Dr Mossadegh, Dr Fatemi & General Rahimi would turn in their Graves!!

Dr Mossadegh, Dr Fatemi & General Rahimi would turn in their Graves!!
by Kaveh Parsa

The picture on the Left is that of Mrs Parivash Fatemi, Widow of the late Dr Fatemi (Dr Mossadeg's Foreign Minister) in happier times with her brother in Law, the late General Mehdi Rahimi (Tehran's Martial Law administrator, who was amongst the first four generals to be executed by the Islamic Republic in 1979).

The Picture on the right, is that of Mrs Parivash Fatemi (the very same Widow of Dr Fatemi, wearing a cream head scarf), attending the expat conference in Tehran & attentively listening on the president of Islamic republic.

Note: The Widow of the late General Rahimi is the sister of Mrs Parivash Fatemi.


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It is unfair

by Cost-of-Progress on

to judge this lady's actions based on these 2 photos, however, as noted by others, this  is nothing new in societies such as Iran where a stable political system (not religious system, POLITICAL) has not taken root for the past 200-300 years. We tend to change color the minute our interest are at risk.

I know of people who were (seemingly) secular during the shah's regime but turned religious practically overnight and started "jaa namaz aab keshidan". These are the folks that are most dangerous, 'casue to them nothing is truly sacred except their own ineterests!


And we (actually I) wonder why we embrace our opressors century after century.





آنچه شیران را


آنچه شیران را کند روبه  مزاج، احتیاج است احتیاج است احتیاج

روبهان که جای خود دارند. 


People with no political convictions

by fooladi on

who's only desire is to be close to and with people at centre of power are nothing new nor limited to Iran and Iranians.

P.S.  I better recognise the getleman on left (in white suite), from his picture at the morgue after his execution, post 1979 revolution. I do wonder if the bearded guy in the other picture would be identified similarly by my 7 year old son in years to come.....


How can

by statira on

she even accept pension from a muderous, rapist regime that killed his brother-in-law. How low some people can get!

Again, I think this type of behavior is very common in Iran. Families have no compassion toward each other grief. You see more enemacity in families between sister to sister, brother to brother.

I remember once before the revolution, we got call from my grandma's house that my two uncles were fighting and beating each other over Shah and Khomeini. One was pro shah and the other was pro khomeini.



by MRX1 on

large section of Iranian population belong to Hezb bad (Let there be no doubt about it!) and the concept of "noon ra ber rooz khordan" is practiced heavily by these folks.


This is,

by SamSamIIII on


only a couple of generations & you wonder why folks celebrate icons of their ancient nemesis such as Changiz or Omar . & now you know why Jews(for good or bad) are such in your face about their holocaust. Its because they dont want you to forget. btw, her being there is not as important as what she said while there. Believe me, none of us are saints ;).

Cheers & thanks kaveh jaan!!!


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Darius Kadivar

I'm Not Surprised ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno if this lady was ever a member of her former husband Dr. Fatemi political party the Jebhe Melli ...

But they seem to be master's in the Art of Getting their Priorities Wrong :


N'est ce Pas Massoud Jaan ? :

Sources on Pahlavi Family Loot

In anycase I was personally troubled the first time I saw her photo with Rahimi (published thanks to my brother by the way who interviewed her sister Manijeh - see Recommended article below) given what happened to her own husband.

In Iran it seems it all runs in the family ...

History and political allegiences one way or another seem to be conditioned by matters that have nothing to do with politics per se ... But rather family feuds and or reconciliations ...

For instance Teymour Bakhtiar ( founder and head of SAVAK from 1958 to 1961) even after falling out of grace from the Shah kept friendly ties with the Shah's former wife princess Soraya who was Teymour's cousin:

General Teymour Bakhtiar (Left) and Princess Soraya in Restaurant Maxim, Paris

It didn't stop the Shah to politely eliminate him (after learning that he was planning a Coup against the Shah) in Iraq by SAVAK agents in 1970...

That in turn did not stop his cousin Shapour to accept and become the Shah's last Prime Minister:

Teymour Bakhtiar with his cousin Shapour Bakhtiar ( who later became the Shah's last Prime Minister) as students in Beirut with their teacher

Bakhtiar's own Father was executed (or killed in a battle ?) by the Shah's father for rebelling against Reza Shah after he took power. I don't know the exact circumstances. Was it when Reza Khan became Shah or during the Qajar Era when he was still minister of War in Ahmad Shah's government ? Any Feedbacks would appreciated ... 

More on the Bakhtiary's and their close ties with the Pahlavi's through Princess Soraya's sentimental ties with the Shah:

Princess Soraya (center) with Goli Bakhtiar (2nd from right) in restaurant Meridiana in Marbella, Spain

I guess this lady's change of heart must be another of those irrational symptoms that seems to define our country's political culture, irrelevant of who is in power ...

Sigh ... 

Recommended Reading:

The general's widow by Cyrus KADIVAR



Its True

by Kaveh Parsa on

Go to the last paragraph


به گزارش خبرنگار فارس، در پي طرح سؤالي در خصوص حضور افرادي از جمله پريوش سطوتي همسر دكتر فاطمي وزير خارجه اسبق ايران در همايش ايرانيان خارج از كشور، يكي از خبرنگاران گفت كه رئيس جمهور 2سال پيش همسر مرحوم فاطمي را مورد عنايت و محبت قرار داد و حتي دستور داد كه حقوق دكتر فاطمي پرداخت شود.


If true, she likes to eat from both "tobreh" and the "akhor"

by Onlyiran on

she seems to have had a good time in 1978 when she was mixing herself with the "elite" then, and she is doing the trying to do the same by mixing herself with the "elite" here.


interesting find

by Fatollah on

how can you be so sure ? Is her name mentioned amongst the participants ? the picture left is at least 35 years old ...


Maybe there is a

by statira on

family feud. Perhaps two sister dont like each other. Anyway, her action is pretty outrageous.

Ye nazane vaghei.