Jimzbund's Middle East Plan

by jimzbund

After years of UN resolutions, regional wars , and going nowthere with the present setup of the Middle east which was mostly shaped by the British Empire carvings of nations and making sure that there will always be tensions and divisions; I am proposing the following solution to solve the propblem through non-violent means !


1- Give back Pakistan to India and let them go back to democracy and peace. the only small traces that they have got from the old Indian days are wearing off and there won't be any hope soon.


2- Give back Afghanistan to Iran or actually let them form a country with Mongolia or Tajikistan , they have suffered enough by not being able to govern themselves.

3- Give Iraq to Iraqis and tell them to be nice to Iranians .

4- Give Iran back to true Iranians and Islam to Arabs.tell them thank you very much we tried it for 1400 years an took us from a Persian Empire to an axis of evil and the # 1 terrorist sponsor in the world.

5- Give Saudi Arabia to palestinians so that they can share the wealth of Islamic brotherhood and enjoy a decent life.

6- Change the name of Israel to something else to confuse the Arabs and there might be peace in the Middle east until they figure it out !

7- God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th , so jimzbund rests on his 7th suggestion.

let there be light ( no fight) , all right ?! 




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