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by jimzbund

Dear fellow posters,

Please take the comments and posts with grain of salt and try to tolerate each other . Each one of us has perceived notion of liberty and freedom for ourselves and others and become intolerant of others' views when we don't agree with them. We are all coming from an extremist culture that the opposition is not tolerated and needs to be eliminated. keep the posts going and don't pay too much attention if your posts get deleted by an arbitrary ruling by an employee or other poster even though in our opinion it may be unjust. This is a moderated forum and and the sacredness depends on the kindness of the moderators. Sometimes we may go overborad as this is a anonymous get back right away communication and I am sure If we talk face to face we can see some emotions and nobility in each other . Anyway lets all get ready for the Ahamdinejad in New York and do our part in exposing him and his regime to the world leaders.

Paayandeh Iran and Iranians,

Bund, unbound and profound


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Dear Jimzbund

by yolanda on

"IRI agent" is absolutely nothing! Remember Sassan? the language he used? I did enjoy reading some of his posts! I don't remember reading anything outrageous from you.............. I did flag one post one time 'cause the guy called me 'b--ch', the post got deleted. When I read bad words from an anti-IRI blogger, it does not bother me, of couse, as a woman, I don't use that type of language. If I see a pro-IRI blogger use bad words, I usually feel disgusted! so I can't say I am completely objective, I do take very honest with you, some of the bloggers do act like IRI agents 'cause the stuff they write sounds like IRI's official statements. I read some of the blogs from a S. Korea/IRI debate, one active blogger admitted that he made website for sounds very scary to me.

     I visited the's Chatroom to ask some Farsi questions several times, I ran into pro-IRI people 2 -3 times. It is creepy! Their view is that it is better not to protest...blah, blah, blah...when I asked if he is on IRI's side, the guy sounded very angry and defensive....

take care!



Dear Yolanda,

by jimzbund on

the deletions are very arbitrary and depends on the mood of the moderator in cahrge ! eg, a number of times mine were deleted due to calling some one IRI agent but I have been called many many names and even sworn at but nothing was deleted. I have never flagged any comments as offensive and have never ever deleted any posts as I don't believe in any censorship unless it falls into  a hate crime definition. No one is sacred beyond criticism and above the law. unfortunately some people think they are the exception to the rule as theirs is divinely ordained !.

as for AN, we will see how his haaleh noor will manifest this time !

 Shaad zi, paayandeh Iran



My favorite..

by yolanda on

My favorite line from your article is:

Anyway lets all get ready for the Ahamdinejad in New York and do our part in exposing him and his regime to the world leaders.

I look forward to the news about AN's UN visit. Is his plane in the air yet?

  My post got deleted one time. I have no idea why. I swear to God that there is no profanity in the post. I was wondering if it is network glitch. I saw other people's posts being deleted for no apparent reasons. It is kind of strange.