The wisdom of Khomeini

by jimzbund

It is so sad not to be able to get hold of the Great Ayatollah Khoemini's marvelous book " towzih ol masael" which explains in detail the answers to the very questions that every person has in his lifetime . I hope this book  and his other masterpieces become available soon for the humanity to enjoy. I remember this piece from his book which is like a pearl from the ocaen of his knowledge.

Question: what should be done to an animal which has been raped by humans?

Answer: It can be either taken to another village or town and sold or set on fire . 

 He truly was the Imam .


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Nuclear Level

by Zion on

LOL. They sure deserve to have a nuclear technology, these mullahs. I wonder if there are already nuclear related problems they are asked to give advice about. Would be nice. :-)