New therapy for criminals : join Islam


by jimzbund

Sorry guys, just had a few minutes to drop this blog in a long time as I am busy with many projcets but the 13 Aban invoked my nationalistic sentiments to throw this here.

nang bar avaamel & Obaash e Eslam.

Paayandeh Iran & true Iranian

New therapy for criminals : join Islam

If you have been diagnosed as a

psychopath , child molester, pervert, wife abuser, bestiality , anger outburst, lying, hallucinations and hatred, suicidal ; Islam offers the following therapies which will keep your sickness intact and make you feel good about yourself without going through the painful therapies to get rid of them:

Psychopath: a religious certificate can make you a Mullah which entitles you to do anything you want in the name of Allah.

Child molester: You can molest any child upto age 9 and have intercourse after that as prescribed by the greatest leader of

Islam Imam Khomeinei.

Pervert: You can satisfy all your perversion by paying some money to the Mullahs to make it legal. Prostitution as Sigheh ( concubine) , group rape as a Sharia punishment for ladies ( as seen in Pakistan), prison rapes in Iran , sky is the limit

Wife abuser: it is the Allah given right and you will actually feel better that way since you are doing your religious duty.

Bestiality, enjoy different scenarios and how to dispose of the animal after sex,

Anger, : right of every man

to be angry with women and kids


anything is possible with 14 innocents and they will fill in for any fantasy for you.

Lying, as a Muslim you can lie at any time to save your skin and fool the infidels

Hatred: Any Non-Muslim is at your disposal , Only Islam is accepted from Allah and the rest are either to be converted or eliminated.

Suicidal:why not make become a Shaheed by blowing yourself and some others too ?!

Palaces,Women, wine an boys are ready for your non-stop eternal satisfaction since you couldn’t have them here.

You will be at good hand with our trained Ayatullahs and their teams who have 1400 years of proven history . There is a mass project going on in Iran and we have put many people to work through this program.


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by oktaby on

missing key items from the list so top talent does not fall thru the cracks. Here is only a few of what u missed: Schitzophrenia, Sadism, Masochism, bipolar, control freak, Intermittent explosive disorder, Kleptomania, Pyromania...