How to [Attempt to] Dance Baba Karam

by KamranDanceTeacher

A youtube user asked me to look up "baba karam", learn the dance and make a video.  I did...


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Ari Siletz

Fantastic Baba O'Karam!!

by Ari Siletz on

...and Irish Jaheli river dance.

Thank you for  the request aghadaryoosh.


I am convinced,

by aghadaryoosh on

Another great job. Welcome again to this side of the family, but please learn my name " aghadaryoosh" not Daryoosh kabir and not Daryoosh the great just "aghadaryoosh". I enjoyed watching it. zedeh baashi.


Proof arrives...

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I posted my half-Persian/Half-Irish dance video and there is my version of riverdancing in it.


Wow, that was awesome!

by aghadaryoosh on

Wow that was awesome, I see a lot of talent and "Eshgh". Now you've got to show us some"River dance" to prove you are not 100% Iranian putting everybody "Sare kaar".


I am a ham

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I do like to ham it up, however, I do like to play it subtly.  Maybe I will make a music video or something more professional one of these days (where you can see my face).  I am just ill equipped at the moment and trying to see where I want to take my YouTube channel to be most successful.

 And, Divaneh, I really only practiced 10 minutes or so.  Maybe 12 minutes.  I was not timing it.  I didn't really practice.  Just watched the one vid, checked out another and then copied a few moves and that was it.  It was the same when I picked up my traditional style of Persian dance.  It just comes naturally.

P.S. Thanks for the kind words and WOW i just checked out Dash Mashti.  That guy is awesome.  I will definitely be watching his vids...

Ari Siletz

Thanks Kamran

by Ari Siletz on

Really had fun with your jaheli dance. Captured the feel, and the choice of music was spot on. The bright window competed with your face most of the time so we missed part of the 'tude. I'm guessing you could ham it up with the face gestures one more notch; you have the mustache for it. 


Very talented

by divaneh on

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it. You are a very talented dancer/entertainer. But, come on dude, you must have practiced it more than 10 minutes, at least 12 minutes.


great dancing from 'lootye ba safa , Jahele khosh maram"

by jasonrobardas on

  I like your BabaKaram . You are well on your way to be a "Dash Mashti" !


Thank You!

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I had fun with this one and was pleased that I could do it.  Persian dances are so subtly intricate and it takes attitude more than just dancing ability.

 Maryam, I am in love with Persian things.  I love them more the more I look into them.  I see them with their flaws and oddities and it has a charm that I cannot put into words.  It's just Persian.  I just like it. :)


great dance

by IranMarzban on

great dance men :))



if I were you I wouldn't do it again

by ComraidsConcubine on

 scientists have discovered a link between eye-ranian genes and epi-genetic shortening of the muscles in successive generations. Some call that height. Something to do with Parthians and buttocks.

Maryam Hojjat

Bravo, Kamran

by Maryam Hojjat on

You did very well.  Are you in Love with Persian Things?