Pictory: Shah Muhammad Reza & Prince Reza With Imam Reza

Pictory: Shah Muhammad Reza & Prince Reza With  Imam Reza
by jimzbund

From one dictaor protected by Imam Reza ( Shah used to believe in that ) to another dictator appointed by Imam Reza. They assume all the people of Iran have given their REZAYAT for their saltanat and velayat even though they are without any kefayat. this is nothing but our hemaghat or lack of liaghat . I hope it is not the case til ghiamat.


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by jimzbund on

 basi ranj bordi azin bikassi

delam shaad kardi az in mokhlessi




Bund, Jimz Bund


Farah Rusva ! و بده بیاد



فرح جان یک زمان بود شهربانو

به پیش شاعران میزد زانو


Bund, Jimz Bund

Farah Rusta

شاعر هم که هستی‌ دو صفر هفت!

Farah Rusta



تو آن به که شوی مشغول با هفت و دو صفر ت

که از بی‌ غیرتی‌ خالی‌ نگردد مغز و فکرت


Mercy jimzbud ba shahamat

by Anonymousferdosi (not verified) on

Mercy jimzbud ba shahamat ,ghorbune ruye mahat,janem beshe fadayat, be sare akhond bereh balayat!