The West is Taking Sides In Syria, Against the Democratic Aspirations of Syrian people, Like It Did In Iran.


Manuchehr Khosrodad
by Manuchehr Khosrodad

It's been over a Year now that the Government of Syria has been fighting against armed groups.  And How have these forces Against the Syrian Government been getting their weapons?  Arming forces against the Syrian Government, which is responsible for keeping law and order, is a criminal and unlawful activity.

US news sources have been conveniently for over a year trying to cover up the activity of who is arming foreign terrorists fighting in Syria.  To mislead the general public, the news has not acknowedge the extent of foreign groups being armed or even that they exist, or that they are anti-democratic forces.  Another misleading article only partially acknowledges some cia involvement in the past few weeks.  So who's been arming them for the last year then Santa Claus?


So why not educate the public, who is being armed and by whom?  For the last year what weapons, with what capabilities have been given to foreign criminal forces and on who's orders?  Isn't it time the west took corruption to the courts? 

When the richest and most powerful Government self-declares itself the leader of the Free World while conducting criminal & unlawful acts against innocent people and not for any noble reason, like seeking to help democrats, what does this say of the state of human rights on this planet?

Take some time to reflect on this last question.

While not reported honestly, The USA is the country that brought Islamic extremists to power against the late Shah in Iran.  It accomplished this by first disingenuously smearing the Iranian governments human rights record with propaganda and thereby intentionally ridding the world of one of its greatest human rights leaders, the late Shah of Iran and replacing his government with the most repressive government in the world for over 33 years.

Due to both Cia and Mi6 Activities with opposition activists in the realm of propaganda and criminal activities against Iranian human rights, there are still far too many Iranians who are not aware that the late Shah of Iran lead a lawful Government and served the human rights of Iranians in an outstanding fashion and was not actively torturing anyone. 

In contrast to the Shah of Irans Governments Impeccable Human Rights Record for Iranians, we have cynicism, hypocrissy, criminality by france, the UK and the USA.

They are not only actively involved in rendition and torturing even ther own citizens or those of other European countries, but we see them act in a total self assured fashion, knowing that all their leaders who act in this way are above the law and will continue to be above the law, no matter how many tens of millions of people are starved or killed or raped as a direct result of their plans and actions.

No matter what evidence is brought to light, through for example wikileaks, which caught the US secretary of State giving a criminal order to US diplomats at the UN, criminal leaders in the west it appears are above the law.

This is the real threat to human rights in the world, it is neither reported nor discussed and is clearly being done on innocent victims by the rich and powerful, the leaders of western democracies and the self proclaimed leaders of the free World. 


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حمله! حمله! تیم........ گل بزن! گل بزن یالله قهرمان


از روزی که ملا مارمولک عبا وعمامه من را دزدید من دست از دینداری شسته ام! ولی خوب هنوز آلزیمار نگرفتم! عزیزانی هستند که علاقمند به بحثهای عرفانی و مذهبی هستند. گاهی و گداری با آن دوستان گپ خدای !!میزنم ولی فرق قصه و افسانه را با تاریخ میدانم!!
حسین حسین همانقدر کمک میکند که تشویق تماشاچیهای یک مسابقه فوتبال برای تیم مورد علاقه خود! شعار است!

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maziar 58

Oonyaroo jaan

by maziar 58 on

YES Carter had a lot to do with that fiasco

But calling Iranians Olaghs is in the same lines of what Brits think of us Iranian and is not acceptable.



Dear Mamoor

by asadabad on

Shiism is false.  Khamenei is a liar and a hypocrite.  The people of Iran can't wait to put their rulers on trial and execute them for crimes against humanity.  This is reality.

The regime occupying Iran is afraid of the truth, which is why they censor/persecute Sunni Muslims.  

You've been saying "ya hossein" for the last 1400 years to no avail.  When will you get it through your thick skull that hossein can't help you?  He is dead.  Get over it.  Why should you worship a loser anyway?  He failed at everything.  He couldn't even help himself.   

If you have a brain you should throw your shia books in the trash.


Oon Yaroo

God Bless General Khosrowdad!

by Oon Yaroo on

And yes, the Carter administration had everything to do with instigating, flip-flopping in support of, and undermining the late Shah's regime. Of course, the olaghs called Iranian people fell for it and the rest is history....!


Bavafa, point accepted Assad is not good......

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

However who are we comparing Assad to?????????

If we were to compare him with the late shah of Iran, yes then you have a point comparitively the guy is not good and is a thug, not unlike Saddam, the Saudi's or any of the USA's GCC allies.  But Is that really the point you wished to make, that compared to the late shah he is not good?

However if we are comparing Assad with Our Ideals we make a grave mistake and here is why.

We don't see the obvious when being idealistic which is that Assad is the Sugar Plum Fairy compared with the human rights record of the USA, Russia, China, France and the UK.  His people are not benefitting from criminal gains, like the others are and the criminality of the syrian government with assad is totally incomparable to the others.

Can the scale of Assads brutality or corruption be honestly comparable to the murdering and torturing of both their own nationals and others we have seen by the USA, the Russians and Chinese, The French ot the UK??????  In this case both the truth and fairness will give you the same answer.

Human Rights and Democracy are being MIS-USED to manipulate and deceive, but by whom???? Countries that themselves put Assad to Shame.

And because the Free Media doesn't do Justice to explaining this reality to the people of the world, because it actually defends the powerful interests, who betrayed a decent Iranian King, I take my hat off to any author who explains this greater point albeit indirectly. 


Oatar,Saudi, Turkey.....

by مآمور on

It would be naive to think, the criminal gangs and islamist terrorists supported by the money coming from arab countries in Persian gulf are innocent and have no fault but just looking for democracy!! all decent people from sunnis to christians, from alawi to Armanis(ask some iranian armani they tell u) are scared of these selfi vahabi and want to keep Assad in power.

listen to koffi anoan, he knows it all

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If you think US is so innocent in this game…

by Bavafa on

You might want to read other reports, one such 



but this does not in anyway mean that Assad is a good regime or IRI is not involved in this nasty game which the only losers so far are the Syrian people. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



I agree with assadabad

by Azarbanoo on

in case of Syria.  But I agree with you for Iran/Shah case that Western country betrayed Shah & IRANIANS for the Anghlab which was not necessary.  Poor Iranians who are paying dearly for their ignorance.


Stop spreading lies

by asadabad on

The West is not supporting the protestors otherwise Assad would have been overthrown a long time ago.  The Syrian opposition is made up of defectors and civilians who have taken weapons from regime stockpiles.  

A good example would be the Syrian Air force pilot who defected (with his MIG) to Jordan.  Or would you consider him a member of a foreign terrorist gang?  That would be amazing!  A saudi sneaks into Syria, shaves his beard, manages to sneak into an airbase, finds an airplane, steals a flight suit, learns how to fly a plan in minutes and then take off to Jordan?  If you are so stupid to believe that then you need a brain transplant.


The shiite regime persecuting Iran is supporting Assad and the alawi minority (worshippers of Ali) while they commit genocide against the Sunni Muslim majority.  Alawis who speak out against Assad are murdered as "traitors" by his goons.  So much for freedom of speech, freedom to protest, etc.



On the second part of your article

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And that is why so many iranians are considered fools for accepting the reputation the west created/manufactured for the late shah, while bringing to power khomeini. 

The heart of the matter is the truth and looking at it is very disturbing, especially if you are an iranian that betrayed your king and country to bring these mullahs to power and are still waiting for the west to help you out, foolish till the last breath.