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This blog is humor and satire. The content of this blog is not intended to be actual or true or factual. It is making jokes.

Americans according to Nilofar Parsi:



Americans according to Professor Targol



Molla: "Besmeah Taala, for an organization like NIAC whose mission is to make money, it is routine to have relationships with the CIA and Atieh Bahar. Bar pedar monker-esh laanaat," said Hazrat Shotor.


Khar: Ean Mollah har chi delesh mikhad az zaboon ean Shotor bichareh migeh. Ean Shotor zaboon basteh keh Englisi harf nemizaneh.

What is the difference between CASMII and NIAC? 

CASMII - Ahmadinejad + Rafsanjani = NIAC



Iran - Khamenei + JM = Iranian Democracy


I hope you enjoyed the humor.  And this Americans according to Yolanda. Be Cool:





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Masoud Kazemzadeh

Thank You Vildemose and Professor Targol

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Vildemose jaan,

I am glad you enjoyed these.

Best regards,





Dear Professor Targol,

I am glad you enjoyed the humor. I hope this blog was featured so more people would see it.

The cartoon is by Saman. It is one of the best cartoons I have ever seen.

Best regards,



Sargord Pirouz

All I can say is I'm glad my

by Sargord Pirouz on

All I can say is I'm glad my kids aren't being instructed in your classroom at a backwater university in Texas. 

Perhaps when you're applying for tenure someplace, this can be presented as evidence of your character as a political scientist. That should go over real well, don't you think?


folks - if you want to see NIAC's record of accomplishments, see

by MM on


if you want to see record of NIAC's accomplishments in the areas of

1. Opposing the MKO’s rhetoric;

2. Acting on behalf of issues important to Iranian-Americans; and

3. Opposing the IRI’s injustices while countering the war-mongers.,

then, see

Sorry… mind if I mop while you mope?



if you want cheap humor, highlighted by a 15 minute work with Photoshop, here it is.

As T. Roosavent said: If you have the facts with you, speak loudly.  If you don't, speak loudly and pound on the podium, as MK is doing here with mutiple cheap blogs, as well as the classic hypothesis that if you cannot argue with them within the realm of logic, then humor them.

Hoshang Targol

Dr. you crack me up, thanks for the video

by Hoshang Targol on

couldn't stop laughing for a minute or two. The photo shops were excellent. Judging by the attacks in here looks like you've hit them where it hurts, nice aiming.

I was going to post some Woodie Guthrie and Peter Segere, but it didn't work. But you catch my drift. Keep up the good humor.


Congratulations: This IS your best accomplishment a clown!

by MM on


marhoum Kharmagas

MVP, Q, Bavafa, ...., Mammad!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Kazemzadeh has always been Kazemzadeh! You guys have been naive!


LOL, MK: You've opened a can

by vildemose on

LOL, MK: You've opened a can of worms. Expect crucifiction...;)


First I thought you were a serious debater Mr. Kazemzadeh


now I know you're just trolling and have an agenda.


Mr. Kazemzadeh: As an educated man and a professor of a universi

by Bavafa on

As an educated man and a professor of a university

You are showing extreme poor judgment in your writing disguised as "humor"

I resisted making any comment in regards to your level of sophistication as an educator based on your logic and talent in debates. This blog reaffirms my assessment of you

It is not that I am offended by making fun of NIAC, it is that you are low enough to disguise it as humor… and proves lack of integrity in you.

I truly feel sorry for those parents that pay hard earned money for their kids to come to your class room.



Kazemzadeh jan, you're not funny

by Q on

I really hate to repeat this from last time you attempted humor, but I will: you're not funny. You simply don't understand humor and come accross as a mean attacker, as someone who wants to belabor his own accusations any way he can. I'll show you:

What you call "humor" here reflects exactly what you believe and advocate in real life. It's like Nazis making fun of Jews, or Rush Limbaugh making fun of welfare recipients and saying "totally not intended to be factual!" That's what makes it not funny: they fail to escape the "real". 

If I throw a stone at you and injure you, would you think it's funny if I drew a caricature of your bloody nose?

Remember how I called you "Orwellian" in my proposed joke last time, but you didn't find it "funny" and wouldn't add it to your collection. Then you couldn't even explain why. This is why.

NIAC or CASMI members making fun of themselves, or even the artist who created that picture saying "Warning they are antiwar!" That's funny. The artist doesn't have a dog in the fight and is a supporter. It's understood that it is over-the-top satire.

The picture by Saman was meant to expose the absurdity of unreasonable prejudices by attackers of NIAC. Including it here is discontinuous, since you are one of the attackers.

When you are saying the same exact thing in a serious accusatory tone elsewhere, you can't also claim it's humor. It comes accross as an extension of your own mean-spirited attack.

I honestly don't think you understand what makes something funny. But you're not alone. Many Iranians actually just think whatever affirms their own politics must be good in every context.