We Must Act Now!

We Must Act Now!
by Khar

Hamvatan, 15,900 innocent bottles are set to be destroyed in Iran soon in matter of days. Unless we act now, their body will be shattered and their pure souls will surly be drained to the last drop! Call your representatives and senators; call upon U.N to make your voices heard against this Islamic, inhuman and unjust practice and tell the world you are for personal freedom in Iran!

Let’s hope for a day that no pure soul is destroyed for any reason. Cheers, Down the hatch, Lastrovia, and Be-salamati aan Rouz!

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Somehow I trust IRI not to destroy innocent lives ;o)

by Rea on

They will probably sell them under the table.

No Fear, на здоровье !  

No Fear

Nazdorovie, tak skazat!

by No Fear on

Gde te ludi kotorye vouut za "svobodu" pravil?

Mozhet li "svoboda" kotoraya pozvolyaet pit vse chto ugodno byt takoi zhe samoi "svobodoi" rechi?

Esli net, pochemu vasha "svoboda" mozhet byt bolee znachimoi chem drugie "svobody?"

"Svobody" mogut byt znachit v opredelennom smysle, kotoroe mozhet byt naidenna v kultury nazii.



The Regime may be more concerned

by Escape on

about getting bottles thrown at them than the Islamic law against alcohol.They should try learning from Western Civilization.The prohibition never worked in the states and it doesn't take a genius to learn how to make alcohol.Forcing morality doesn't work.


اینجاست که میگن......




اینجاست که میگن......

شکر نعمت نعمتت افزون کند    کفر نعمت از کَفَت بیرون کند!

الهی که بحقّ دو دست بریدهء..........دستتون قلم شه.

الهی که آبجوی خوش از گلوتون پائین نره.

الهی که ....................

تو اون واویلای صحرای محشر و روز صدهزار سال خِرتون رو میگیرم خدا شاهده!

اونوقت که از تشنگی چشاتون به طاق سرتون چسبیده دسته خ.....هم بهتون نمیدم!

ببین چه جوری برکت خدا رو از بین میبرن ها!

خر (بلا نسبت شما که میشنوی)چه داند قیمت نقل و نبات؟

ebi amirhosseini

President e Mahboob

by ebi amirhosseini on


Ebi aka Haaji