Equality of sexes in Islam

by jimzbund

According to the IRI law, a Muslim woman's life is equal to 50 camels. A man's left tesitcle is worth 66 camels ( according to a hadith the sperm comes from the left testicle) and the right one 34 camels. So, a woman is worth less than a man's left testicle !!! but there is a good news, the woman's vagina as awhole is worth 100 camels ,the left side or the right side is worth 50 camels each, the moral of the story is that a woman's vagina is worth more than her life and is equal to man's testicles.

Please do your own math !


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MPD, you qualify as an Ayatullah !!

by jimzbund on

LOL, and the western intellectuals say that a person's life is invaluble !!! 


Bund, Jimz Bund

Multiple Personality Disorder

I did the math

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



2 testicles=66+34=100 camels

1 vagina=50+50=100 camels


1 vagina=2 testicles


1=(2 testicles)/(1 vagina)

the remainder is one penis and two teats.

if we assume gender equality, then:

1 penis=2 teats


1=(2 teats)/(1 penis)

so therefore:

(2 teats)/(1 penis)=(2 testicles)/(1 vagina)


(2 teats)=[(1 penis)(2 testicle)]/(1 vagina)

or in another word, two teats have the same value as a penis multiplied by two testicles over a vagina.



That's nothing ...

by Menakhim (not verified) on

Zionist Jews think that non-Jews are equal to flies and mosquitos.


oh jimmy you kill me

by sarbaz (not verified) on

that would be very funny if it wasn't so sad !!!