On the Question of Establishing a Republic During 25-28 Mordad, 1332


Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

some time ago, a friend had asked me a question on this issue. Then, I asked a JM leader about the issue. The following is our e-mail exchange. I have not corrected our misspellings.



> Dear Dr. ______,
> During Dr. Mossadegh government (1951-53), there was talk about  establishing a republic. Dr. Fatemi was among those who proposed and supported the  establishment of a jomhuri. I heard that there was talk about Dehkhoda  becoming President while Dr. Mossadegh would be prime minister.
> Is it true that there was talk of Dehkhoda becoming President?
> And who exaclty proposed and supported



> Dear Masud:
> There was a lot of talks and rumor was running around at that time. I was
> at Mordad 25th. Baharstan demonstration and detail was printed in press,
> there was no talk about republic issue, with all three speakers: Shaygan,
> Fatemi and zirakzadeh, last two with firey speaches.
> In the streets in demonstrators from Nirroye sevvom chanted: "Johouri,
> Jomhori", last few days of Niroye sevom formal paper slogan at the bottom of
> the paper was defending "Jomhouri". Afetr teh coup Maleki group accused Dr.
> Khonji who was running the Neyroye sevom paper of wrong slogan for the time
> and he denied to be iniitator. Read Khaterate Massoud Hejazi (Rooidadha va
> Davari), talks about it.
> Dehkhoda was talked to be "head of Shoraye Saltant" in absrnce of Shah, as
> required by the Ghanoone asasi. the same as they assigned "...Tehrani" at
> the end of Shah time and with the pressure of Khomeini he did not accept it.
> Talking of his presidency was also around however no formal talk about it.
> Toudeh party also was talking about "Jomhouri Democratic".
> اطلاعات مربوط به دکتر فاطمي و جمهوري را در موثق ترين
> شکلي در کتاب "قلم و سیاست" نوشته زنده يادمحمدعلي سفري
> میتوانید پیدا کنید. سفری خود خبرنگار باختر امروز بود و
> مورد اعتماد همه . صفحه 858
> در آن میخوانید که فراکسيون نهضت ملي دنبال طرحي براي
> تشکيل شورايعالي سلطنتي که اعضاي شورا را انتخاب کنند بود
> و اضافه کردند که "فعلآ مذاکرات در بازه تعیین اعضای
> شورا و برقراری شورا است و مساله تغییر رژیم وبرقراری رژیم
> جمهوری مورد تآئید مقامات صلاحیتدار قرار نگرفت". سفری
> اضافه میکند که " اعلام چنین مطلبی با آخرین سخنان دکتر
> فاطمی در کنفرانس مطبوعاتی همین روز که "موضوع رژیم
> جمهوری الان مورد بحث دولت نیست" هماهنگی دارد". باز سفری
> مینویسد این صرفا بدلیل پافشاری مصدق بود از اینکه مسآله "
> جمهوری" از سوی مقامات مملکتی و روزنامه های وابسته بدولت
> عنوان نشود. در حالیکه تمام آثار وشواهد حاکی از این
> بود که تغییر رژیم از سلطنتی به جمهوری خواست مردم و مورد
> توافق اکثریت سران مملکتی است. سفری از دهخدا که از منزل
> دکتر مصدق بیرون میامیده میپرسد که صحبت در باره چه بود
> و او میگوید "احوالپرسی".
> و بالاخره آخرین صحبت هایش را سفری با دکتر فاطمی
> مینویسد که مفهومش این است که ما نبایست چیزی بنویسیم. من نیستم
> که تصمیم میگیرم. بالاخره" مآیوس نباش، انشاالله موفق
> میشویم".



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Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear P_J,

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear P_J,

Thank you.




Dear Masoud: Informative post as usual!

by P_J on

You have to realize that the Shahollahi/Hezbollah cult is still nostalgic about what WOULD or COULD HAVE BEEN, and what they were able to do at the Shah’s times, plundering country’s wealth like the mullahs today.

Mr. Tarreh-Gol

I could not agree with you more.   Problem is that the Shaholahi CULT is  still VERY MUCH stuck in the past and has no desire to look to the future or move forward, or at least learn from the past, except their continuous FEEBLE attempts to rewrite history.

They have created and got behind this highly unaccomplished, uneducated man that they still call the crown prince, more suitably the “CLOWN” prince.   A man that has done nothing in his entire life, except to spend the EMBEZZELED wealth that “Pahlavi Criminal Enterprise” brought out.   Yet, he possesses more hot air than the biggest hot air balloon, the Hindenburg!   They think this man that unlike most Iranians, has flunked out of the university, the Brown University, can save them so they can go back, start ransacking the country’s wealth once again, setting roots for Khomeini II.  


Bahmani: "A perfect paradise?!?"

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Would you care to modify that, or at least elaborate.

Single- party state, slums dewellers all around every major city, SAVAK,..

Of course we really shouldn't care too much about these little details. It wasn't as if shah didn't make khomieni an overnight national star by publishing a letter on him in Ettellat, who cares about these historical details. Just blame Iranian people for an impossible situation from which they had practically no chance of survival, and hope for a restoration of monarchy, constitutional of course. and we're not monarchists of course, but when ever the opportunity comes we promote them, that's all.

If there was no shah, there would be no khomeini. If after 32 years you still haven't understood this, you're really behind the curve.

Anahid Hojjati

Thank God

by Anahid Hojjati on

as opposd to old generation, now we have hambastegi among different political forces and our eyes are on prize.


Clearly it was petty jealousies and power grabbing

by bahmani on

Thanks for a great insight into the details of how we never got past the Shah at that time.

Clearly, the presence of politics, even in it's infancy back then, clouded enough folks' vision, to the point that the angling and brinksmanship for personal gain and power, of the folks on the verge of creating a democracy out of Iran, was the ultimate reason why we never got it done.

Clearly hambastegi, or eyes on the prize, or focusing on the greater good, was not then a common thing, and each of the players that ultimately collectively screwed it up for everyone and the world, thought only about how they could benefit themselves.

How sad!

This is also why personally, I don't often give the Older Generation much credit for anything except being lucky enough to have lived in the utopian fantasyland Iranian society was, under the Shah.

Because really, statistically, and literally, life in the shah's Iran was a perfect paradise compared to this disaster.

And I am by no means a fan of the Shah. But seriously, what a shame!

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Amir jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

You are most welcome.



Dear Masoud

by AMIR1973 on

Thank you.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

For Amir

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on