Islam is officially dead now

by jimzbund

Islam , the force behind the major upheavals of the humanity's history had its last breaths at the Evin prison in Iran . The force that empowerd ordinary people to do anything under any excuse to gain wealth , power and sex in this life and palaces and Houris in next is in its grave now. Islam is now being followed only by the agents of death,destruction, rape and bestiality.( moreh parasts and mordeh khors). the free world will be having a celeberation event TBA , while the remaining Muslims will fight and blow each other to death. Congratulations to Iran and Iranians who tolerated this for 1400 years and now are FREE.

 Payandeh Iran & Iranians


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I wish it were that simple

by Cost-of-Progress on

As a person who holds an incredible amount of discontent for religions in general, and Islam in particular, I only wish it were that simple. I truly doubt that most ordinary Iranians can simply let go - or overcome -14 centuries of superstitions and lies. Islam is not only a religion, but a system through which power is handed off, i.e., religion and politics combined: The most respressive means there is for governance! It is the only religion that the "prophet" saw a need to appoint a successor! WTF! I wonder why...........?

Until the day Iranians are able to admit that the Arab religion is not theirs, until the day they see this blood thristy cult for what it is, we will never be free of this anti-human, arse backward religion that has plauged our land for 1400 years. 

Zendeh baad a secular and free Iran.