Imam Ali's picture

Imam Ali's picture
by jimzbund

Compare this to the image that hve been fed to us for centuries . This one is more in tune with his character and dewscriptions.


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migan keh farmodand

by kofri (not verified) on

migan keh farmodand "farzande zaman khishtan bash" hala misheh gheseh ma keh khan mibakhseh shikh ali khan nemibaksheh. to clear: Ali is khan, koon nashosteh mullah hamoon shikh Ali khan keh maro bordeh be hezar sal ham on var tar!! dar zemn giram keh aslan Ali copy barabar asle robert redford boodeh, ya jade athare mahmood Ahmadi nejad (by the way I just realized his nickname can be Mahmood AN)what he says matter not his look.

default hypocrites

by A_I (not verified) on

This site is called and yet they allow this unfair ridicule of a good and just person who is one of the most respected and loved by the GREAT MAJORITY of Iranian people.

This site should be renamed and be more honest!


Let's not forget Ali's role

by jamshid on

Let's not forget Ali's role in the massacre of our Iranian ancestors. Another thing that was kept from us.


Source please...

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

Jimz, what is the source of this picture?

I heard two different stories:

(1) a picture drawn by a passing through monk, as drawing figures were not allowed in early islam -- later allowed in shiasm.

(2) a picture drawn by a later artist based on the description of his figure in ancient texts.

I also heard that there is a picture of him in one of european museums.

But we should not forget that he ordered mass punishment and killing of iranians in Fars when they revolted to free themselves of the brutal rule of arab caliphs and in search of freedom; freedom that is denied of them even today, 1400 years later, under the same pretext.