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Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

...authorities there found 1,980 wooden cases of powder for 130mm guns and 1,320 cases of powder and powder pellets for 125mm guns, according to a Cypriot government report reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Also discovered were 60 barrels full of 39mm shells, 810 cases of propellant for 125mm guns and eight cases of 120mm mortar components, the report said. Three of the 98 containers onboard were too heavy to move and still haven't been searched, the report said

Qashqavi, Foreign Ministry Spokesman: There were absolutely no weapons related or munitions on the ship.

Mamad: Those powder are for fireworks, and the UNSC only bans such matter if used for weapons. But as long as those powders are not put into shells and a fuse attached to them and fired up, then Iran has not violated its obligation and does not have to report the matter to the IAEA. Dr. El Baradei has not found any highly enriched uranium among these alleged powders. The barrels can also be used for storing cooking oil. And the shells are also used for decorations. The propellants also can be used for sending peaceful space rockets into orbit.

The un-opened 98 containers are liked to the alleged laptop probably supplied by the MKO. Iran has already officially denied having any knowledge of them.

Ahmadinejad: We do not have any gays in Iran like there exists in the West. All these are lies by the Zionist occupying regime.


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Re war propaganda

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear ID, you have some good points there that an egomaniac like this guy is alien to. People like these guys only see themselves. To them the people of Iran are seen the way they want them to be. Just like the monarchists who still think that our people loved Shah and his regime and it was only a bunch of "chaghookesh" and "khrabkar" who revolted against him! The only difference between this guy, MK, and the monarchists is that he is unhappy as to why the U.S. supported the Shah. People like him take America at its face value as a beacon of democracy and its policies as spreading democracy around the world. They don't believe in the Imperialist nature of the U.S., its policies and the nature of its relationship with a country like Iran. Therefore, spreading war propaganda to them is just reiterating the U.S. government's positions as a peace-loving, democratic entity in a "war against terror."

P.S. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and happy new year to you and all true Iranians whose hearts beat for their motherland. I'll be back home for a few months, so sla-e noe mobarak!


To NAA, I did not ask anyone to judge my comments with regard to this blog, so I apologize if you were under the wrong impression. However, I do not expect you to feel how I feel about my home country for there are even Iranian-born individuals who do not grasp (or care about) the tragic consequences of a war and playing to its propaganda. As a matter of fact, I have a relative, whose family members and parents all live outside Iran, who is a strong advocate of a military action against Iran. Of course he does not say it in those exact words, but he puts it as "surgical attacks against IRI's facilities." Even during the Olympics, when I cheered for Iranian athletes, he would wish them to fail! His logic, you may ask? "So the IRI could not get the credit!" Hence, being married to an Iranian, or even being Iranian-born is not necessarily tantamount to feeling empathetic toward the majority of Iranians. As an Iranian's marrying a Mexican, Guatemalan (or whatever one's ethnic background) could not guarantee the same toward that nation!

As I mentioned, I do not expect you to get the underlying message of this blog. So if you think it's funny, good for you. It's good to have a few laughs now and then. But when you bring up questions about the reason why others did not find it funny, you have opened the debate on the causes of such dismay. It is no secret that Iran at the moment is subject to demonization and military threats (in some part due to IRI's own actions, and in others due to the U.S. and Israeli agenda). This agenda pursues a magnification and aggrandizement of an "Iranian military threat to the region" and/or to the "world peace." A vast majority of pro-war media (e.g. Fox News and co) pursuant to this agenda do not miss a chance to hype up the threat of Iran's military in order to provide pretext and justification for a military action (as in pre-invasion Iraq and the infamous WMDs). In my personal opinion, as well as many others on this site, such tasteless jokes as above can only play to the hands of the pro-war corporate media. I never object to IRI being chastised for its terrible human rights record, its treatment of our women and minorities and lack of political as well as social freedoms.

Nonetheless, there are Iranians who are concerned about the military threats and pertinant propaganda (who could be supporters or opponents of IRI) and there are Iranians-born individuals who look forward to such threats (that also includes pro-IRI e.g. basijis, and anti-IRI such as Hossin Khomeini, Ayatollah's grand son and some monarchists and pro-U.s./Israel entities). The first group could include supporters of IRI as well as many prominent Iranian opposition members and ordinary Iranians who oppose IRI but do not wish to see their country be the subject of military attacks. And there are Iranian-born individuals whose hatred for IRI does not leave them any room to envision the consequences of a military attack (regardless of its chances of success), for what they want is to see IRI gone, no matter what -- who belong to the second group. This group tries to portray themselves as the legitimate political force of Iran and dismiss those who oppose their views as "hezbollahis" and "IRI-supporters and agents."

All that said, if you are sick and tired of such exchanges, you are not obligated to take part in them as this is a free forum. However, there are those who care express their opinions!

All the best...

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Artificial intelligence,

Thanks. I am glad you liked it. When I see chaghoo-kesh-ha va chomagh-dar hay hezbollahi zooze mikeshand, I know I am doing something right.




Dear anonymous fish,

You could not see anything anti-Iranian, or war-monger, or propaganda, because there was NOTHING anti-Iranian, or war-monger, or propaganda.

These verbal assaults are the kind of assaults used by pro-fundamentalist regime to intimidate into silence those who oppose the fundamentalist regime. ON PURPOSE they want to confuse two totally different and opposed entities. So, when a person opposes the fundamentalist regime, they accuse that person of opposing Iran!!!!! This is part of fundamentalist attack plan. They constantly use it. This fundamentalist tactic is well-known by those who have had experiences with these thugs.

I hope this is helpful. You will see this fundamentalist tactic used hundreds of times if you observe the fundamentalists on this site.

Best regards,



Dear Iran Dokht,

Let me explain to the best of my abilities (and as brief as possible) why I think your assessment is wrong.

1. Internal logical inconsistency and flaw.

I am glad you brought your position on Bakhtiar and Khomeini and JM in 1978, because it is actually very relevant here.:

"won't even go into what brought them to power which has a lot to do with Dr Bakhtiar not being supported by the compatriots who took the mullahs side... Lets not go there for now."

Khomeini came to power because he LIED and DECEIVED millions and millions of people including the JM. You have asserted correctly before and now hint at it again, about the FACT the Khomeini successfully deceived us.

The subject of this blog/satire is precisely the LIES and DECEPTIONS of the fundamentalist terrorist regime officials like the official spokesman of the terrorist regime on this issue.

Americans have a saying, "you fooled me once, shame on you; you fooled me twice, shame on me."

YOU criticize JM for being fooled in 1978, but you want us to be fooled in 2009 by Qashghavi and Rafsanjani, and Ahmadinejad ??????????

Do YOU see the internal logical flaw in YOUR position? YOU have a problem with people believing an old man in 1978 when there was no available evidence that he was a liar and a charlatan. But after 30 years of utter and absolute LIES again and again and again and again, by Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Khamenehi, Ahmadinejad, and all their official foreign ministry spokesmen, you want us in 2009, to abandon the clear evidence of a pattern of lies and deceptions by the fundamentalists, and abandon common sense and BELIEVE in their statements!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you believe the words of charlatans like Rafsanjani, Qashghavi and Ahamdinejad, then you and I live on different planets.

Do YOU see the total lack of logic in the inconsistent positions you take????????

It is my position that when a regime has LIED sooooooooooooooooooo many times, when a regime has a 30 year record of DECEPTIONS, then it is illogical to assume they are telling the truth. Why? Because we have in front of us a PROVEN RECORD of lies.

I am shocked that you believe the words of the spokesman of the fundamentalist terrorist regime. I do NOT.

2. On attacks on democratic opposition.

When it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and attacks like a duck, in all likelihood it is duck.

WHO in this world would make libelous attacks on an Iranian democrat and calls him agent of the Pentagon, for satirizing the words of the spokesman of the fundamentalist terrorist regime????

You may not like my humor. Cool. Appreciation of humor is a matter of taste. But to call a member of the opposition to the terrorist regime an agent of the Pentagon is what any sane person would expect from the paid agents of the fundamentalist regime.

Aam I certain that these attackers are paid agent of the Ministry of Intelligence? No. What they did is exactly what a paid agent of the Ministry of Intelligence is expected to do. Whether these posters got paid for it or did if for free is a difference without distinction on a bb. Their action is an action only befitting of a bunch of hezbollahis. It might be the case that they are a bunch of idiots.

It is the responsibility of "roshanfekr-hay masoul" [concerned intellectuals, or committed intellectuals, or socially responsible intellectuals] to do efsha-gari (exposing) the lies and deceptions of the officials of the fundamentalist terrorist regime. It is our responsibility to expose the lies of the regime so that our youth who do not have the experience of the lies and deceptions of the fundamentalist propagandists to fool them.

Our intellectuals FAILED in 1978 in exposing the reactionary nature of Khomeini and Islamic fundamentalism. My blog is my attempt to expose the LIES and DECEPTIONS of the officials of the fundamentalist regime, so that our people do not get fooled again.

Are you recommending that when we notice that Qashghavi LIES, we should remain quiet? When we see Ahmadinejad LIE, we should remain quiet? When we see Rafsanjani LIE, should we remain quiet?

I believe that OUR only tool is the truth. If we see officials of the fundamentalist regime LIE, then it is our responsibility to expose and ridicule those LIES.

So, when we expose the LIES of the fundamentalist terrorist regime, what should be expected to be the role of the hezbollahis? It is the role of the hezbollahis to do what the hezbollahis do? It is the role of the hezbollahis to attack anyone who opposes the fundamentalist regime? What did hezbollahis do when women were gathering in buildings or having rallies? Hezbollahis attacked them with knives and clubs. What did hezbollahis do with papers like Ayandegan? They closed it and when the protestors were to protest their actions, the Hezbollahis attacked them with clubs and knives. Later on the hezbollahis attacked the opposition with guns.

What the attackers did is what is expected from hezbollahis to do with the democratic opposition. When they have access to someone like Zahra Kazemi, they beat her up, torture her, rape her and murder her.

Remember if it acts like a duck, talks like a duck, attacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. And on internet, that is what matters.

Now if any of these folks come and say that they oppose the fundamentalist terrorist regime and tell us one thing they advocate that is harmful to the fundamentalist regime (anything, economic sanctions, political sanctions, their membership in any opposition party, ANYTHING),* and apologize for their slanderous remarks (befitting only for a hezbollahi), I will accept their apology. And we could dismiss it as their immaturity and inexperience.

Now, if none of these folks that made such attacks on me fails to tell us one action they take that harms the terrorist regime and we have their action in this blog of attacking a member of the democratic opposition, then one cannot but conclude that they are the real duck. Ein goyo ein meidan. I sincerely hope you can make these folks tell us what actions they advocate that harms the terrorist regime. If you can make these folks do anything that harms the terrorist regime, I will be most grateful to you.

Best wishes,


* By anything, I mean anything that harms the regime. It may not be what you or I advocate, but it should be something that harms the regime. For example, you and I do not support Fadaian khalq (minority) that uses armed struggle against the terrorist regime. But if any of these folks shows that he/she is a supporter of that groups which engages in activities that harms the terrorist regime, that would be fine.


Nadia jaan,

When Iranian democrats attack the fundamentalist terrorist regime, we fully expect to be attacked by the agents of the terrorist regime. It is natural and expected. Indeed, it would have been weird if the supporters of the fundamentalist regime did not attack democratic forces. It is the JOB of the fundamentalist regime agents to attack members of the opposition.

It is the goal of the fundamentalist regime to intimidate Iranians into silence. That is why they had sent their death squads to many countries to assassinate opposition figures. The number of dissidents assassinated by fundamentalist regime's death squads is somewhere around 200.

That is why it is IMPERATIVE for all those who support freedom of expression to stand up to the hezbollahis’ attacks and insults. If the hezbollahis fail to intimidate, then other people would have the courage to express their opinion.

Wishing you the best my friend,


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

RE: Anonymous Fish

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Was your comment attached to another reply? If the comment was  linked then yours will also be deleted.

I wanted to make sure you were aware of this. I personally, do not like going all the way down to post my comment but I find myself doing that more and more often.

Have a great weekend!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Women's Day!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Dear Ajam

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

With all due respect the following words were used by you in your previous posted comments. Lack of objectivity comes to mind:

warmonger          mere ignorance

egomaniac    Chalabi wannabe         childish

Pentagon cheer leader

No offense but I am really getting tired of people saying that non-Iranians have our objectivity because

1. Are not Iranians

2. Do not have any relatives in Iran

3. Have no idea what we have suffered

The list just goes on and on.....and on

You know, if you prick us, we do bleed and we do feel for others. We are not the rock of Gibraltor.

Some of the non-Iranians happen to be married or dating  Iranians. Some have Iranian children or relatives due to marriage.

I for one have several Iranian friends in Iran which I have known for several years now. They are as important to me as my own sisters. I do not appreciate you diminishing how important they and their lives are to me, simply because I was not born in Iran.

I for one hope to visit Iran not only as a tourist but to help women and children in Iran. I have been doing my best to learn as much about Iran and Iranians to be ready for that day.

I have also stated many times on this web site that I am anti-IRI but I am also anti-war for Iran. I do not want to see Iran or Iranian people destroyed. So much Iranian blood has already been spilled in the name of this or that. So senseless.

Also, the last change in government took place due to the will of the Iranian people in Iran and the next change will come about by the will of the Iranian people again living in Iran. May they make a better choice.

Now, if you will excuse me. It is time for me to leave this blog. Unless, you wish a further discussion on the matter.



to clarify

by IRANdokht on

Dear Ajam,

I am sure that Masoud understood my "I am sorry" was not an apology but meant "afsoos mikhoram" and responded accordingly.

Dear Masoud

with all due respect, I have to disagree with your assessment of the people who left you negative comments. I didn't care much for the joke, but I decided to stay away... as Natalia mentioned, once you don't like something move on. But seeing the comments back and forth and the generalization of the people who do not appreciate this genre of humor, I decided to see if I can ask you and Ajam to calm down because I have a lot of respect for you and I also understood the frustration others felt when being wrongfully accused. 

I agree with Ajam who said these jokes are appreciated mostly by the ones who do not fear a miliatry attack on Iran. And by the same token it's painful for the ones who do not want to see the right wing in America and the AIPAC get their wish to bomb Iran.  It has nothing to do with being pro-IRI or islamist etc...  

I know my main issue with these types of propaganda, demonizing iranians and falsifying/exaggerating the nuclear capabilities of IRI, is based on the same fear and the fact that it helps pave the road for the military attack and bombing of my country and my loved ones.

Masoud jan

My reason to be against the neo-cons and the zionists propaganda is exactly that and has nothing to do with my feelings about islam or islamists. 

I assure you the ones who spoke up here are more in tune with the way I am feeling rather than what you seem to think of them.

I wish you would reconsider this stereotyping of others who do not agree with you, because believe me, not wanting Iran bombed is not a sign of being Hezbollahi. Actually I would argue the opposite is true and the pro-IRI elements would want to have a foreign enemy and even be attacked by them to unite everyone against them and reign over our country for many more years.

Remember what help keeping them in power:  the Iraqi invasion.  I won't even go into what brought them to power which has a lot to do with Dr Bakhtiar not being supported by the compatriots who took the mullahs side...  Lets not go there for now.

Thanks for hearing me out 




by Ajam (not verified) on

To NAA, it is easier for non-Iranians and/or those "Iranians" who do not have family members back home to be objective about war-propaganda and humour in that regard. But if you did have loved ones over there and every now and then faced the threat of war and possibility of your homeland being subject to aerial attacks, you would act more sensitively to war propaganda and its "humour!"

anonymous fish

how weird!

by anonymous fish on

i posted a reply to natasha and it be gone!  i was just saying that i agreed with her and added that as non-iranians it's much easier for us to be objective and see something for it's humor instead of being overly sensitive.  i simply do not see how anyone could see this as anti-iranian!  or war-mongering?  or propaganda?  if you can't laugh at yourself, you're in big trouble.  :-)  

Artificial Intelligence

This is great!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Very funny and you are right on the money with these Hezbollahi terrorists apologists. Thanks!!!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

It always astonishes me how things can quickly escalate in any political or religious blog/article.

Once, it occurs the ability to have a civilized discourse goes out the window. No, one can learn from such an interaction. Lord knows, I still need to learn more on Iranian politics. It is such a vast and rich history (for better or worse).

As the title states it was meant as HUMOR. Many on the thread understood it as humor.

If, I don't like a blog/article, I have decided to simply move along to something that I do find enjoyable and agreable to me.

Life is just to short...................................



by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear ID, I'm baffled as to why you feel the need to apologize to this warmonger in sheep's clothing! Now you have provided this egomaniac a platform to spue his accusations in the third person rhetoric! Can't you see what he has been doing here? He has shamelessly been recycling Pentagon's anti-Iranian propaganda and accusing those who criticized him as hezbollahis. Just look at how he is trying to blur the line between any critique of Israel and the right-wing criminals in American politics (e.g. "Zionist" and "neo-con") with IRI's lingo such as "Taghooti," "nokar-e America" and "liberal." For one thing, no one here has called him an MKO-supporter, yet he throws that in the mix just to add extra effect!

He could not have done that out of mere ignorance. He gets paid to disseminate politics the American version. Even when he quotes, his sources of reference are normally the American government sources. He tries to present American government’s views as facts (e.g. "according to the U.S. defense department..." or "as the U.S. state department designation...") to draw judgment from. He's either institutionalized in this system and actually believes that the backroom-door deals between the U.S. government and the world's most backward entities (including IRI, Taliban, sunny tribal leaders in Iraq...) do not exist, or he is aware and doing his job to grease the wheels of Pentagon propaganda.

Either way, his ego has convinced him that he holds a monopoly on freedom and democracy and should dismiss others as "fundamentalists, agents” and “apologists." Hence, no one owes this guy an apology. On the contrary, he is the one who should apologize!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear IranDokht

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear IranDokht,


I respectfully disagree with your assessment.  Let me simply place a link to what I wrote to Nadia last year in this site and cut-and-paste  it here.







Dear Nadia,

Sometimes, we do NOT have common goals. For example, some of us want freedom and democracy in Iran; this is against the interests of the fundamentalists and their agents, and apologists. Therefore, there is a contradiction of interests. If we establish freedom and democracy, THEY will lose. They (fundamentalists, their agents, and apologists) want to remain in power; therefore they attack Iranians who oppose fundamentalist rule (democrats, feminists, monarchists, PMOI, communists aborad, and students, women, labor unions, teachers, human rights activists inside Iran).

The fundamentalist regime is very sensitive to its public image. It wants to portray itself as the wish of the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people. It is sooooooooooo sensitive about the various opposition groups that not only it has assassinated about 300 dissidents abroad, but also its has purchased many individuals to spy among the exile population.

The fundamentalist regime has hired agents who assassinated Dr. Bakhtiar for example. The agents pretended that they were opponents of the regime and once they gained his trust, they murdered him in his house.

It would be naive to think that the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and other regime entities do not have their agents post on this site in order to advance regime propaganda. Usually, it is very easy to spot them. They usually exhibit certain characteristics. Several of their tactics maybe:

1. They claim that they are not supporters of the regime. But the regime is preferred to ANY and ALL opposition groups.

2. They immediately call anyone who criticizes the regime as supporter of MKO. By doing so, the victim of their attack has to declare that he or she opposes the PMOI. So, at a minimum they have DIVERTED the discussion from the atrocities of the fascist fundamentalist regime to criticism of the PMOI.

3. They call any person who opposes them various names. In the past year and half, they have started to use the term "extremist" to attack anyone who wants an end to the fundamentalist dictatorship.  So, when one hears the word "extremist" being thrown at those who want to replace the ruling dictatorship with democracy, then we could be pretty certain that the attacker is either an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence, or one of their allies, or a useful idiot for the regime.

4. Other terms they use are: neo-con, traitor, Zionist, warmonger. They used to use terms like "liberal," "nokar America," "taghoti," and the like before.

5. One of the goals of the terrorist regime propaganda is to DECEIVE American journalists and public.

6. Another goal of the regime propaganda is to DECEIVE younger Iranian-Americans to stop criticizing the fundamentalist regime.

7. Not every one who exhibits the above is an agent of the terrorist regime. There are some simpletons who simply repeat the above which are in the interests of the terrorist fundamentalist regime without comprehending what the hell they are doing. So not everyone who uses the above is an agent. Some are simply supporters of the regime. Many are morons who do what is against the interests of the Iranian people and is in the interests of the regime which oppresses and torments them. By confronting the pro-fundamentalist regime propaganda, we help clarify for the people so that they would not be deceived. Therefore, confronting the pro-terrorist regime propaganda is necessary.

I rather be at the beach in Galveston, but for the sake of freedom, democracy, and human rights in our beloved Iran, we have to stand up to pro-fundamentalist regime propaganda. We have to use logical arguments and evidence to debunk their propaganda.





Best regards,






Dear Masoud

by IRANdokht on

I am sorry to see all of this. These folks who didn't appreciate your satire are not radicals, are not hezbollahi and are not howling pro-regimes.

Lets not accuse people based on whether or not they appreciate these type of jokes. 

I am really surprised to see these jokes and also the reactions from everyone. Please all calm down. This is not a constructive way of communicating or even arguing.


Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear fine,

Thank you. It is nice to see the reactionary pro-regime posters howl.






Re bedon-e sharh

by Ajam (not verified) on

I'm not sure if you get it, but it's not about me. It's about your childish, knee-jerk reaction to everyone who did not like your joke and your whole-sale account of them as "hezbollahis." I called you a pentagon cheer leader and Chalabi wannabe for just a look at your blog shows where it has been recycled from. It's just in line with Pentagon and its pro-war propaganda no matter what cover you wrap it under! Therefore, your dismissal amounts to nothing to me.

However, if your ego gets out of the way of your thinking long enough to look back at your response to the comments, you’ll see how childish and transparent your giddy reaction is to the positive comments and how egotistic your dismissal of negative comments is! It's like, if you applaud me you're rewarded, and if you dare to criticize me, you must be nothing but a hezbollahi... Now, that's EGO!

P.S. BTW that's "bedoon-e sharh" ;-)

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I read  rainbowcountery's comment more than twice and watched the video clip. I did my best but did not understand the comment itself.

As sad as the events are in the video, I did not understand how it related to this blog.

It was a relief to know that I was not the only one that did not understand the comment.


hahaha. The right winger

by fine (not verified) on

hahaha. The right winger Islamsists supremacist howling like wounded wolves....That indicates that you did good...

Masoud Kazemzadeh

bedon-e sharh :-)

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Pro-Pentagon jokes!

by Ajam (not verified) on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:38 AM PDTAs if there aren't enough accusations against our nation, the Pentagon cheer leaders and Ahmad Chalabi wannabes are now resorting to humour-filled propaganda!


Professor Clown!

by Ajam (not verified) on Thu Mar 12, 2009 05:23 PM PDTWhat a true "democrat." When it comes to people who do not agree with his poor jokes and bad taste, much like hezbollahis themselves, he resorts to name calling and condemning others as "hezbollahis" by a single fatwa! What a grand loser! 


Professor Clown!

by Ajam (not verified) on

What a true "democrat." When it comes to people who do not agree with his poor jokes and bad taste, much like hezbollahis themselves, he resorts to name calling and condemning others as "hezbollahis" by a single fatwa! What a grand loser!

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ebi jaan,

Glad you liked it.






Ali jaan,

I am happy you liked my satire.






Dear Anonymous fish,

One has to have good sense of humor to enjoy satire. Glad you enjoyed mine.







Dear Rainbowc,

Read you reply twice. Unfortunately, I could not understand what you are trying to say.







to the hezbollahis:

Reactionary Hezbollahi terrorists are not known for their sense of humor and appreciation of satire. My suggestion is that you stick to what you Hezbollahis are good at such as torturing people, raping women before executing them, mass executions, and assassinating dissidents and writers. Appreciating satire is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over your heads.



Iranian Liberal Democrat




khaleh mosheh

Please do not give up the

by khaleh mosheh on

day job.


very looos!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Didn't they have anyone more witty than you to spice up their propaganda? This is fortuitous that they have indeed run out of resources such that they can't even fund a decent clown!


Pro-Pentagon jokes!

by Ajam (not verified) on

As if there aren't enough accusations against our nation, the Pentagon cheer leaders and Ahmad Chalabi wannabes are now resorting to humour-filled propaganda!

anonymous fish

great job

by anonymous fish on

very funny...:-)


I bet you say that to all the boys

by rainbowcountery on


But Parrots can help a mute man speak again ...

Though the deaf won't hear of it.

Ha ha , "America has been very good to me"

Gand bargain your way out of this ....

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop any time soon, riots are coming your way ...

Remember my first prediction about the economy  ?




Uncle Sam-inspired propaganda is never funny

by AnonymousBabak1 (not verified) on

Dear Professor,

Iran's nuclear weapons are in the same Land of Oz that Iraq's non-existent WMDs are. Is this the same Wall Street Journal that claims that Iraq's so-called WMD are in Syria? Professor, maybe you can tell the WSJ that the WMDs are actually located in Iran.

Listen Professor, you are not even remotely funny. Can't Uncle Sam's money at least buy funnier jokes? I thought satire was supposed to be amusing and intelligent. This lame shtick is neither. Stick to your day job, i.e. disseminating anti-Iran propaganda put out by U.S. intelligence services.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

"The propellants also can be used for sending peaceful space rockets into orbit".

ebi amirhosseini

Masoud Jaan..

by ebi amirhosseini on

Well written satire!.

I thought you're as serious as....??!!


Ebi aka Haaji