How to Dance Half-Persian/Half-Irish

by KamranDanceTeacher

A user asked me to show my riverdance skills, which are quite poor.  But, here's the video...


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Good dancing , fun video

by jasonrobardas on

  That was quite a creative and interesting amalgamation of Irish and persian dances .

   Dancing will help you psychologically . This activity is way more self rewarding than sitting in your room and crying over lady Gaga , contemplating and fantacizing her romance .

   I watched the video in which you   proposed  to Lady Gaga   on youtube. It was sad to see you crying in such pain. This would be setting oneself up for heart break ! Celebrity infatuation is nothing new ! We just have to be not too naive to   fall for all the glitzy , glamerous empty package they are selling us

   I will keep reading your blogs . Good luck to you . 


Thanks once more

by KamranDanceTeacher on

I do not practice martial arts traditionally, however I have studied fighting, wrestling, boxing etc.  And those pants are just pajama pants.

And the shoulder shaking in that video was very impressive.

Thank you for your nice comments IranMarzban.  Feels good.


Kamran jan

by Monda on

You are Awesome, Aaleee ! Your clips are really fun to watch too. It's all in your nice attitude and having fun with what you're doing. 

My daughter being half-Iranian, half-Italian, in her younger days attended many Irish dance tournaments. The second year on, beat some Irish girls and boys too. Anyway, I sent her your clips, hoping she'd leave comments for you here or on youtube. Now there might be some great conversations out of those affiliations. (Conversations only!)

Do you also practice martial arts? I noticed your pants.

khosh baashi 


Lovely Cocktail

by divaneh on

Mixing good things together makes wonderful stuff. Thanks for another excellent performance. I also suggest that you employ Aghadayoosh as your programme manager.

Special thanks for Bandari but We have to work on you shaking your shoulders and chest with the Bandari music. Check out this video. It can't be called music but check out the guy who appears at around 25'. And yes, that is Iran too.



ترسیدم پیژامه اش از پاش بیوفته!



You are a true Iranian man! You walk around the house in your pajama! But please tighten up the rope around your waist!

In your next clip, let's see your sandals!



nice river dance and mixing

by IranMarzban on

nice river dance and mixing it with persian dance made it just AWESOME