Late news : Shah is dead

by jimzbund

 I just wanted to share the news for those who haven't heard of the above news due to unfortunate circumstances. We all know that Shah and his dynasty is dead. Kmhomeini is dead and soon his velayeth ghabih dynasty will end too, let's get on with your lives and think of what system can bring democracy, equality opportunity for all, freedom and didgnity to all the Iranians. Unfortunately we had so little freedom and choice that people keep going back to Shah and Khatami from both camps. Let's change our attitude and aim higher and think better for ourselves than what we are doing. Iranians deserve better but have to prove that themselves by a religious, cultural and economic shake up . 


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Mr. Bound,

by Maxwell Smart (not verified) on

Mr. Bound,
jimz bound, your other pic was much better!
Maxwell Smart



by jimzbund on

 exactly, as they say in English " get it over with " , think of today and plan for tomorrow . living and dying in the past won't help anyone. see what we can do individually to start with to improve ourselves/families/cities/nations and the world.

 and according to Teryakis" buund, Jimzh buund.



kaveh ,

by jimzbund on

The good thing about American Idols is that you can change the channel if you don't like it ! but we are stuck with our IDOLS . Hopefully we will change our channel soon too. 

Bund, Jimz Bund


to Maziar 1958

by jimzbund on

Nice quote, Add Mullah to that quote too. Our problem is that we sit IDLE while our IDOLS are hurting the nation and the citizens with their God given , Imam appointed / protected or a combination of both plus extremism.   let's puth the IDOL into IDLE.


Bund, Jimz Bund


To Samsam ,

by jimzbund on

 My dear compatriot,

Ma khak zir payeh doostan hastim. I just throw something there and it is you dear compatriots who expand it and make it interesting. I treid to paste  the paragraph from the reply doidn't suit the original post . regarding Ommatism you nailed it. We have been programmed to worship 1) God ( should be called Allah ) 2) a king ( God's shadow on earth ) or / Ayatullah ozma ( Sign of God) and 3 ) our country. This formula has been forced and  promoted by the ruling parties for centuries and at times it got out of order and Shah/Ayatullah became more important than God and country  . Iranians have to put Their private beliefs at home , put country first and elect people to serve them and the country not select people to rule over them. 

 Payandeh Iran and Iranians


Bund, Jimz Bund


Irandokht Joon

by jimzbund on

Very good points. As for the Iranian men behaving the same after 30 years of being away, we have to remember that they were born in Iran and got most of their character developed there , or in some cases reinforced by their live in parents abroad. I sincerely believe that it will be our next generation who are raised abroad that will be more open minded and free from most of the prejudices and the preconceived notions that we Iranians have right now as this new generation question everything and are more involved even compare to the youth of some 10 years ago. Iran will prevail and find its glory back again. 

Bund, Jimz Bund


چرت رو بذاریم کنار، بیدار شیم


اوایل انقلاب دو تا تریاکی داشتن حال میکردن و تلویزیون هم روشن بود، گوینده اخبار گفت امروز آقای مهندس میر موسوی نخست وزیر فرمودند.......

تریاکی اولی‌ گفت.....

-مهندس موشوی دیگه کیه ؟

- نخشت  وژیره دیگه بابا....... با حال !

- ا....ه            پش بالاخره اینگیلیشا ژیر آب مصدق  رو ژدن ها.....ن ؟؟  


چرت رو بذاریم کنار، بیدار شیم

دمت گرم جیمز باند


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on




Damnit, I change the channel to American Idol just for ONE SECOND and................

My compliments, Mr. Bund.



by maziar 1958 (not verified) on

mr bond as the circle of screwing have to do next: is now that Iran have to screw mullahs .
All the leaders come and goes.........
(shahan miyanand va miravand;een mellat ast ke mimanad) Quote unknown


Jim !!!

by samsam1111 on

Kudo to yao pilgram !. You pointed out the most urgent issue facing us, not in your blog but in your comment .

""the first enemy which is within people is the Arab loving culture which has destroyed our country for the  last 1400 years. start with that and you will see how your eyes will brighten up""

right on the money pal . The one ton gorilla in the back yard, the ommatism . Ommatism principle is 1-Shia  2- God 3-Ommah .

Iranic principle is   1-God  2-Iran  3- Shia or any other sect(private matter)....

All Shahs, Mullahs & rulers of post-Sassanid are a buncha stooges of Ommatism (to different degrees) ...Wether IRV(IRI) goes or stays makes no difference as long as that  Gorilla is in the back ground , since IRI is only a by-product of Ommatism . Hell with Ommatist Shahs & Mullahs . Neo Iran will some day bury the Shaikhist ommah culture & it,s by-products ..How soon? ..You are the Bond, investigate !!

Good Blog champ !

btw* Add that smart paragraph to the main piece .


JJ or one of the more inclined moderators should feature this blog . guess not ..



Jimmy joon Bund

by IRANdokht on

I agree with all you said and have to emphasize on the part you mentioned about the opposition being fixated on the past. 

These groups who are supposedly the coalition of the Iranian democratic movements outside the country are hanging on to the pictures of Dr Mossadegh, Dr Bakhtiar etc... with no plans for the future, no real leaders, and no real message except "Marg bar IRI" 

I am so sick of "Marg bar"!  that's how everything started, "marg bar" something, no matter what the cost or consequences....

What we need is change, a big change in the way we think and we see the world. Today's Iran doesn't belong to any one of us. I have seen people express their wish for US to go bomb "surgical" targets in Iran so they can have their country back!!! 

When we say we want a free Iran we should not be talking about the landscape, the buildings and the roads. We have to want what's best for Iranians and that is peace and freedom and human rights.

I believe you do have a point about Iranian men needing to improve their way of seeing and treating women, but I wouldn't hold my breath... I have seen iranian men who have lived outside Iran since teenage years and after 30 years are the most misogynistic with extreme chauvinistic views ...  when one person in a progressive surrounding can't change in 30 yrs, can you imagine how long the changing of a whole nation would take?   




by jimzbund on

Thank you for putting the nice feminine touch into it. Another thing that the Iranian men should learn is to treat the opposite sex as their partner and equal, learn some feminine charecteristics like being gentle, open, loving, sharing . No country can progress when at least half of its' population is suppressed.  



Bund, Jimz Bund


Right on , Shekar,

by jimzbund on

We need to be nationalistic first but not don't waste time on what Mossadegh did and blah blah blah ... I see the opposition is fixated on him , BaBa that was last century, try to create a new mossadegh or new party or something and get on with it, let's deal with the issues and fix them not repeat the history over and over and over .... again. for the starters, lets  look at each other as human beings first rather than Shiite, Sunni, Armani, Johood, Bahai, Zartoshti ... turk, fars, Balooch, kord,..... Zan , maaddineh, zaeefeh,...... bacheh , valad zena,tokhm sag.... let's get rid of our Arab influenced culture and celeberate "

Goftar neek, Pendar neek, kerdar neek,





Bund, Jimz Bund



by jimzbund on

That's my point, we are all grave diggers. Sha h had a chance but screwed it up by cozying with mullahs who at the end screwed him up. Mullahs are screwing Iran right now and what we are saying is " Yaadeh Shah bekhayr"  . We have to go beyond our self pitty and don't blame everyone else for our misery , the first enemy which is within people is the Arab loving culture which has destroyed our country for the  last 1400 years. start with that and you will see how your eyes will brighten up . We let ourselves to be victimised.


Bund, Jimz Bund

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Yes, you're so right! Shah and Khomeini are both dead...but not the hatred, the bitterness, the ansgt and the anger.

Like you, I hope that one day we'll get rid of these corpses for good and we'll begin to live like livings...Azarin  


Grow Up Everybody!

by Shekar on

What a refreshing post, Mr. Bond!

The Shah is dead.

The Pahlavi Dynasty has ended.

Khomeini is dead.

Cyrus the Great is dead.

Persian Empire is no more.

The mullahs will be celebrating their 30th year of rule in Iran in a few months.

Ahmadinejad is Iran's president.

Ali Khamenei is Iran's Supreme Leader with immense power over the lives of Iranian people.

O.K. People.  What do you want to do about it?  Do you want to live in the past and keep revising the history?  Or do you want to think of how to move forward from here?

P.S.  Bringing back the dead is not an option



by amirkabear4u on

you are imagining ....

Shah is not dead for those who hate anything to do with religion and khomaini is not dead for those who hate pahlavies.

Do you want to know who has the last laugh? Those enemies of Iran who started all of this. All of us are just victims. Victims of racism.