President Ahmadinejad in NYC


by Kooshan
سخنراني رئيس‌جمهور در مجمع عمومي سازمان ملل
ديدار با دانشجويان و دانشگاهيان آمريکايي
مصاحبه با شبکه آمريکايي پاسيفيکا
ديدار با گروه‌هاي طرفدار صلح در آمريکا
ديدار با ايرانيان مقيم آمريکا

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Dear news Goffer, I have no idea; I just copied pics from WWW!

by Kooshan on

No idea where the party was.


News Goffer

When was this?

by News Goffer on

Are the bottom pictures from the party last night?  IRNA's report says 3,000 people were at that party.  Doesn't look like 3,000 people in the reception in your photos.