On Khomeini's Racism

Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

The following is a review of Baqer Moin’s biography of Khomeini. Moin discusses Khomeini’s anti-Jewish racism.

ELAINE SCIOLINO is the author of the review.




"Still, Moin does capture many things well -- for instance, Khomeini's antipathy to Israel. The Ayatollah's early writings and sermons have a distinctly anti-Semitic tone, which he muted as he became more of a political leader."



In the West, they use the term "anti-semitism" for those who hate the Jewish people.  A more accurate term for those who hate the Jewish people is "anti-Jewish racism."  The reason is that there are people other than the Jewish people who are semitic such as some Arabs.  Therefore, instead of calling Khomeini's remarks against the Jewish people as "anti-semitic" it would be more accurate to call Khomeini's remarks as "anti-Jewish racist."   




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Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Kaveh jaan,

The term "race" itself is problematic. What is "race"? In the final analysis, all of us, human beings, are one species. Does the term "Arab" refers to a race? How about Iranian? How about Polish.

Is "Jewish" referring to a religion or an ethnic groups? If it is a religion, there one can NOT be an atheist Jew. If it is an ethnic group, then one can NOT convert to it.

There is great deal of subjectivity in the definition of "race."

The term racist is usually used to refer to hatred or discrimination against another "group," however one defines the other "group." So, regardless of how one defines "race" or "ethnicity" or what constitutes "Jewish" or "Arab" or "Iranian" or "Polish." If one hates members of these groups and promotes discrimination against them, then one may use the phrase "anti-Jewish racist," or "anti-Iranian racist," or "anti-Arab racist," or "anti-Polish racist," respectively.

Some use the word "bigoted" instead of "racist" in order to avoid the problematic use of the word "race."

In the case under discussion, Khomeini used the word "yahudi" repeatedly in his verbal and written attacks until 1964. Then, from 1965 onward, he instead uses "Israel" or "Zionist." Everything remained the same, except he learned how to use a different word. Khomeini learned how to use words that hide his racist and xenophobic hatreds in words that appeared to be anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist. Khomeini was an extremist reactionary fanatic; but he was also shrewd and a charlatan. Therefore, to achieve his goals, he uses words that deceived others while allowed him to do what he wanted.


I hope this is helpful.





بت شکن

... and yet Jebeh Melli supported Khomeini

by بت شکن on

Mr Kazemzadeh


The date of this decree, 1342, is 17 years before the revolution. Did Jebhe Melli leaders who followed Khomeini know of his opposition against the equality of women AND YET went ahead and kissed his hand?

And if they did not know of this decree, then they were guilty of being ignorant and supporting someone without knowing what he stood for.

Kaveh Nouraee

Mr. Kazemzadeh

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The term "racism" is not used properly.

Jews are not a race of people, just as Moslems and Christians are not races of people.

One of the things I have found to be inherent in all forms of prejudice are assumptions such as these.

I'm afraid that there will never be any meaningful, productive progress on this matter, so long as these errors of basic fact continue to be taken as the truth.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Khomeini's Own Words

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

The following is NOT a joke.  It is Khomeini's own words in 1342 and attacks "Jews" and women's equality being against Islam.  It is from official government site:













اعلاميه امام خميني به مناسبت تحريم نوروز 1342 متن اعلاميه امام خميني راجع به تحريم نوروز سال 1342 به نقل از جلد اول صحيفه امام به شرح زير است:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
انالله و انااليه راجعون
روحانيت اسلام امسال عيد ندارد
دستگاه حاكمة ايران به احكام مقدسة اسلام تجاوز كرده و به احكام مسلمة قرآن قصد تجاوز دارد، نواميس مسلمين در شرف هتك است و دستگاه جابر با تصويبنامه‌هاي خلاف شرع و قانون اساسي مي‌خواهد زن‌هاي عفيف را ننگين و ملت ايران را سرافكنده كند.
دستگاه جابر در نظر دارد تساوي حقوق زن و مرد را تصويب و اجرا كند. يعني احكام ضرورية اسلام و قرآن كريم را زير پا بگذارد، يعني دخترهاي هجده ساله را به نظام اجباري ببرد و به سربازخانه‌ها بكشد، يعني با زور سرنيزه دخترهاي جوان عفيف مسلمانان را به مراكز فحشا ببرد.
هدف اجانب، قرآن و روحانيت است. دست‌هاي ناپاك اجانب با دست اين قبيل دولت‌ها قصد دارد قرآن را از ميان بردارد و روحانيت را پايمال كند. ما بايد به نفع يهود امريكا و فلسطين هتك شويم، به زندان برويم، معدوم گرديم، فداي اغراض شوم اجانب شويم.
آنها اسلام و روحانيت را براي اجراي مقاصد خود مضر و مانع مي‌دانند، اين سد بايد به دست دولت‌هاي مستبد شكسته شود.
موجوديت دستگاه، رهين شكستن اين سد است. قرآن و روحانيت بايد سركوب شود. من اين عيد را براي جامعة مسلمين عزا اعلام مي‌كنم، تا مسلمين را از خطرهايي كه براي قرآن و مملكت قرآن در پيش است آگاه كنم. من به دستگاه جابر اعلام خطر مي‌كنم. من به خداي تعالي از انقلاب سياه و انقلاب از پايين نگران هستم. دستگاه‌ها با سوء تدبير و با سوءنيت گويي مقدمات آن را فراهم مي‌كنند. من چاره را در اين مي‌بينم كه اين دولت مستبد به جرم تخلف از احكام اسلام و تجاوز به قانون اساسي كنار برود و دولتي كه پايبند به احكام اسلام و غمخوار ملت ايران باشد بيايد. بارالها من تكليف فعلي خود را ادا كرم: «اللهم قد بلغت» و اگر زنده ماندم تكليف بعدي خود را به خواست خداوند ادا خواهم كرد.
خداوندا، قرآن كريم و ناموس مسلمين را از شر اجانب نجات بده.

روح‌الله الموسوي الخميني