Is investments in UAE safe?

by jimzbund

I have never set foot on an Arabian soil and don't intend to in the future either. I was just wondering how safe the Iranian investments will be in the UAE or elsewhere when one day these Arab guys declare that the foreigners have to leave the country ?? I have heard stories of people being abused by Arabs and some ordered to leave the country by the Arab governments . Sooner or later they will force the foreigners out and it is not a democracy like western contries to sue them , so my Iranian friends be careful not to get too cosy with Arabs as the history has lots to teach you.



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programmer craig


by programmer craig on

I personally would never invest money in any country where there is a reasonable chance that the government might nationalize the business/property/whatever that I invested the money in. And a pretty large chunk of the globe is run by the sort of disreputable and unreliable government that would do just that, without the slightest hesitation, if they felt it would bail them out of a short term difficulty. It's a risk some investors are willing to take, but not me. People get burned that way all the time. Deportation is not even the issue. An economic loss that one can't easily recover from is the issue.


RE: Jim

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

"I was jsut worried about Iraninas investing there , I myself would not spend a penny/paisa/Dinar in Arab countires . As with investing in Iran, The government of Islamic Republic isn't that trustworthy either as they share the bloodline with Arabs. Until the next regime I will keep my money and investments in the free world.


What??.. What does Arabs or the Islamic Republic to do with my proposal to invest in your own country and create jobs for hungry, tired and money needed "aryan persians"? If you ask me, Iranian money, ex pat or not, belongs in Iran, not in Dubai.

Lol so you wonder and ask us wether or not to Invest in Dubai (AN ARAB COUNTRY), but wont invest in Iran because the mullahs have arabic bloodline?? Hahaha omg this is so sad.. Did you know we have a huge arabic population right where Irans oil is today? Khuzestan? These arabs were the first to fight Saddam in 79, are you a rascist?

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

The same in Pakistan; I have to say, at one lecture that I attended the
Pakistanis said, in front of U.S. Congressional Reps. if the U.S. ever
wages a war against Iran, we are going to go and fight for our country
(IRAN). They are our brothers, and we will fight with them against

Are you trying to be funny?



I have to tell you I have been surprised at some things that

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I saw. Would you ever believe that in the conservative Jeddah, behind tall walls, you have beaches where Arab women, men are wearing their bathing suits and swimming together?

These are walled in private clubs only for the wealthy of course; the door opens up into an oasis; but I was shocked!

So alot of superficiality. But the Saudis prefer it that way. They rather do everything behind closed doors!

I agree with Jalili on his comment about Ahmadinejad. This feeling for him exists across the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, India etc...

I was in Egypt and when they found out I was Iranian they said, we want your President!! He has principles; he has integrity, unlike our president!!

The same in Pakistan; I have to say, at one lecture that I attended the Pakistanis said, in front of U.S. Congressional Reps. if the U.S. ever wages a war against Iran, we are going to go and fight for our country (IRAN). They are our brothers, and we will fight with them against anyone!!

It is amazing to see this sentiment!

I have heard the same comments from minority groups living in Europe and the U.S.!

The sentiment is very strong - this basically has to do with the anti-American sentiment; and the anti-colonialist feeling that these people have. They hate having been occupied, having puppet leaders, and then being discriminated against by the occupiers and old colonialists. This feeling has been bottled up, so when Iran stands up to the Western super powers they feel a sense of pride; you must understand they have been humiliated for decades by the Western powers. If you study the history of colonialism, the Arabs were treated like sub-humans; and all these former colonialists committed some of the most barbaric acts against these people.

As such, when some leaders from the region stand up, they feel a sense of pride.

I definitely agree that Iran should maintain a good relationship with all of its neighbors far and near. People in the region love to visit our country; and we should as always be the hospitable guests as we have always been.

In fact we should never give this impression of Shiite vs. Sunni, or Jew or Christian. This is why many of these religious minorities also feel more comfortable visiting Iran; than the Arab countries.

I know we are Persian/Iranians whatever people prefer to call themselves, but many of our compatriots have this tendency to belittle Arabs - and I hope this will stop. This does not serve our interest.

You all know that even if you go back to 2500 years ago when Cyrus was the father of Iran; he won the hearts and minds of people by never discriminating against them, and always respected the cultures, customs, of all people. This is why we all admire, and love him, regardless of the fact that he is long gone.

We should not create enemies but friends. In fact we need as many friends as we can get.

In terms of Shiite, in Saudi Arabia especially, there is definitely an anti-Shiite sentiment. However, for some reason they are embarrassed in reacting in a negative way with Iranians. And of course the top echelon never brings this subject up.

However, they treat their own Shiite population like shit (pardon my language). They are outcasts in their own country. Majority of them are kept poor, with absolutely no right and they do fear for their lives.

I never believed there was such a division until I visited Saudi Arabia. Even the very successful and wealthy Shiites in the country are afraid to say they are Shiites. However, they would never make any derogatory remarks in front of Iranians.

When it comes to business, they don't care if you are Shiite, Jew, Christian or whatever. I took an entire group of Jewish Hedge Fund Managers to Riyadh, and there was absolutely no problem nor did they feel discriminated.

In every country, when it comes to business - they put their religious issues aside. These are all for public appearance and domestic consumption!

The same with Iran and Israel; they are both dealing with one another through intermediary countries.

Bahram the Iranian


by Bahram the Iranian on

the worst place to invest guess what ciuntry?no no it isnt Iran or uae ,,,,,It is US if you invested $100 in 1999 in stock market in US it would be worth yes $100 today. this was on cnn your money, Ali Velshi. It is only going to get worse as more financial institutes come clean about how much they realy lost on mortgage melting.also medical crissis social security. fredoom lover of US should go to guntanama or abu gharib to invest. If killing millions of innocent iraqs, and afghans is considered freedoom, if destroying houses in gaza and west bank over heads of their residents is called democracy, then I am realy Iranian



by jimzbund on

in response to anonymous person 

My friend,

Your question's theme is called " connecting  the gooz beh shaghigheh ) ! we should look at the subject  and discuss the subject and give our opinions not who the person behind the question is . I hope that living in US will provide you with the opportunity to pratise democracy and freedom of speech as I am sure that is the reason your family moved to the states .  




UAE Investments

by jimzbund on

in respone to Bahram the Iranian, my dear compatriot, I am being realistic about the situation and that doesn't mean being bitter. How would someone feel if after leaving in a country for almost a lifetime told to get out at times losing everthing? from my childhood times I remember Iranians being kickedout of Iraq , in recent times I know many families in that situation and am sure that with a little talk about Shiites and Sunnies , the Iranian Shiites will be targeted no matter where they are as we are considered Ajams versus them being Arabs. the point is just to be careful and give your assets enough liquidity that in the case of an emrgency to be able to move them. As per relationships between countries we have seen how friends are changed to enemies or vice versa in a couple months !!.




Jimzbund, what ethnicity are you?

by AnonymousPerson (not verified) on

Since you have brought up the issue of ethnicity and nationality (e.g. that of Arabs and Iranians), it is only fair that you inform readers what ethnic and religious background you have. I think it's a fair question in this context. For my part, I am an Iranian-American born to Muslim parents (my parents believe in their religion but oppose the IRI; my Mom does not wear any "hejab"; I am an agnostic myself). Thank you.


UAE Investments

by jimzbund on

I was jsut worried about  Iraninas investing there , I myself would not spend a penny/paisa/Dinar in Arab countires . As with investing in Iran, The government of Islamic Republic isn't that trustworthy either as they share the bloodline with Arabs. Until the next regime I will keep my money and investments in the free world.




Good question

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

Answer: Try finding certain areas in Iran it-self you can invest, instead of Dubai.. For example, my uncle has a software team working for him in Teheran doing assignments for British and Dutch firms (Outsourcing). He makes money, they make money and one helps out back home by making more jobs, that this piece of shit IRI government cant make.

The arabic countries in the persian gulf dont have industry as pointed out, Iran has lots of it already, now imagine what will happen if the next US president fixes relations economically, shares in Iran would jump to the sky.

And its a moral issue as well.. why invest your hard earned money in other countries instead of your own? Especially when those countries see themselves as direct rivals of Iran?


> safe...for now.

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

I've lived in Dubai until a couple of months ago.

Investing there is def. a good move. On many occasions, I spoke with different people there : bankers, real estate developers, expats, iranians ''bazaris'', iranians from Swedem, Palo Alto, ect... the whole world is there to get a slice from the cake.

What came out from all thoses discussions, sighseeing, readings was that :

1- There are not enough people in the UAE to live in the buildings wich are being constructed, be it for the moment or the near future.

2- A country which want to attract so many people needs an industry to give people a job so that they can pay their rent/mortgage. And the U.A.E has no industry.

Think about it, how may 2nd homes Iranians, Chinese, Russians, ect can possibly buy these apartments ? I mean there's a limit to everything. If you walk around Dubai Marina today you'll barely see a pedestrian, it's like a ghost city.

So I came up to the conclusion that Dubai is good in a short term, speculative perspective. But on the long term, you got a big question mark in front of you.

Plus, don't be fooled by the ''cosmopolitan way of life'' they advertise about. It's one of the most racist place on earth. I really can't figure out how they intend to make all these different communities actually live together, and not side by side like it is the case now.

Bahram the Iranian

a legitimate question

by Bahram the Iranian on

sure I agree here ,some thing could happen and they technicly have the right to throw pepole out!!!It actualy did happen to my in-;aws(mywief's family in Kuwait)back then I wasnt related to them however why you need be bitter expressing it? Iranians go to other countries, other pepole come to our land, it is all cool.we should be even nicer to our negihbours, be it turks or arabs or afghan......loving my nation wouldnt make me hate others


Anonymous2: not just arabs, turks too.

by jalili (not verified) on

I was recently visiting Turkey and told the cab driver I was both Iranian and American. He nearly threw me out of his car, he said he respects "bash bakan ehmet" (ahmadinejad) but he doesn't like people who call themselves American. I thought he was joking but he was very serious. He said he loved Ahmadinejad and would fight for him (!!!) if America attacked.

I couldn't believe my ears.


Reasons to be careful dealing in Dubai..

by aaj sr (not verified) on

The quality of construction in Dubai is a disasterous situtation (the surfaces/facades are beautiful) according to few honest, international experienced architects who were invited recently to participate and undertake few new projects.

They rejected UAE's offers due to what they have witnessed as foundamental shortcome in proper planning, demography, construction and base material, facilities including lack of adequate parking, urbanization planing, hidden details works within the walls (electrical, mechanical; sealing and workmanship).

From echological point of view, due to desalination of Persian Gulf water, it is preconceived that in not too long of a distance, configuration of mineral in the Persian Gulf water will change and the entire echo system in this trapped water portion of the gulf will drastically deconfigurate, additionally, the oil leak and extreme abuse of water by shipping companies, and neighouring countries (due to lack of system, and control), with high shipping traffic (25% of world's oil consumption pass from here) will create disasterous results in near future.
(remember the steel rods in concretes will be disolve in about 20 years due to salt and dilution of metal in contact with salty water).
Majority of Iranain investments will come back to Iran as soon as the regime a) changes or b) Iran accepet International/UN demand for nuclear issues and most importantly, IF Iranian along with international community feel comfortable and secure to invest by witnessing that there is ONE responsible, respected properly elected government. This hopeful wishes will happen if Iran stop harassing it's citizen and respecting and abiding with International/UN human rights.

International companies prefer to deal with a stable, populated country rather than expanding in small unreliable, speculative Emirate. All of these "rose garden" speculation depend on Iranian people how they want to see their future, the future of their children, grand children and force the IRI with any possible mean of imagination (i.e civic disobedience, strike, proper election, boycott of election etc) to break away from middle ages idealogy and come closer to 21st. century.


Real Estate deal a Bubble - good question!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I have to say, I am amazed how much they are building in such a little island. They no longer have land mass so they have build artificial islands. Personally, I don't like Dubai, it looks artifical with no character; you think you are in Disney Land. But business is booming!

It has become the financial center of the Middle East; and because of the relaxed capital markets laws, many U.S., European and other international firms have all opened up branches in Dubai.

Dubai is filled with Iranians from all sectors (in response to Kamangir - from the typical Western educated and the wealthy bazzaris). It is also filled with many cheap, nouveau rich Russians (many women- you can imagine what they are up to).

However, it is also interesting that some Iranians from the U.S. and Europe have also moved over to Dubai. It is a tax heaven, the job market is excellent and they pay is good. Plus you don't have to work hard like you have to in the U.S.

Many Iranians have bought their second home, because as I said, it is just a jump, hop and a skip by plane. So they go there for their fun.

Real estate has become extremely expensive. You buy a property today and the following year you can double or triple your money. You know how the Arabs are they are heavily into real estate. When I ask who is living in all of these towers, people say they have been purchased for investment purposes.

So far the only region which has not been hit hard by the U.S. subprime Mortgage market is the Middle East - so they are doing pretty well. They are also not investing that much in the U.S. or even Europe but more in the region, as well as China, India, and other Asian countries. They are just waiting for the doors of Iran to open up to jump in!

With respect to their feelings about Ahmadinejad, of course I never go and speak bad about Iran in front of Arabs, I don't care how we feel. In many ways their leaders are intimidated by Iran, you can see the Iranian shore right from Dubai. They think Iran is about to come and gulp them down. At the end of the day, no matter how they feel they know that the Iranians are not Arabs (including IRI - it doesn't matter if they wear a turban or not - they are not one of them)and are suspicious of Iran's regional reach.

There are many immigrants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.. who come for labor, but they are treated like animals. You don't see them; they are kept far away from the center; in compounds which look more like prison cells. Also, it isn't like the people can speak about politics openly or criticize the government - that kind of free speech doesn't exist. So, it isn't as democratic as one thinks. But then they don't care they are making money!

It is really run by the British - you see their influence and presence all over. They also say it is a hub for the CIA to watch over Iran and try to connect with the Iranians in Dubai.

However, in terms of natural beauty, the islands( I am not just speaking about Kish - there are many islands) which belong to Iran in the Persian Gulf are by far more beautiful; they are lush and green; and the water on the Iranian side is magnificent; you feel like you are in the Caribbean, or the Maldives. Furthermore, they are untouched. Many U.S. and European firms have their eyes set on those islands - just waiting to jump for construction and development projects!

When the doors of Iran open up, you can be sure that the U.S. will be flooding in; they are already pissed off that they don't have access to the Iranian market.


Is Dubai's construction boom a bubble?

by arash t (not verified) on

I have been to Dubai and agree with Anon-2. There is an amazing amount of construction in Dubai. Can it be sustained at the current rate? I wonder if Dubai's construction boom is a bubble?



by Kamangir on

It's not my intention to disrespect the previous comentator who has actually been to those countries, I haven't, but would like to as, curiosity. I don't want to sound sarcastic, but I've always heard and somehow had this idea that if not all but the vast majority of Iranians investing in UAE or the ones that have been there for a very long belong to the 'Bazari' sector of Iran with some clear inclinations towards the IRI, although this may be related to their economic interests.  The other question I've always had is why were the UAE chosen as world class trade and tourism center. Mnay Western countries have invested there and their infrastructure has been built by the West. I'm not sure if the afinity refered to, is something the citizens of these arab nations feel toward the Iranian regime (consecuently, the pro IRI sector) or they do have a sound understanding of Iranian culture.... If they are keen on Ahmadinejad, are they keen on the vast majority of Iranians who despise that character and what he represents? I think the 'Bazar' factor is related to this, as well.



I have been to many of these Arab countries and can give you

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Some information. I have to go very often to the Arab countries because of my business (investment banking).

First as you know Dubai, is full of Iranians, about 50% of all of their real estate is owned by Iranians. So you can imagine the negative impact it will have on their economy if the Iranians dumb their real estate holdings!

You go to Bahrain, most of them speak Persian; and in fact when they notice that you are Iranian even if they have been living there for all of their life, they automatically tell you that they are Iranians and feel a close affinity with you!

In Saudi Arabia, they consider Iranians creme de la creme. They love our culture, our history, our people, and Iran. They have alot of respect for Iranians. Though I hardly think that Iranians have much investment held in Saudi Arabia!

This is the same in Egypt and definitely Syria.

I know many Iranians hate Ahmadinejad, but he has won the hearts and minds of the Arabs, (from the UAE to Egypt) as he has dared to stand up against the U.S. unlike their own leaders!!

I can hardly imagine that the UAE would like to lose Iranian business and investments; in fact they are pissed off at the U.S. because they want to deal with Iran and invest in the country.

This is one of the major reasons that the U.S. has a problem with the UAE in particular. If the U.S. attempts to cut off the business relationship of the Iranians with the UAE, they might as well declar war. The integration of Iran and its vicinity to the UAE is just too close!! Plus there are many Iranians working in the UAE in all sectors - they have totally infiltrated all the top echelon of the UAE business sectors.

I hope I have responded to your question!