Dancing Persian to Classical Music

by KamranDanceTeacher

Brahms Waltz in A Minor . Apologies for the low volume. I hope you enjoy it.


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Blues sounds good

by KamranDanceTeacher on

Thank you so much.  I really enjoy making these.  What a GREAT suggestion.  Personally, I LOVE the blues.  I will definitely make one to the blues in the next week.  Thanks again!


how about "the blues...."

by sarshar45 on

these videos are fabulous!!! how about dancing to some good old american blues?

keep up the great work!


Hahaha Jeesh

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I like your point of view (mostly beacuse it is like mine :D).  Thank you for the compliment.  It is a goal of mine to create YouTube videos that are just all around enjoyable to "hang" with.  I laughed at your comment about a female partner being good for all of us. Haha.  Well, I will do my best. :)

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Unique, because of the fact that the room decor is part of the whole thing and I very much like it. I was looking at the old photographs, perhaps the parents and his neat arrangements of everything.  All things considered, I think he is a fun guy to hang around with. A female partner was a good suggestion, well, perhaps for all of us.


Cool Vids

by KamranDanceTeacher on

Thanks for the suggestions.  I will do my best to ensnare a female, but it is not so easy. :D  Also, my dances are entiredly improvised.  I would love to spice it up more, but I do not have really have the budget for it.  However, i hope to in the future...


Looking Good!

by Faramarz on


Here are some suggestions.

First of all, please move some of the furniture out of the way so that you have room to move around.

Secondly, the colorful towels and sofas clash with your outfit. Just throw some white sheets over everything.

Finally, as Esfand Jaan said, you need a partner to complete your routine.

Check out the clip below from the movie "Hair" for some inspiration for your choreography.


Esfand Aashena

Kamran jaan you're preaching (teaching : -) to the choir!

by Esfand Aashena on

Here on i.com we are all experts on Persian dancing!  The only reason you don't see us posting video clips of our dancing is because we are afraid of SAVAK!

If you don't know about SAVAK you can ask one of your Iranian elders, doesn't have to be a senior citizen, just born at least in 60s or 70s!

Now your work is good but you need to improvise and shake it up a little to keep it interesting.  For example, take a look at the below clip courtesy of our good friend Faramarz jaan:


So you'll need a partner to use as an estudent so you can teach her! and if you don't have someone around handy, just go to the street and ask the first woman who walks by to join you in a dance lesson!

Good luck!   

Everything is sacred



by KamranDanceTeacher on

thanks a lot. Glad to have your support.  I'm excited for the dances to come... Disco and The Tango...



by jasonrobardas on

" You are the man"


Happy Valentine's Day :)

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I enjoy wearing nice clothes.  This one for some reason reminded me of Bijan's style.

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you for the classy dance!

by Nazy Kaviani on

You look so dapper and your dance is very classy! Happy Valentine's Day Kamran Jan!



by KamranDanceTeacher on

It is such a pleasure to do...

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

:)))) you rock!