Shayan Kaviani went too far

by jimzbund

On Wednesday I happened to watch Shayan kaviani's program in which he was showing some disturbing videos of crimes committed by Muslims such as beheadings of kids by their parents after rape or genital mutilation of girls and many other very graphic pictures which most certainly were restricted to 18+ adult for viewing. I consider myself a tough guy but honestly couldn't tolerate some pictures. Although this shock therapy to awaken the sleeping mass is good but I believe he went little too far by showing those pictures which some young kids or teens might have seen.yesterday there was no programming and I believe the station might have been shut down for that reason. I hope the station comes back on line soon as I can see how delighted the oppositions to opposition are now !



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But Not farther than those committing the religious crimes

by Cost of progress (not verified) on

I agree that some of the stuff he shows are pretty upsetting - but that's the whole point is it? To sugarcoat would be to dilute and hence, defeats the purpose.