Born Again Persian Ep.2 - Remembering Your Roots

by KamranDanceTeacher

I found this to be a joy to make, a real revelation for me personally.


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Immortal Guard

Talking about poetic!

by Immortal Guard on

Well the Persians are a poetic people (Hafez, Sa'adi etc.) and the Germans are a romantic people (Goethe, Shiller etc.)


Somehow these poetic and romantic people get their dues in the wrong way!

I know that my Yiddish-speaking Shirazi friend would agree!




by KamranDanceTeacher on

I hope to have more and more.  Learning a little about the revolution soon.


On your way to self discovery

by jasonrobardas on

We follow  your continuous soliloquy.


Poetic Advice

by KamranDanceTeacher on

Thanks!  I'll definitelyi put some in.  Thanks for the advice. :)


Persian Willow Tree

by Faramarz on

Hey Kamran,

That was very good!

Actually, if you could incorporate some Rumi or Hafez into your insightful discussions, people will flock to your TV program to hear you. Seriously!

But for now, there is a low hanging fruit on your neighbor’s peach tree! Let’s go and get it before anybody else sees it!