Ey Iran, revisited

by KayvanAli

Ey Iran, revisited. Interesting mix of movie clips and music styles old and new


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Great performance

by Abarmard on

Iranian Cinema has definitely grown dramatically in the past decades.

Honar nazd e Iranian ast o


Payandeh baad khaak e Iran e Maa


Thank you, thank you, thank you

by Bunyip on

Ey Iran always brings a tear or two in my eyes. This version brings togehter the music of various ethnic groups that make Iran so great. Thank you for posting this immortal piece, which should be the true national anthem of Iran-e bozorg.

Nazy Kaviani

Thanks Kayvan!

by Nazy Kaviani on

I absolutely love this clip! It is such a happy and upbeat performance, not to mention all those great actors and actresses' appearances! Did you even know Parviz Parastoee could sing?! I love the Kurdish touch to this ageless, informal Iranian anthem.

Khoda Jamshid Mashayekhi ra biyamorzeh. He passed away in January.

Thanks so much for sharing and my best to your lovely family!