Dancing Persian to The Rolling Stones

by KamranDanceTeacher

Hello.  After a wonderful response to my last video (1,200 views and counting), I was really inspired to continue to display the versatility of Persian Dance.  It just makes any dance that much better.  If you have any suggestions for songs, bands, types of music, please send them my way.  Thanks!



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by KamranDanceTeacher on

Right on.  I am excited to see what you think.  And to a certain extent I am excited to see what I do, though I have a plan.  I am improvising 85% of the time, so I make a lot of moves up and only see them after I've completed the video.

I love that clip from the Smothers Brothers show.  I've seen it many times... 


Dance the White Rabbit, Yeah ...

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Kamran, I am desperately awaiting your interpretation of Jefferson Airplanes "White Rabbit" (One of the greatest songs in Rock history). But it is so slow ?? 

I always associate it with Grace Slick standing on the stage almost motionless (In school party time in the 70s it was therefore one for much-admirred "slow songs", allowing the very tight hugging type of dance with the girls). But I am perfectly sure that you will invent a really cool way of interpreting "White Rabbit". You perhaps know that it is based on the phantasy novel "Alice in Wonderland". I still have to think which of the characters (Alice, White Rabbit, The Red Queen, Humpty-Dumpty, The Watchmaker etc) could do some dancing.


Really keen of learning how you do it.

best regards



No lip

by KamranDanceTeacher on

Hahaha, I wasn't planning to.  I am no Mick, but I do like his dance moves...

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

please don't do the lip and tongue thing.


Wow, Thank you!

by KamranDanceTeacher on

Glad you liked it.  I'm into all things groovy. :D  I am currently working hard on getting out into a new appartment, however it will take a little time... Your encouragement is much appreciated and there will be more like this to come... not sure if you're a fan of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"?

Faramarz, the King Tut vid was classic!  Really inspiring.  I will throw some Tut action in next time.  Thanks again for the support. :) 

P.s. Please share with your groovy friends  


A Few Suggestions Kamran

by Faramarz on

If you like Mick Jaeger and the Stones, first of all do the lips and tongue thing.

Also, air-guitar would go well with your routine. And finally, try some King Tut moves like Steve Martin.


Best of luck and looking forward to seeing your next clip.



by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Kamran, thats absolutely groovy !!!!  Thats the best of your performances since years. Great Style. But please, leave this filthy apartment and conquer a proper dance stage.  

Keep on dancing. Its is marvellous.