Ron Paul on Iran War

by Kooshan

How US is going to impose war on Iran:


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Although I don't agree with his party

by Abarmard on

But I always enjoy listening to him. He is the voice of reason in the sea of arrogance.


Re John....You just said it exactly as is

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

One day the meianstreem citizend will wake up and see how they were fooled by policymakers who are biased towards Israel.....this can't go on forever.


Yes, but...

by John on

Everything that he says is sensible and rational, but you can see in the video that he is practically alone in the house, and that some lumpen slattern cuts him off and his mike is cut off the instant that his allotted time is reached.

What this means is that nobody in the US is hearing sensible debate such as Ron Paul gives here;  the only thing that Americans hear is the Fox News version of evil Iranians who hate Israel and who are building nuclear weapons to kill Americans with.

The United States of America: the most technologically advanced and most powerful nation that the world has yet seen, but also among the most ignorant, misguided and misinformed nations yet seen.


Bless him

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

He is one of the few real american heroes in US politics.


Ron Paul Say it like it is!

by Khar on