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by KayvanAli

Check out some of the songs from the 2009 music festival, courtesy of Faranak Ravon. Gives you a flavor of the performances:

Faramarz Aslani:

Ziba Shirazi:

Sahba Aminikia:


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Sahba's yaghmaei piece? Kourosh and Manouchehr's?

by kfravon on

Dear all,
I'm glad and thank Kayvan for sharing these as many had asked. I would love to talk to faryam and learn a trick or faryame aziz, please ping me off line ( and perhaps we can connect and you can help make these video clips easier for the audience to watch. It was hard holding the damn camcorder thru the entire song.....but hey, someone had to do it!

As for Sahba's Yaghmaei piece, here we go:

 and the Kourosh/Manouchehr performing Farhad song:



Thank you!

by IRANdokht on

Thanks Faranak jan for all the great pictures and the video clips too. Also thanks KayvanAli for posting them. What a great song from Ziba Shirazi! I listened to it many times...

Do you have any video clips of the first performance of the night? :o)



Thank you, how refreshing

by faryarm on

 Thank you, how refreshing

what great talent...old and new 

For a "bootleg" The sound quality is surprsingly decent..

Please contact me,  If you would like the clips  stabilised , one can get rid of the camera shake...



نازی خانم:


شما مرا شرمنده می کنید. از جهانشاه و مهدیه جان بپرسید: آدم خیلی جالبی نیستم. خجالتی و ساده هستم. زبونم فقط پشت اینترنت دراز است...

Nazy Kaviani

Great memories in the making

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you Faranak for capturing these moments and thank you Kayvan for posting them. All those wonderful artists played their hearts out and their music and their songs were fantastic. As can be seen in Exibits 1 through 3, the audience who had gathered to see the artists and to support were also phenomenal! It was a great night and the memories still linger in my heart. You worked very hard on this, Kayvan, and I'm grateful for the great results. Thank you!

(P.S. I'm still miffed that I didn't get to meet Laleh Gilani. My loss!)


some of my favorite pieces of that night are here

by Monda on

"Gol e yakh" played by Aminikia brought tears to my eyes (yaade javooniha dar Iran bekhair). The gentleman accompanying Kourosh Ravon on flute was Mr. Monshizadeh. What a treat it was to hear all those artists live! Thanks for posting these clips here. 


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I hope you're going to post your pictures as well!!!  for those of us who could not attend this event, it's the only way to feel a part of it.  i can't wait to see yours...:-)


What a treasure!

by LalehGillani on

Thank you for taking the videos and posting them. I took a lot of still pictures, but these videos immortalize a memorable night for me.

Here it is again: Sahba Aminkia and the mysterious song…


All very nice but...

by audience (not verified) on

I thought the best player all night was the drummer in Ziba's band. Who was that guy? He only showed what he could do for a couple of minutes with his solo, but boy was he good. Serious percussionist. Arash is fabulous too. The former Tehran symphony flautist was very touching.