Are these New Muslim Dating Ads on OFFENSIVE?


by MallyJack_Secrets

Today I spotted the latest in the subtle arrival of Muslim Singles and Muslim dating ads on These contrast with the big busty hendoonehs on the girl of the new MEET SINGLE PERSIANS ONLINE! ads, whom I have come to love from afar. For the first time I find fulfilling both my internet needs in one site. Although typing one-handed is slower.

But the Muslim connection, I'm really not getting. Not that I object, hell I don't care if your a satanist, date anyone you want, it's a mutually inclusive sport. But exactly when did any of us rally specify that the ideal mate has to be a Muslim and that what was really needed was a dating service catering to all those Hallal animal urges?

Also when did we start wearing the hejab and those Pakestani kafir-like long white shirts and skinny top caps which funny enough, look a lot like yarmulkes?

And when did we start calling it Muslim? The last time I checked, I was born, then the doctor apparently cut me into the shape of a Moslem. Snip, snip, Mashallah!

In this latest Muslim ad, a cartoon for salam singles ecard, the ad depicts a young man entering an automobile race with a Camel, to win the hand of a fair maiden put literally in a box. Now that right there is insulting, to assume that a maiden in this day and age is sitting helpless and coy (submissive?) waiting for a man to win her in a race. Ridiculous, or as JJ would say, retarted. And since when does Camel mean Iran?

The race goes on, and the man and camel slowly wind their way in the race with the cars driving past them, your typical tortoise and the hare scenario. They stop to rest and for the camel to eat leaves off a tree and to drink, when suddenly the cars race past, and the guy says, get this, Yallah! and smacks the camel's ass and off they go.

As they get closer a car ahead of them spills oil onto the road, a classic James Bond scenario to which the young man on the camel responds by smoking a cigarette, dropping it onto the oil which catches fire, eventually reaching the car spewing it, and exploding.

The young man and camel reach the finish line and he gets the girl, and the camel gets a big smooch from a girl camel with big red lips.

Actually never mind, that is pretty cute now that I think about it.

You can watch the ad without having to date anyone by clicking HERE


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There are Christian and Jewish Dating Services too !

by ./. (not verified) on

There is nothing wrong with catering to a particular religious group. If you don't care of that group's attributes, don't go there to search for a mate. There is absolutely nothing wrong that particular atributes are used for this purpose. This is not USA airportts where "profiling" is used as a criteria for body (and cavity) search !!!!!


You know unlike you

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

many Iranians still consider themselves as Muslims.

Just so you know.


Miz abdol shahvat-ol-mamaalek

by Majid on

Those are called "dastam boo"D, not garmak, FYI.

I'm sure you know the diff.


good points

by Miz Abdol Azim Khaneh Shahvat Panah (not verified) on

yeah! The girl with what you called two "hendooneh" and I rather call two cantalopes "garmak" is surely sexy, she is also the same girl with hejabeh eslamee. Don't mind the head cover, she still has big garmaks to offer...

What I like to see is a dating website that offers dating services with women who have abandoned all values and standards and all they want is sex, food and love!

That will bring all religions together, united with both hands busy!

God bless Micronesia


that girl on the "arab"

by iman nyc (not verified) on

that girl on the "arab" lounge ad is very beautiful. WOW. Hey JJ, I have been visiting more because of that ad. You should pay them.

Jahanshah Javid

religous ads

by Jahanshah Javid on

These ads are automatically generated by google and other ad servers installed on They are not direct paid advertisers. I have asked my colleagues to remove those that are overt ly religious. They're ridiculous... I agree. A couple of weeks ago there were ads for CIA jobs. Took those out too.


Google and Gulf name change and Now Iranian(muslim).com

by ;-) (not verified) on

What is exactly happening? Molly, tell JJ to bring back that Paypal sign.

I wish not to see logo's with scarf.


badbakhteh jahanshah...

by haiide (not verified) on

baba ye loghme noon mikhad bokhore dige, vel ela! doost nadari, negah nakon!