From Monarchy to Anarchy in 30 years

by jimzbund

There is not a day going by where we don't get more embarassing news from Iran where the Allah appointed and VF directed government doesn't commit more crimes and acts as a renegade state in the world. From a welcome Iranian abroad of the 30 years ago during the kingship of Ariamehr we ra ereduced to terror suspects, dormant agnets, IRI spies suspects  and at the bootom of the list of the worst governments in the world. I have no sympathy for any mentaly abused Muslim who still claims that we don't have the true Islam yet and blah blah blah.... have some dignity for yourselves and kick the 1400 year old manmade Shiite superstitions and enjoy the life and prosperity that God has provided for everyone on earth but you are giving it to the Akhunds in order that you may get something in the next world! what you need is PRIDE in PERSONALITY not kissing the dust or bars of the man made Imam zadehs and the hands of the akhunds.


Jimzbund thanks God for his liberty and US for Opportunity


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Farah Rusta

Is this another British plot?

by Farah Rusta on

Darling James


Knowing of your British connections, after all you are a SIS agent aren't you?, makes me rather uncomfortable to read your words at face value. Are you trying to associate the Pahlavis with the British Secret Service?

Oh, James ... you are so sensational :))