A Plea [Khahesh] to Friends Anahid and Mash Ghasem

A Plea [Khahesh] to Friends Anahid and Mash Ghasem
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear friends Mash Ghasem and Ahahid,

I would like to plead [khahesh be shoma] with you to stop the personal attacks and acrimonious exchanges. BOTH of you are decent human beings. Both of you are highly intelligent, educated, and open-minded. Although there are differences, these are over the best MEANS to achieve a better situation in Iran.

It is normal human reaction to get angry, disappointed and emotional. Both of you are sensitive human beings, which is a wonderful human trait, and perhaps why both of you were attracted to progressive causes and political currents. In all likelihood, observing poverty, oppression, and inequality were the reasons that both of you look to methods to remedy these human miseries.

It is necessary to discuss all political groups, their histories, their mistakes, and their achievements. We have to do these discussions, so that we, and the younger generation, would not make the same mistakes again.

Both of you have made great contributions to our little community here. Both of you are truly valuable members of our cyber neighborhood. This place is much much richer for your presence here.

I would to khahesh to both of you, to stop personal attacks. Perhaps, do not exchange any posts for one day. Once the negative emotions have subsided, then begin writing your usual thoughtful intellectual posts containing evidence and logical arguments.

I have the greats regards for BOTH of you. And I hope to see thoughtful comments from both of you soon.

Best wishes,




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Siamak Asadian

If the shoe fits,

by Siamak Asadian on

wear it.

If not, mind your own business. Cheers



by پندارنیک on

Behave yourself...........for a while.............

Siamak Asadian

اون "سوسیالیسم علمی" که سرنخش به ک. گ. ب. و "وزارت اطلات"

Siamak Asadian

جمهوری اسلامی جهنم بر میگردد نیز،  بسیار نیک پندار است, منتها کماکان پنداری واهی, با "خط شق امام" راحله درمشت. نتیجه اخلاقی داستان: ای یار دیرین امام ، "خط شق امام" را سخت در مشت بفشار و احساس تنهایی مکن. 


Of intervention...

by پندارنیک on

اون انترناسیونالی که ناسیونالیستا غصّشو بخورن، واسه عمّهً "سن سیمون" خوبه...


تقاضا از عموم خوانندگان محترم




اینجانب انگل فسیل شده سیاست استعماری انگلستان، نوکر دست به سینه و سقای افسران انگلیسی‌ در هندوستان، مشاور رضا پهلوی در امور خوزستان، شاگرد بی‌سواد رشته ریاضی در دبیرستان، هم اتاقی صادق خلخالی در تیمارستان و بالاخره دستیار سابق پرویز ثابتی در افغانستان بدینوسیله اعلام میدارم که آمادگی پذیرش همه گونه القاب و عناوینی از این قبیل را دارم از دوستان.


Mohammad Ala

I agree

by Mohammad Ala on

Personal attacks and threats should not be acceptable.

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Masoud for your blog

by Anahid Hojjati on

I think Mash Ghasem and I are already doing better today. I don't think we have exchanged comments.  If we have had, it has been lower than yesterday. Also I think I have not done much  commenting today.  But still it is nice of you to write this blog.