Dameh Turk ha Garm

by jimzbund

It was the great Ataturk ( the father of Turks) who figured out that in order to advance his country he had to seperate the mosque from the state . He changed the alphabet to Latin and got the Arabic alphabets out, forbid the wearing of Arab clothes by the priests and promoted westernization . The late Reza Shah tried the same but unfortunately couldn't finish the job . The army is the protector of the secularism and constitution and will remove any government who goes against it. In this sense dameh Turk ha garm and hopefully one day Iranians will seperate mosque from state and enjoy the liberty that they deserve , after centuries of dictatorships from one from to another.



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To Ali. P

by Bieuk (not verified) on

Are you an Iranian or a Turk? We did not offend you in any way, of course if you are an Iranian and not a Turk. Please spend some times and visit the pan-turk websites to see what they say, think and WRITE about Iran and Iranians(they have many plans for us, dear Ali P.)

Ali P.

To: Caro&Bieuk

by Ali P. on

People's "khareeyat" is not determined by their ethnic backgroud or nationality, but by what they do, say, or, WRITE!


Caro, here is the whole verison of the lyrics

by Bieuk (not verified) on

We Iranians have a great culture and we do not need to be like Turks and the gay Attaturk can not be our idol. The only thing that we need to do is getting rid of Mullas and revive our ancient way of life(be Persians). Here is the whole version of lyrics: Turk agar loogman shawad, Ostadeh daneshgah shawad, Bazham Haftado haft poshtash kar hast.(that is about the Turks in Turkey and not the Azeris). Azeris are Iranians.


Caro ? adjust your attitude, dude!

by Majid on

Did you realy "HAVE TO" leave such an un necessary coment about Turks ? Be it our hamvatan Aazaris or our neighbor Turks?



by sanazi on

me too, im happy Iran is not like turkey. and im also happy that iranians do not want to become "europeans".


So sad...

by Caro (not verified) on

If our role model for a civilized society is Turkey and Ataturk, then we are well deserved of what we have now. Do we need a dictator like Ataturk whos fascist vision is the reason for the mass murder and genocide that is still taking place against the Kurdish nation in todays Turkey? Aren’t we going forward, the great people of Persia, as we often say to become a Turkeh khar. Don’t you guys say Turk agar lookman shawad bazam khar ast. What are you then?


Are you sure?

by Abarmard on

Turkey could be a new example for the Islamic world"? really?

As far as I know if there is free election in Iran tomorrow, Iranians most probably, based on their experience, choose a democratic regime (nothing like Turkey). I am not sure if Turkey would! As the polls indicate, the majority of the middle east including Turkey has a strong tendency towards a Islamic system. It's simple to get distracted by the image. Also Turkey has a different history than Iran. As we all know, Iran has oil and geopolitical position that the west would not allow it to move forwars as easily. Turkey gets over five billion a year foreign aid from the US and colonizing powers treat her differently.

Economy can change, but there are somethings that you can't buy with money, for everything else there is a master card ;)

Jahanshah Rashidian

Example for the Islamic world

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Turkey could be a new example for the Islamic world. What Atatürk achieved in 1920th others can improve today. Turkey of before Iran's Islamist advent was the only secular and half democratic country of the Islamic world. A series of coups and the sudden emanation of Iranian Islamism in the region undermined the prestige of Turkey. Today, if Cyprus is accepted in the EU, Turkey with its, moderate, Islamic state must wait because of this regression.




by Your Afghani brother (not verified) on

Your post reminds me the Iranian saying "Gorbeh dastesh be goosht nemireseh, migeh boo mideh". Lol


More power to them

by Abarmard on

But I don't envy them and have no desire for Iran to be like Turkey, no way.


RE: latin Alphabet

by jimzbund on

I believe the main reason for switching to the latin alphabet was to discourage people from reading in Arabic ,thereby reducing the Arab and Islamic influence on their culture. Whe I was in Turkey the Turkish guys were asking me what was written in Arabic in a mosque as they coudn't read it. It was then that I realized what a great step that has been.  We might have to go to latin or something more universal alphabet to achieve the same. 

 parsi shekar ast .....Torki honar ast ...

Bund, Jimz Bund

Ali P.

Latin alphabet

by Ali P. on

  Not being able to go to the homeland for the last 25 years, Turkey is as close to Iran, as I can get, and I have a marvelous time every time I am there. It reminds me of my childhood's Iran, that now only exists in my memory.

 My experience with Turks has been always pleasant and positive.Not only their state, but the social structure and the people seem to be secular as well.

 I am not sure every step they took towards westernization  was worth the price they paid, although understandable, and many were. The idea of changing the alphabet, had some proponants is Iran as well at the time. It was supposed to somehow pull the literacy rate high, because Latin alphabet is supposedly easier than Arabic alphabet. We never did make the switch, and I don't believe there is a significant difference between the literacy rate of two nations today.