Islamic Olympic games

by jimzbund

1- Shiite IRI Most Gold medals

2- Wahhabi Al Qaeda Most Silver medals

3- Sunni Taliban Most Bronze medals

Sudan, Iraq, Algiers, Palestine , Indonesia , Egypt and yemen are the hopefulls . 

Islamic countries have started their own Olympic kind of games . Since this one is ging to be different from the infidel Olympic games , there will be different sports plyaed.

1- Shooting will be with live people as it is cheaper than setting up targets , the families will be asked for the bullet money which will help with the organizational costs. the targets can be anyone MFA ( Mofsed Fel Araz, corrupts on earth and Mohareb baa khodaa, warriors agains God), or any non Hizbullah.

2-Fencing will be until the other party is lynched ,

3- Wrestling will be used in raping the prisoners and can be free style . victims can now be of any sex.

4- soccer , as played in the old glorious Islamic days will be with the heads of victims in the filed.

others sports are being determined right now and input from any fanatic muslim is appreciated.

So far IRI has


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by ThePope on

And their (tazi's) most famous sport... 

(ssa, sheikhdom of saudi arabia, is always #1)


ps  at least they're honest (they practice real Islam & have nothing to hide)...