Ms. Shifteh Ansari: Questions on PMOI and NIAC

Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Ms. Ansari,

You wrote: "Iranians must also be cognizant of the money trail that has supported this organization. Wherever that money comes from is where an agenda against the interests of Iranian nation has been developing. Mojahedin-e Khalgh by themselves are nothing to worry about, as they have no financial resources and no credibility and no real, free membership. If the funding is cut off, their existence will end. Who has been funding them for all these years anyway? Find the source."

 1. Are YOU willing to also call for an investigation (by FBI, Homeland Security, or other law enforcement agencies) of every single member of NIAC and every single person who has made a financial contribution to NIAC?  The purpose being to investigat to see whether ANY ONE of them has any relationship to the VF regime.

2.  In other words, are YOU willing to also apply this to NIAC as well, or do you have a double-standard?

I look forward to your honest answer.




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Come on guys, MK never insulted JJ

by Mehrban on



Dear Shifteh

by MM on

Thank you for your well balanced response.  As a NIAC supporter since 2002, I can tell you how "the Professor" thinks when it comes to NIAC:

" my opinion our primary enemies are the VF regime and NIAC. My opinion may be right or it may be wrong. It is my opinion. Based on this opinion, my policy recommendations follow. I support the broadest possible coalition against VF regime.  I support the broadest possible coalition against NIAC."

So, if that means jumping on the wagon to cheer Dai / MKO and insult JJ, so be it according "the Professor", and my response to the allegations to JJ was: JJ - Please mop while others mope.


بچه پر رو، بیا زودی بگو گه‌ خوردی; تو شپش امام زمان هم نیستی‌


 داشتم بلاگ شازده را از سر میخواندم، اشتباهی از اینجا سر در اوردم  ...   ببخشید

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Dear Massoud:

I am dumbfounded by your question.  How could we even begin to compare the Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization with NIAC?!!!  The answer to your question is NO.  I would not ask the IRS to look into the financial affairs of NIAC members, as they are not members of an organization on the terrorist list of this country. Their organization did not aid Saddam Hussein to attack Iran.  They have not imprisoned a few thousand people inside a camp with militaristic appearances and brainwashing practices.

With all due respect, this is the second time I see you acting quite irrationally vis a vis NIAC and in favor of MKO.  The first time was your dancing on the clouds with joy when Hassan Dai attacked Jahanshah Javid and, alledging that was the cyber army of NIAC.  On that thread, you were so excited with Dai's presence and accusations, you forgot the very forum you have been using to express your own ideas.  You had no regard for how unfair and dangerous Dai's libelous remarks were against Jahanshah Javid and 

Here again, in aynak's blog, in your haste to attack NIAC, you forget the acts of treason committed by the MKO.  You forget their ill treatment of their own members.  You forget that in their core, they are an organization with ideologies just as horrible and dangerous as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For the record, I am not a NIAC member.  I have my own reasons for joining an organization or not.  But to compare NIAC to the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization is something only propagandists are doing these days.

What is Jebheh Melli's position vis a vis Mojhaedin-e Khalgh Organization?  Are they considered trusted allies? Does Jebheh Melli wish them to be de-listed?  What is their stance on NIAC?  Are they JM's worst enemies alive? 

I believe JM's positions with respect to these questions is of significance at this time, as they seriously impact how a lot of us are viewing Jebheh Melli, an organization thus far respected deeply by most.