Persian Gulf forever......

by mahmoudg

Persian Gulf video depicting the historical and millennia long name distinguished in history.


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M. Saadat Noury

سروده‌های خلیج پیوسته فارس

M. Saadat Noury

Thank you for your "Wake up Video". Here is a chain of poems that reveals the terms of "Persian Gulf" and "Parsi Sea" were used by many Classic Poets of Iran  

زنجیری از سروده‌های خلیج پیوسته فارس 



mahmoudg, Thank you.

by pedro on

British politicians are known to trade their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters with a few barrel of oil, to any camel jokey arab. They then gather in their fancy club rooms drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes, complimenting each other for their dirty politics and abundant blood money in their banks.        

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks Mahmoudg

by Maryam Hojjat on

for a great video.  I hope those ignorant & selfish Arab Shiks in Persian Gulf with their artificial countries could watch this video and may wake up from their rabit dreams.