Thank you Khamenei

by jimzbund

Ayatullah Khamenei, Rahbar faghih Eslam val Moslemin, Vali A mrollah , Naayeb Imam Zaman

I like to thank you for proving my points to everyone that :

1- Islam is not the religion of Peace

2- Akhunds are not Iranians but Arab Zombies, your Arab brothers are killing Iranians in iran now

3-  Lies, deception, killing are part of the Shiite theology

4- the day will come that from Islam will only remain a name and thet will be a shameful name, Your oiwn prophet Muhammad said that as he knew what kind of people will lead his religion. 

keep up the good work as humanity is watching and remember that the tree of Islam needs the blood of martyrs / kafirs to grow .

repeat : taa khhon dar rageh maast, khomeini rahbareh maast.


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