Imam Ali's picture

Imam Ali's picture
by jimzbund

Compare this to the image that hve been fed to us for centuries . This one is more in tune with his character and dewscriptions.


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The level of racism and

by Azad99 (not verified) on

The level of racism and bigotry in makes me sick to my stomach!

JER dadin khodetoono enghadr beh eslam o arabaye 14 gharneh pish fohsh dadin. Yani hich harfi digeyee barayeh goftan nadarid?!!!!!!!!!


Vay khoda, he looks like a

by skatermom (not verified) on

Vay khoda, he looks like a cross between chet from weird science and the Iron Sheik. I'm going to have to get rid of the amulet my father gave me. It portrays Ali as this beautiful enlightened man complete with an aura around his head. Nah... it's 18 carat gold and the only thing worth a damn in my jewelry box.


Ida4 : This was necessary

by Souri on

Dear Madame and all fellow readers :

My apologies to you and all others if I disappointed you at this post of mines.

But believe me, this was necessary. Sometimes in life, you must lower your level in order to save others who are stuck deeply down. If you want to save someone who is drowning in the sea, or fell down deep in a well, you have to go down first, to bring them up.

If you stay in your level and talk calmly, it can't help them. Although this is not my usual style (as you mentioned) but I felt this was necessary to talk this way, as a wake up call for them.

As I mentioned before, I don't waste my time with the people I believe they are stupid. But, these people whom I addressed in my comment, are not stupid people. They are smart enough to think over their ideas and meditate. Unfortunately they got stuck somewhere in the past. We can talk eloquently or scream, but they won't hear us.

Unless they get hurt emotionally, there is no other way to shake their ego. I am also sorry if I hurt them or anybody else in this website. Although I wasn't expecting other readers (you) to come back in a blog edited now in the 3rd page (unless they have something/someone to follow-up) I did it as a private conversation.

I know this hurt them in a way that cause them to post many blogs (and delete them right after) or going to Redwine's posts and giving a hate speech fool of insult and bad language.....But this is also necessary for them to do their last defensive movement before taking themselves out of the well.

Again, sorry for the gross words I had to include in my post.

Now, I'm done with this blog and will not respond anymore.



Bad Form

by Ida4 (not verified) on

I am so disappointed in all of you all for your foul language and your level of interaction with each other. Souri Khanoom, cheshmam roshan! You go and talk so eloquently anywhere else on this site, and here you are knee-deep in mud and rolling in it! This has been too sad to watch, let me tell you.


Anonymoustoday: well....

by Souri on

Khaahi nashavi rosva

Hamrange Jama'at sho !!!

With this kind of people, there no other way to talk !

They are raised this way, we must talk to them this way !





by Anonymoustoday (not verified) on

wow...I had never seen this angry side of you!This whole blog was supposed to be about having a bit of fun, but you have turned it into an ugly battle full of f. word and "fohsh-o-fohshkari" of worst kind..really low, low, low level of wording and style... and it's all just because you don't stand anyone who thinks differently from you!...and you really think you're an atheist? or open-minded?

I think you take yourself too seriously. Jamshid's response to you tells it all.


To you Souri

by samsam1111 on


"My message was : Learn to respect other people, other nations, other ideas and other religion (as I always say) and respect people who work hard to provide you this great stage for you can freely express your ideas. ""

Dear lady!

You are either blatantly ignorant or got unresolved issues to lie to your bone and accuse others by random charges..

You preach and belittle some ones character unfairly in the name of ethics?

Show one sentence or paragraph of mine or even jamshid or jimz that belittle other my case find one blog or sentence that showed I insulted Islam..I am spiritual since early age and respect others spirituality .

And your biggest lie...which of us ever insulted Foaad? we don,t even know the dude..and even here I wrote him a little friendly note so he doesn,t misunderstand my line of thinking...

To you who don,t get it, It is all idiocy and it,s too late for me idiocy is reading Fall -e Hafiz and his kind who corrupted Farsi by importing incoherent Arab words into our vocabulary because they were lazy mavali poets who couldn,t come up with epics like Ferdowsi. that,s our difference... 

 disappointed but not surprised..the problem in our country is not the early Arab invaders but the Chaploos Irani Mavalis


Khar Gir


by Khar Gir on

I only belong to one clan. The clan of Khar Giran. Welcome to the collection.


To the emotionally misguided here

by jimzbund on

While our great nation of Iran is being reduced to a terrorist state , our fellow citizens are being tortured , raped and killed in the name of Islam and the Arabic culture, it is  fine with you but God forbid if we mention IRI or Arabs !then you start crying " this is Islam bashing, Arab bashing, racism, intolerance, blah , blah , blah .

as the saying goes in Farsi :

digeh hanatoon rangi nadareh ". 

Iran first, Irani first .


Bund, Jimz Bund


khar pir

by jimzbund on

 although Muhammad ( PBUH) has lllowed Muslim to li about their belief when they are in danger ( Taghieh) but you are so in favor of doroogheh maslehat amiz and white lies that will do anything to justify the end. I know your literacy and IQ is low and can't write two lines without resorting to swears which is typical of your clan. Please read some books other than resalehs and towzih ol masel and then try to engage in something civilised. Give it a try and dont think of your avatar as your personality!.


Bund, Jimz Bund


Jamshid : Are you also Samsam1111 ?

by Souri on

Anyway you must like me a lot, as you always pay lots of attention to my posts !!! Thank you.

The reason why I don't like to enter in discussion with you, is that your way is always "intimidation" and "demagogy" ...

I never called people " idiot", I said they are posting " idiocies" ...This is not the SAME thing ! Mind you ?

If someone is really an idiot (and yes, there are some here unfortunately) I don' t bother to talk to them. I may go or not go visit their blog, but never leave any comment. Even if I talk about them somewhere else, I don't pronounce their name, so that I can call them " idiot" in general.

Regarding your repeated question " if I did understand finally !!" I must say :Don' t worry so much about my IQ dear. I' m doing OK! No need to remind you, your attempt to intimidating again. You know it well, this is the name of the "game" for you.

But, when someone say : This is an Iranian website and Arabs should not come here, they have to go to the Arab website"...

I will call it " idiocies" again and again and again....If This is not Anti-Arab racism, then what is it ?


Re: Souri

by jamshid on

If your message was, "Be respectful to others. Care a little more about other people."

Then why don't you follow it yourself? Calling people "idiots" is neither respectful nor caring.

And what about those who are Arabizing our country? Are they respecting or caring for the wishes of Iranians? But they sure do expect respect and care from those whom they are disrespecting.

Lastly, did you finally understand the difference between:

1. being an anti-Arab racist, and

2. being friendly with Arabs, but not wanting our culture to be Arabized?

Can you understand the difference?


Re : Samsam1111

by Souri on

"no wonder none of my ancient Iran blogs were kinda knew.. "

As I mentioned, Foaad is the TECHNICAL administrator. He does not decide about the blog's feathering. The only decision maker here is JJ.

If your articles are not featured, it's probably because JJ decided they are not worthy.

I must clear the confusion about my comment. This was not a message as " Be ware of FOAAD who may not like your posts and delete them".....

My message was : Learn to respect other people, other nations, other ideas and other religion (as I always say) and respect people who work hard to provide you this great stage for you can freely express your ideas.

I'm sure Foaad is a very smart and "moved on" guy. He doesn't get offended by all he sees here (if not he would leave the job and with all his knowledge he can find a much better one)

I was once a DBA myself, and know how hard could be this function in the internet with a website of this quality.

My message was only : Be respectful to others. Care a little more about other people.


Re: Souri

by jamshid on

Nobody is bashing Arabs. In fact, I have Iranian-Arab and also none-Iranian Arab aquiantances. They are nice people and I get along with them fine.

You don't seem to understand the difference between bashing Arabs as a race, and bashing the Arabization of our Iranian culture. There are two different, disjoint, separate, unrelated things.

When someone says something like, ".... these mollah arab lovers...", or "... trying to weed out Arabs who screwed us for 1400 years...', etc., it doesn't mean that he/she hates the Arab race.

It only means that he does not want our country to abandon its Iranian values and culture in favor of the Arab culture (or Anglo, or Mongol, or whatever other culture.)

I don't like some of the exessive copycat Westernization of our culture by some Iranian Americans either. But that doesn't mean I am a racist Anglo basher.

Can you try to understand the difference?

And what drama are you talking about? You expressed your opinion, and I responded with mine. This is no drama.

Khar Gir

dear JimzButt

by Khar Gir on

Who said I was a moslem or a believer? Besides, if I was a believer then I suppose making fun of you could be considered a blessing act.

My good friend, why is it that you can never get anything right; Like all your dumb assumptions and beliefs. Now that is a comedy all by itself.



by jimzbund on

I am kind of new here and not sure who the Arab guys is or what you mean by idiocies but try to be clear and make sense of what you are trying to say than mumbling. I am as consistent as I can be.


Bund, Jimz Bund


Arab bashing is totally fair, but which arab...

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

Iran and iranians have been bashed for 1400 years, their religion and culture humiliated and demolished and the same attitudes resurrected 30 years ago. So the attitude of iranians is not an "action" but rather a "reaction" to turning a nation of intelligent people into a backward nation of oppressed based on arab culture of 1400 years ago. That is what is being bashed and "must" be bashed. Otherwise, I for one, have no negative attitude against arabs that have done no harm to us, like those of egypt and africa. It is the dominant arab culture and religion that have harmed us and deserve to be put down.

Let me tell you a story originally read in magazine "Mirase Farhange Iranian":

Right after the revolution, pre-islamic coins were in display in one of tehran's museums when islamists entered the museum and collected all the coins into a sack (khorjin). Ayatollah Khalkhali was at hand to ask him what to do with the pre-islamic coins and stamps. Ayatollah told them that these are nothing but "khar-mohreh", go and bury them somewhere outside the city.

Islamist want iran as a base for their unholly agenda, otherwise they do not give a damn if there is no iran at all, exactly as ayatollah khomeini said some 28 years ago. That is exactly why they try so hard to blur the line between iran and islam so they can change the nature of iran into an islamic satellite. That is what we are bashing, otherwise islam and arab culture will crush iran and iranians until we are turned into arabs, just like egyptian and north africans.


Re: Jamshid

by Souri on

I write it in response to Jimzbund's reply to A-I....

Idiocies are the "Arab bashing" in this site, assuming that if this is an Iranian website, so we have a right to say all we want, to the Arab people.

We never assume our responsibilities regarding what happened to us 1400 years ago, 29 years ago, today?

Why not to admit we/our ancestors were also responsible for that matter because of our nature of "hypocrisy" ?

And Janmshid, I stop here ! I don't want another new drama please. This is not of my taste. Thanks.


Even mullahs in shah,s time were more fun..I showed this drawing

by samsam1111 on

 When I was around 13 or 14 I showed this same drawing as a joke to a mullah in our neiborhood masjid that I some times prayed ..just to bug & tease him..funny old fart  actualy liked it and got so excited that kept it in his wallet to show to talabah friends ..

Souri: you answered my curious mind 

I kinda suspected that Foaad was an Arab..& felt that the poor dude might have misunderstood my blogs about ancient Iran as "Arab bashing" which was wonder none of my ancient Iran blogs were kinda knew..

Fooad Jan!

If you are reading this buddy..let me tell you!

I am for Farsi to be Farsi..Iran to stay true to it,s heritage...that,s all bud..take my word for it pal..nothing against Arabs or others..I just don,t like this "fake Arab wanneh be regime" which actualy screwes real Arabs ten times don,t ban my blogs,s all about ancient Iran..nothing current realy..Iran died centuries ago ..

I am an internationalist & anti tribalist now with a touch of responsible anarchy..hehe



Ugly man

by Q-Gir (not verified) on

Zaboneto beram Q

The man looks like a criminal sociopath.


Re: Souri

by jamshid on

"you'll be in a hell as you can't post your idiocies here..."

Souri, would you enlighten us as to what "idiocies" are you referring to? If you call someone an idiot, at least have the decency of referring to his act or words of idiocy, so others could judge for themselves.

Thank you.


Funny !

by Souri on

Ironically, this same is technically administrated by an Arab ! If he is absent for only one day, you'll be in a hell as you can't post your idiocies here.

Be more consistent please !!!


Khar Zir

by jimzbund on

actually he didn't miss anyone and my ancestors like yours had submitted to Islam ! I opted out but you and your picture remind me of the Khomeini's wisdom that I wrote in my blog while ago ! 

looks like you are Afghani ! just remmebered Taliban was thinking of introducing shorts for donkyes !!! LOL


Bund, Jimz Bund



by jimzbund on

you are right . This is and we are trying to weed out Arabs who have been screwing up iraninas for the past 1400 years. This is not or either. 


Bund, Jimz Bund


Ano Irani

by jimzbund on

According to the script on the picture, it is from the museum in France. I believe it is the first scenario by a monk. His lowest beaheading in a day is 45 heads with the highest as high as 700.  and in Iran we used to sing:

Az Ali amooz ekhlas amal


Boro ay gedayeh meskin dareh khaneh Ali zan

keh negineh padeshahi dahad az karam geda ra

that Ali is now replaced by Ali Geda shirehee Khamenei 


Bund, Jimz Bund


That's more like it

by IRANdokht on

I always wondered how could an arab warrior look as peaceful, holy and civilized as the portraits that I had seen...

Azarin you made me laugh with the actor's picture :0)



ali ,vali.........

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

che ali khaje,che khaje ali........
also there is another colorful drwing of him and the prophet in the divine comedy written by : DANTE ALIGHIERI........
that's funnier; NO insult intended


I wonder !

by Persian (not verified) on

If this painting is done after or before him slaughtering our innocent ancestors? funny then we started to love our anihilator????!!!!

Khar Gir

Good news for you Jimz

by Khar Gir on

They say he sliced many enemies of his religion at that time with his large, sharp and two pronged sword called Zolfaghar.

 I guess we should be thankful that he missed your ancestors Jimz. Lucky for you, heh Jimbo!

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

It reminded me of some old actor :


but Mr. T smiles :-) 

Thanks! Azarin