Iranians Are Smart! Very Smart!

Keyvan Talebi
by Keyvan Talebi

This video shows how Iranians do not fall for the standard Hezbollahi propaganda regarding the USA. Iranians realize that whatever Obama does or says with regards to the Islamic Republic, the Hezbolahi leadership will find an excuse to avoid dealing with the USA. This professor is a true Iranian patriot!


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Ziba Kalam has both depth and substance, wisdom and kindness

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Keyvan Talebi


by Keyvan Talebi on

No, I do not think my choice of words were compatible with basic manners and solook which Party Girl was talking about. Notwithstanding, in your attempt at protecting a fellow IRI appologist, you did take my use of words out of contexts by just quoting part of my comments to her:) But that is OK because at least you were polite and non combative about it.

Regardless, to be honest with you, this Jaleho person does not deserve basic manners. Please see her failed combative style and multiple insulting comments to others on this site.

In sum, liaghat of solook is not extended to people who are constantly barking at others with insults.

This is precisely why I chose the words I did:)

Thanks for your concern though.

Mariam Amiri

Keyvan :)

by Mariam Amiri on

Do you think using words like "putting your koon to shame", "brain infested tumour" and "khar khodeti" is compatible with "basic manners" and solook which Party Girl writing about?

Perhaps you ought to read what you post :)

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

for the upload of the video.  apparently, i missed it when it was on previously.  this gentleman has more guts than some would like to give credit.  the setting reminds me of fox news where the moderator acts as the interrogator.  i for one, do not even use my name to express ideas about iran for fear of retribution.  and i certainly do not think that "freedom of speech and open debate in iran is the norm."  in a country, where there is a dictator, executions, political prisoners, stoning of women, and many forms of abuse of the most basic human rights, one cannot claim free speech is commonplace.  in less than a month, iranians have a choice in their vote between khamenei's crony since at least 1981 and the proud son of khameneh, azarbaijan (mousavi) and khamenei's new protege (ahmadinejad).  i just hope that the supporters of "rahbar's" version of democracy are just blinded by hope and optimism and do not subscribe to his point of view.

Farah Rusta

Ziba Kalam: another Khatami lover

by Farah Rusta on

Just see this:

// see this:

By the way, Abarmard, why don't you write a Khatami elogy? Be Brave - for once :)




This also shows an IDIOT

by Jaleho on

brought up by memritv to spreads nonsense like "Iran has no money on hold by the US!" And, the cool level headed people around him let the guy make a complete ass out of himself ;-)

It is interesting how Mr. Talebi aligns his intellegenc level with this guy , maybe there's something to it!

Abarmard, you're absolutely right. These types of debates which are very popular these days in Iran are very telling indeed!


Yes Abarmard....

by Anonymous111 on

Freedom of speech and open debate in Iran is the norm.  Everyone enjoys it, especially this guy, who was voicing his opinion:


When are you going to stop being an apologist?


This shows

by Abarmard on

The level of openness of the Iranians towards the idea of debate alone, but Mr. Ziba Kalam, although very strong and loud, does make clear mistakes in his arguments.

The importance of this however is not the ideas expressed but the debate itself.

This was posted on a week or so ago.