Seyed Ali's Wealth


Seyed Ali's Wealth
by Khar

Although Iran’s economy is crippled with high inflation at more than 25% and unemployment more than 30% with millions living at or below poverty line plus an on going economic embargo, Khamenei and his inner circle has managed to accumulate billions of dollars of Iranian people’s money and plundering of Iran’s wealth for their own benefit. No one truly knows the extends of his wealth, but the information in this blog shows he has done very well for himself and his family.

Bank Accounts

Aside from the 22 bilion dollars cash, 10 billion dollars is in the following bank accounts:

1 billion dollars in Russia
1 bilion dollars in Syria
1 bilion dollars in China
1 bilion dollars in Venezuela
2 billion dollars in South Africa
2 billion dollars in London
2 billion dollars in other countries

Aside from 22 billion dollars cash and 10 billion in foreign accounts, his other assets are:

4 billion dollars as described below:

2 billion dollars in stocks in world markets
1 billion dollars in South Africa
500 million dollars in Syria
500 million dollars in Venezuela

Where did these billions come from?

30 billion dollars out of commission on sale of oil
2 billion dollars in land dealings
6 billion dollars in arms dealings
10 billion dollars has been directly paid to Khamenei by Ahmadinejad's government

Mr. Khamenei's and his familie's total wealth: 36 Billion Dollars
Mr. Khamenei's wealth: 30 Billion Dollars
His family's wealth: 6 Bilion Dollars

22 Billion dollars out of the 36 Billion dollars was in Iran as cash but in the aftermath of Iran's presidential election unrest it was decided that this money needed to be sent to Syria through Turkey. This money was exposed en route from Tureky to Syria and was confiscated in Turkey. Khamenei's worry was that in case of the downfall of the regime this money would be trapped in Iran. Iran's government is trying to get this money back from Turkey. There is no doubt that this money has been confiscated in Turkey but the question remains as to why this money was not directly transported to Syria on a plane? Maybe they were scared that the plane would be identified and downed!

The rest of the cash: 3.5 Billion Dollars out of wihc 1.5 Bilion dollars is in the form of diamonds and one billion dollars is in the form of gold. There is also a billion dollars in dollar bills.

Khamenei's important Business Affairs:

Sugar and rice imports, car imports (BMWs), production of sugar and sugar cubes under the name of Astaan Ghods Razavi, investments in Dubai, Germany, Iraq, South Africa, Venezuela, Lebanon and China.
But his bigger business dealings are related to oil and gas and purchase of military equipment from China and Russia.

Khamenei, in order to control his business, keeps people in some positions for a long time. For example Majid Hedayat-zadeh has been the person responsible for sale of Iran's oil for the past 30 years (he was changed last year because Nourizadeh exposed his name).
Mr. Souri is responsible for the transport of Iran's oil and he has been on the job for 30 years.
Mr. Khamenei had appointed these two people in 1980. At one point Rafsanjani, Khatami and Ahmadinejad each had tried to change them but Khamenei did not approve of the change. This is how these two people worked with Khamenei's office: Hedaya-zadeh would sell the oil and Souri would transport them and the commission for this transaction would go into Khamenei's account. In the past 30 years Iran has sold about 700 Billion dollars worth of oil and the commission for the sale and transport for this has gone into Khamenei's account. The third person who entered the oil ministry for this affair is his brother Hassan Khamenei who was at previously appointed as the minister of Islamic Guidance (vezarat Ershad) and he was in charge of censorship. He later entered the petroleum ministry to control Khamenei's interests.

Khamenei's Palaces:

The attached google pictures show Khamenei's palaces. These include:

1. Lavasanat castles that belong to Khamenei, Mojtaba and Mohammadi-Golpaygani
2. Jamshidieh Palace: (formerly belonging to Ardeshir Zahedi) is his place of mountain trotting.
3. Fish-Ghola Palace in the north of Iran
4. Niavaran Palace
5. Latian dam palaces (formerly belonging to the Shah

 Khamenei's Wealth:
 Khamenei became the president in 1980. In 1981 Mr. Hedayat and Mr. Souri were appointed to head the sale of Iran's oil and they remained in that position until 2007. In 1982 Mohsen Rafighdoust was appointed to purchase arms.
In 1989 Khamenei discovered the value of land and through the operations units of "Emam's Orders" organization and Mostazafan Foundation he eyed Iran's lands. Starting from 1982, in the oil ministry Hasan Khamenei was appointed to oversee Mr. Hedayat and Souri.
Mr. Mohammadi-Golpaygani in Defense Ministry was appointed to control Rafighdoust and Heidari.
Mr. Lolachian was appointed in land affairs and he later married into Khamenei's family.
In 1999 he gave permission to his children to enter business.
Since 2005 he quit his business dealings and was paid directly by the government. This is the same money that would be "lost" when the country's budget was published. This is the same money that during presidential debates Mr. Karroubi asked Ahmadinejad about!

Source: Makhmalbaf: Secrets of Khamenei’s life, part 3, (Also part 1 and 2)




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for as much as I hate the current system in Iran But I have to disagree on all these inflated figures the makhmalbaf himself is questionable.............

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