Fitna: Nothing exaggerated or blasphemous

by jimzbund

I just watched the Fitna movie on the web and apart from some disturbing images of beheading, I saw nothing exaggerated or blasphemous about Islam.It just shows the facts and how the muslims are hyped up about conquering the world and killing the unbelievers . Unless Muslim authorities rise up and denounce the acts of terrorism and suicide bombings which they can't as it is in their agenda too to rule the world, the masses are not going to ignore the threat anymore as it is not just a local or national issue but an international one and countries are alarmed especially the host countries who opened their arms to the Muslims and gave them equal privileges and opportunities to grow but now they are finding that they have basically raised enemies within themselves . I hope Muslims wake up and put aside their Arab imperialistic wishes and try to coexist with the free people of the world . I am ashamed of Iranian Muslim extremists who are more radical than their Arab counterparts in their beliefs based on superstitions and fabrications rather than facts.


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To Hell With Islam

by Iranian.Ajax on

To hell with Islam, to hell with the prophets. To hell with Mohammad and his barbarian followers. To hell with Ali, to hell with the Koran. To hell with Khadijeh, to hell with the Shias to hell with the Sunnis and to hell with all things Islam....

The Muslim world is essentially a clogged toilet that everyone....

To hell with Mecca! Burn Islam to the ground!



We should be fair to good moslems

by non-zionist jewish man (not verified) on

Most moslems have denounced and hate the al-qaida and wahabies.

I think that most responsible westerners and jews should also denounce zionism and its bad actions against other people.


Re:anonymous ha-ha-ha The

by Sunni (not verified) on

Re:anonymous ha-ha-ha

The Khomeinists hypocrisy is breataking and it never ceases to astound me.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for killing and displacing 3 million Iraqi (including Sunni Iraqi-Palestinians) Sunnis who had to flee to Syria for the fear of ethnic cleansing by the puppet regime of Iraq supported by the Islamic Republic.

Right now, the Islamic Republic is responsible for turning Iraqi shi'ites against one another in a bloody sectarian war. Badr sectarian militias are not doing well against the sectarian militia of Muqtada As-Sadr.

Both groups are Shi'ite and are funded by the Islamic Republic. So, you ask what does Iran get out of turning one shi'ite group against the other??

Answer: Both groups are Shiites just like most of Iranians. Yet,unlike Iranians,
both are Arabs too.Lest any of them feel too powerful and take an Arab stand instead of a Shiite one,inter-fighting amongst makes both much weaker and thus more dependent on Iran.

The Islamic Republic playing a very nasty game with the Arab population, which in the long run would come back and bite them in the rear end...and the poor Iranians have to pay for it and used as canon fodder.



I'm glad this was released

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

I'm glad this was released and have had the chance to watch it. I can't say that it's the best short film I've ever seen, but it does make many good points. I didn't see this film as anti-Islam so much as anti-Islamist. Since Muslim extremists justify their barbarism from the Qur'an I believe the verses used in this film are legitimate points to raise.

This doesn't say much about the religion itself, after all the Bible has some hair-raising verses as well, but it does in how it's practiced by many. All in all though, I really don't care if anyone is offended. I'm offended by many Muslims who use their faith to justify this savagery, excuse it or simply ignore it. Silence by moderate muslim against killing Theo Van Gogh or other vile and barbaric action by the muslims extremist tantamounts to complicity. When was a last time moderate muslims protested the militant and extremist views of Islamic Republic in the U.S.????

Turn your religion into an evil ideology and you can expect a negative reaction. Those who are Muslim and do not believe as the Islamists do have the unfortunate responsibility to turn this around. It may seem unfair but frankly TFB. If Christians were doing likewise you'd better believe I'd be holding their feet to the fire. Yet unlike Islam, Christianity went through the Renaissance, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Enlightenment, etc. It's time that Islam faces the same


After watching Fitna, watch

by Anonymousw (not verified) on

After watching Fitna, watch this:



Hey Tina

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

where were you westerners when muslims and christians were expelled from Palestine for the crimes they had never committed?

Where were you when napalms were dropped on Vietnamese?

where were you when Iraqi women are sent as refugees?

It seems that westerners like you have selective amenesia. You want Muslims to condemn terrorism even when you are occupying two of our countries and dropping bombs and killing us.You want to stop fighting so that you can keep stealing our land and our resources.

you wanna start a dialogue with Fitna? Are you for real? You fear Islamization? Do you also fear Black-nization of Europe?

Last time I checked, Italians are hating Chinese:

what religion do you think chinese people believe in?


to aaj sr

by aaj sr (not verified) on

you said: "IF what it shows, or translated is incorrect, you should be offended otherwise"
that is exactly why i was offended, because firstly it was a false generalisation of Islam and if you think all Muslims are like that then you have misunderstood the core concept of Islam, as the word Islam means peace--not hatred. also this movie is against human rights as it is offending people's belief, and it is not peace-loving.

you said: "European and others accepting immigrants/refugees are very tolerant and generous"
I'm not saying the European governments are bad, but it is important to notice that they have responsibility towards their citizens and they should protect their Muslims in their country.
not only European countries accept refugees though. Iran has the largest population of refugees in the world:

you said: "I should have stayed where I belonged"
well let me tell you, i don't know where you come from, but there is nothing wrong with where you came from. if you are ashamed of being an Asian or anything then you are undermining yourself.


Zoroastrianism is garbage as

by god is dead (not verified) on

Zoroastrianism is garbage as is Islam as is Christianity as is Judaism - as marx said religion is the opium of the people and he was right, and marxism turned out to be utter crap too - if you believe in god despite all of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary you are morons - god is dead you stupid bleeting sheep!!! also this film is utter crap and has no artistic or intellectual credibility it's just a hack trying to make a name for himself by offending 1 billion muslims - wow what skill that must take!!!


This wasn't Islam really

by Ali.Sanaei on

I just watched Fitna. What I can shortly say for now is that Nine/eleven, London’s tube, and  etc were done by Wahabbies which are not effectively Muslims by any possible way. If any one goes and reads about the history of them and the foundation of their idealogy, you’ll realise that it’s actually a product of West, especially the UK and the States. All with a plan for such days and you watching this movie. By no means this is not Islam.
All religions have this sort of disordered groups in them, that includes Christianity and Judaism. I won’t call a Zionist thug like Saddam a Muslim, same for Bin-Laden as I won’t call Sharon a Jew, or Bush a Christian.
Islam or in general, religions, and being religious is not what you say, it is what you do and how you live in real life.

Tina Ehrami

I totally understand his fear of islamization!

by Tina Ehrami on

Islam debate round 2

After weeks of suspension and rising expectations about the so-called anti-Quran movie of Geert Wilders, it surely was a turndown to see the actual content. The talk and criticism about the movie, before it being public, all the international public attention and erupting emotions was more interesting to follow than Fitna itself. The movie is nothing more than an accumulation of existing news fragments of Islam fundamentalism and its effects on society. The movie is so fact driven that Islam fundamentalists could even use it for their own promotional campaign!

Of course people in the East who haven’t seen it are horrified by the thought alone of someone with anti-Islam sentiments who made a movie about the fascist sides of their holy book, but those people would be insulted by any old gossip. There isn’t much needed to insult them. Who cares? So we perhaps might have to eat a couple of dates less than last year!

For the Muslims living in The Netherlands it actually should be a relief that Fitna is what it is, a documentary with comments and a message of alert. The only link that we should let go is considering Islam and Muslims all as an entity of practicing fundamentalists. Exclusion and isolation always leads to extremism, so let’s not feed it even more. The average Muslim in The Netherlands wants a good education, a good job and enough money to live a decent life. The communal role of Muslims shouldn’t be considered a danger to a democratic society, as long as there is prosperity and equal chances people don’t feel the need to group up and isolate themselves.

Geert Wilders commented that he wants to start debates about the Islam. I absolutely agree and hope that it won’t lead to more division, but instead towards tolerance and mutual understanding. The bottom line is that people like Geert Wilders are afraid of islamization of society and I absolutely understand that fear. I don’t want the growing number of Muslims in Europe to lead to a loss of enlightened and modern values either. That comes with being someone who is born in an Islamic fascist state and who has seen the effects of such a religious and non-secular reign. Never again! Now, let’s see where these new debates will take us.


is filled with islamaphobes!

by (not verified) on

Im convinced that there is a HUGE GAP between those who visit this site and those living inside Iran. There is just simply way too much Islamic bashing going on on this site. And since a bunch of Iranians are doing it on a site called, it creates false impression that this is a majority view. Islamaphobes are a minority, a very small one, inside Iran, even though they may be a majority outside of Iran. It's sad. Really sad.


Why Geert is against Islam?

by WhatAworld (not verified) on


Beauty of Islam

by Anonymuslim (not verified) on

Try to understand names of Allah, you will get the message of Islam...and know why some try to put out the light of Islam.....But...Destiny has something else at works!



True image of Islam...Why is really Geert afraid of Islam?

by Anonymuslim (not verified) on

It's the only right path.....reallistic, heartwarming, and complete;



Geert Wilders' film Fitna

by Anonymousm (not verified) on

Geert Wilders' film Fitna has been pulled from LiveLeak, its principle internet outlet, in reaction to threats:

Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers. This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else.


Watch the below images (very graphic!)

by Kamangir on

Fitna, is not harsh if you watch the images below:

Please note, thay are extremely graphic!!



to:Maziar: Why are you insulted?

by aaj sr (not verified) on

You said "...I am not a muslim but still it insulted my friends in Iran and I am very offended."
IF what it shows, or translated is incorrect, you should be offended otherwise you and your friends have to accept the facts no matter how bitter it is.

SOLUTION; silent majority, peace loving, Muslims must not be silent any longer, they have to protest and demonstrate against violence while citizen of host countries are seriously threatent, similar to what we saw in the film anywhere in the world. Why host countries should tolerate all these nonsenses in their home land? Would any Muslim country accept ANY demonstration from let's say Christian or other religions in their home-land for any reason?.
I have to say, that European and others accepting immigrants/refugees are very tolerant and generous accepting us as their citizens and in return we betraying them by acting as shown in these clippings.
I immigrated to this country, by accepting to abide to their rules and standard of living, otherwise I should have stayed where I belonged.


My view

by Iran and Iranian (not verified) on

Great majority of democratic/constitutionalist Iranians are not against Moslem people (people of faith), however, condemn Islam as religion and faith of God.


Dear maziar fayaz

by yetanotherexmuslim on

Rumi and khayyam by definition of core Islam were not Muslims, although many things are put in the credit list of Islam. In actual fact they are part of resistance or bypassing of core Islam.

khayyam was a materialist, his poetry is his testimony to living for here and now and not expecting 70Meter heavenly call girls to service you in the after life. 

Rumi, stopped being a Muslim when he met Shams in the same way that a follower finds a Guru and followed the 7 steps of enlightenment.

Their path athough apear to be part of core Islam, is in reality a different path.

Any other path would have been seen as heresy, so they paid lip service to the prophet. There were those who did not but their work has been destroyed.


FITNA by Greet Wilders

by Shahyad on

Greet Wilders is a courageous man for having made FITNA. Look what happened to his friend Theo Van Gogh for making Submission.

Islam came for the Arabs at a time when they used to bury their daughters alive.

It's teachings are still relevant for BARBARIANS.

It is a backward, sexist and fascist religion and has no place in today's civilized societies.

The more people know about the true Islam, the better off the world will be. 


Good post. The Islamist are

by Anonymousl (not verified) on

Good post. The Islamist are seething in envy of the West and humiliation...Most of their problems stem from "false pride" and pathological sense of superiority and entitlment!

"You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know is going to rise tomorrow. When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it's always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt."
--Robert M. Pirsig


it still doesn't matter

by maziar fayaz (not verified) on

you might say that yes it was nothing exaggerated, but it only showed the bad side of islam. im not a muslim but still it insulted my friends in iran and im very offended. it just creates prejudice towards muslims of all of them being terrorists. in my school here in london, anyone who has brown skin is counted as a muslim. see what would happen if all these people (who form at least 25% of my school) are counted as terrorists. none of the westeners talks about rumi and khayyam who have made great contributions to science and culture of the world, yet muslims are closeminded terrorists. this is against humanity.


Good representation of core Islam

by yetanotherexmuslim on

This is a good representation of core Islam, but not of Muslims.

Majority of Muslims are peaceful people, but they are unable to reform their faith or take it out of the hands of extremists.