I Cannot Believe It, Colonel Gaddafi!


Majid Naficy
by Majid Naficy

Colonel Gaddafi!

I cannot believe that before death

They humiliated you with a piece of stick

Only a few month after your rant

That you would march alley by alley

And search house by house

To purge all Libya

Of brave women and men

Who, after years of suppression,

Finally rebelled against you.

From each school of thought

You learned only the worst lesson:

From nationalists, anti-imperialist shows

From populists, hate of individual liberties

And from theocrats, return to the past.

When they took you out

From a drain pipe in Sirte's highway

You begged them and said:

"My sons!

Have mercy on your father."

But they without mercy

Sodomized you with a stick

And ended your era

With three shots.

How painful!

In the last forty-two years

With your torture chambers and henchmen

You did not teach your victims

Any thing else.

Majid Naficy
November 23, 2011 

باور نمی کنم سرهنگ قذافی!


سرهنگ قذافی!

باور نمی کنم که پیش از مرگ

با چوب پاره ای، خوارَت کردند

تنها چند ماه پس از آنهمه خط و نشان ها

که کوچه به کوچه می آیی

و خانه به خانه می گردی

تا پاک کنی سراسر لیبی را

از زنان و مردانی بی باک

که پس از سالها سرکوب

سرانجام بر تو شوریدند.

تو از هر مکتب

بدترین درس آن را

فرا گرفته بودی:

از ملی گرایان

نمایش های ضدامپریالیستی،

از توده گرایان

نفرت از آزادی های فردی

و از دین سالاران

بازگشت به گذشته را.

وقتی که از راه آبی در شاهراه سِرت

بیرونت کشیدند

لابه کنان به آنها گفتی:

"پسران من!

به پدر خود رحم کنید."

اما آنها بیرحمانه

چوب به تهی گاهت چپاندند

و با شلیک سه گلوله

به دورانت پایان دادند.


در چهل ودو سال گذشته

با شکنجه گاه ها و مزدورانت

هیچ چیز دیگری به قربانیانت

یاد نداده بودی.

مجید نفیسی
23 نوامبر 2011


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I love this poetry

by jasonrobardas on

particularly the persian version......from my favorite Isfahani  "majid Naficy".....

Multiple Personality Disorder

Very interesting poem

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



I like the poem very much, especially since it correctly identifies where Gaddafi was found and how he was treated afterwards. He was captured while he was hiding in a roadway drainage culvert, not in a sewer pipe as it was originally reported. The nearest thing to "drainage culvert" in Farsi that I can think of would be

(مجرای آب‌گذرِ زیرِ جاده)


however that would be too long and too difficult to use in the Farsi translation.
And the second point, as was mentioned by another commentator, he was most likely sodomized with a long knife or a bayonet, not a stick (a wooden one as translated)



Me too HG

by Truthseeker9 on

Thanks for clarification.

hamsade ghadimi

truthseeker, i never

by hamsade ghadimi on

truthseeker, i never expected war-hardened libyans who captured gadafi to take out their u.n.-issued human rights manual to make sure that he's treated in the most humane manner. they probably feared that, with his billions, he could bribe his way out of any jail, and were competing with each other to torture and kill him.

i don't condone what they did but i understand what why they did it.


I know HG

by Truthseeker9 on

But we cannot judge what those people went through and on a daily basis feared while they fought to depose him. Especially while we live in comfort in the West.

hamsade ghadimi

good poem mr. naficy. of

by hamsade ghadimi on

good poem mr. naficy. of course, there will always be those who hated him but hated it even more that the "evil" western powers brought him to his demise. by the way, it wasn't stick that they put up gadafi's butt, it was a knife.

truthseeker9, inserting an object into the private parts of a person is literal rape not a metaphorical one.


If you live by the sword ...

by Truthseeker9 on

Gaddafi once vowed to hunt down protesters "inch by inch, room by room, home by home, alley by alley."

Perhaps a nation raped can never fully recover until the offender one day finally finds himself raped metaphorically speaking, time will tell where people who have a history of being raped by colonial states, kings and dictators will ultimately find themselves.... 


One comment in the article above reads: "Oh how gentle is he, a man who allowed the raping of so many of his own women. How humble, when even the fans he used are made of solid gold, while his people lived in hunger and desperation. And how beautiful is his soul - surely his death should be just as evil and cruel and tyrannical as his beautiful, beautiful soul. Perfect peace, yes may it be as peaceful as the battlefield that he has turned his country into. Oh so perfect."  


Very politically correct !

by Souri on

Absolutely Americanized-ly beautiful!

It is wonderful how America can change our views and attitude, year by year.