No More Mustache!

by KamranDanceTeacher

I recognize this is not a matter of national security, but I figured some of the users here would like to see this.  Thanks.


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I felt like it.

by KamranDanceTeacher on

However, I have changed my mind.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to grow it back out.  I'll tell you though that one smoking hot persian woman in Germany told me she wanted to kiss me when she saw my clean shaven face.  And second, I am ultimately going for Lady Gaga, but I have a feeling she would like the mustache more anyway.

So, I agree.  It is an Iranian Icon and I think "my" look.  It'll be back in June.


How on earth could you do that ?

by jasonrobardas on

Mustache is an Iranian Icon . It is the symbol of virility , the token of civility . You practically wiped out one half of your identity . Now good luck with the prospects of finding a "persianet".



by KamranDanceTeacher on

I do plan to have facial hair.  I just wanted to look completely clean once.  Have some fun.  I will definitely film buzzing my head if I do.  And I'd like to get a haircut, aside from money.  I am also considering growing my hair out, but I just don't know.  I am feeling the situation out.  I like having hair, but being buzzed is very easy, athletic and as I said, flexible.

I would certainly have my ex talk about me if I thought that would be possible.  It is actually I who am comfortable with her, but not her with me.  But I totally laughed when I read the Iranian way, which is so true of how I was before.

As far as my room goes, it's not gonna happen.  I don't have the resources to clean it up in a really cool way.  I don't really care at the moment and it's probably not preventing me from getting laid as much as not really actively looking for girls is.  I have a bit high taste in women.  I can't stand most.  But the girls who have contacted me on YouTube have turned out to be really cool.

Anyway, I am trying to get other people to appear on camera with me, but most people are too scared.  But maybe some day.  Great ideas... I will work on new ones...

P.S. I store my shoes in the dresser because then they are out of the way, no dust, etc.  I am a man of convenience and efficiency first.  I am beautiful when I can afford to be... which I can not.


An awesome idea is that

by comments on

An awesome idea is that your ex-girl friend writes about you and her reasons for broke up.  I think that's a good idea to encourage her to do that.  That would be great for your publicity as an entertainer.  I think this should have been a pre-requisite to your proposal to Lady GaGa.


This is the time to have some Irish approach in being in contact with your ex-girl friend instead of Iranian approahc (i.e. hating her for ever and torture youself). 

Jahanshah Javid

lookin good

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hey Kamran... shave the head too... on camera. That's me and my sister's request.

And introduce some family and friends. Perhaps your girlfriend can tell us things about you.

hamsade ghadimi

random thoughts

by hamsade ghadimi on

some facial hair looks better on you.  perhaps something even and groomed.  you also need a hair cut.  liked the shoes but i wouldn't wear them.  and here's a request: clean up your room, do something with the coat mess behind you and put up some artwork on those bare walls for chrissakes.  i think with a bit of effort you can bring up your room's "get laid" factor up by at least 5%.  you know what they say "cleanliness is next to sexiness."

btw, you store your shoes in your dresser?  what's up with that?



by KamranDanceTeacher on

Magas Airport.  That is awesome.


فرودگاه مگس ها!



You look fine!

Although I have to say that when Iranian men, including me and you, get a clean shave, their faces look like Pacheh, as in Kaleh Pacheh, nice and smooth with all the hair taken out! But very slippery! Or as we say in Farsi, “Magas Airport!”

That means when the flies try to land, they slip and slide!



by Raoul1955 on

Now I need to read what Soosan thinks of this.   :-)