Why the occupied USA is forced to eat SHIT? Flsh Back


by Kalvoks

KALVOKS Daily Dombalan.



Americans love to use the word “shit” in every other sentence. There is
probably no other country on this plant that has this love affair with
shit. In fact, Americans are being force fed shit for many years now.


Do you remember The Iraq, Abu Ghraib torture pictures?



They had a naked prisoner who appear to be covered in excrement and was paraded down a corridor


Think about it. There is probably no other country in the world that has used the “shit” torture technique. You have to be an American to develop this kind of torture technology.


Do Americans have any honor or integrity?

No, not since Americans continue to support “The
killing and occupation in Iraq even though we now know that the
invasions were based on lies and fabricated evidence. The entire world
knows this.”, Source


NO, not since America is controlled by Zionist Israel.


NO, not since eating shit has become a national pass time in USA.


It is absolutely true. Some Americans love to play and eat shit.


Though majority of Americans may be revolted at
thought of eating excrement, there are many within the USA population
who do overtly seek and enjoy eating human excrement and I am not
talking about the US gay population.


I had no idea until I read some of syndicated calumets Dan Savage articles. I was disgusted but was not too surprised since Americans do tend to obsess so much over the word “shit”.


is the news: They are finally admitting the truth; The story for the
majority who do not like to eat shit overtly is that they are covertly
being force fed shit and Pharmaceuticals …






For many years now, Americans have been feed a
diet of shit laced (E. Coli etc.) food products. I will not present any
reference on this since it is a public knowledge.

There have been several high profile food
contamination incidents which resulted in mass recalls and in some
cases there were food contamination related fatalities over the past
several decades. This is an entirely US phenomenon.


To combat this, the USDA has recommended that
Americans cook the shit out of the contaminated foods which includes
everything from produce to beef and eggs and including canned products.



The fascination with “shit” is definitely part of the mainstream culture and it is deeply rooted in the American psyche.



Now you may ask where this fascination comes from.


Well, you do not have to be geniuses to know this.


Since shit flows downstream, we should rephrase this, and ask;


Who is on the top of the food chain that is feeding you all that shit?


In other words, who owns your American ass?


Here it is in their own encrypted half truth words.




Bon appetite!

And make sure you wash it down with your American tap water.



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