witty, your not. Most of those killed and injured were young people. I might not agree with what they were preaching over there but too wrongs don't make a right. If this same thing had happened anywere else in the world all the Iranians would have simpathy for the victims, but because it's in Iran Fuck'em. Why do Iranians hate each other so much i'll never understand but no one in this world will ever care for us because we don't care for ourselves. So hopefully one day when they start bombing Iran you'll have more material for your witty comments and for your sake if that day ever comes I hope your family is outside the country or we might have to congratulate them too. See how witty that is. Oh and did I mention I think your an idiot...I did, well i'm doing it again.