Questions For NIAC Official


Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear NIAC official,

1. Has Dr. Trita Parsi given a lecture or lectures for the CIA? Please a simple "yes" or "no."

2. How many times has Dr. Trita Parsi presented talks for the CIA? Please a simple number like "1," "2," "20."

3. How many times has Dr. Trita Parsi provided consultations for the CIA? Lets define "consultation" as "any question and answer session." Please a simple number like "1," "2," "20."

4. Is the decision to provide a talk to the CIA by the President of NIAC, a personal decision by Dr. Parsi or is it an organizational decision by NIAC?

5. Before the article by Lake, did the NIAC organization inform its members that the President of NIAC has presented lecture or lectures for the CIA? Please either "yes" or "no."

In July 2009, Dr. Parsi wrote the following on Mr. Bijan Khajepour:


In the article Dr. Parsi writes that he has known Khajepour "years ago." In this article, Dr. Parsi also writes about Mr. Khajepour

"He is a self-made man, who built a solid reputation as one of the country's leading economic and political analysts as the founder and CEO of Iran's leading business consultancy, Atieh Bahar Consulting..."

Obviously based on the article by Dr. Parsi there has been a relationship between Dr. Parsi and Mr. Khajepour.

6. What has been the relationship between NIAC and Atieh Bahar?

I am grateful for your honest answers in this public forum. I hope we can continue this discussion with mutual respect. From the very little I know about your organization, I strongly oppose it. However, I am interested in learning from you about your organization. I hope NIAC believes in and practices a policy of providing honest answers to those who ask questions.




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What is it with all the "Yes" and "no" questions

by Bavafa on

OK, I know I am not a "NIAC official" but this line of questioning have started to sound like those ingenious lawyers one will see in the movies, that they are not interested in the truth but only to get one to admit some thing so they can draw their own conclusion.

Would an answer of "yes" followed by I lectured CIA that they should stopped torture and assassination of others

would be the same as

"Yes" followed by "how can we help you to torture and assassinate others or better yet how to install a prepare the ground for a US invasion of Iran


P.S. I hope when you give an exam to your student, you are not expecting only "yes" or "No" answer but also how they drive to those Yes or No


Yawn... Noam Chomsky lecturing for US Military at Westpoint

by Q on

Hamsade and Bahram, you are both right. There are many Iranian American organizations such as the ones you mentioned, most of which are tiny. But the largest, best known and most politically influential is NIAC.


Dear Dr. Kazemzadeh

by MM on

Rather that posting endless stretched questions as if we are you students, I would advise you to write to NIAC officials, just as I did, to get your answers once and for all.  Although, as low as NIAC thinks of your motives (See NIAC's anwsers in your previous 21-question Quiz / blog //, I doubt that they would waste their time in this endlesss duel, but you can try!

As one official wrote me, NIAC would rather concentrate efforts on issues such as saving the Persepolis tablets, correcting the US officials on Persian Gulf, discussing bills that harm Iranian-American interests.......  See NIAC policy positions at //

As some folks here have stated, please form your own Iranian-American organization, and if needed, combine with Arash Irandoost's PDMI for a grand total of ??? members. Let's see if you get enough respect to get invited to testify on the Capitol, consult with the State Dept and the White House, the FBI, or your nemesis the CIA.  Or, be able to oppose big guns on the Capitol such as the Enterprise Institute, the neo-cons that you quote frequently and AIPAC.  Although, I must admit that doing all this is almost impossible from a small town in Texas and you need a good academic base such as Johns Hopkins University near DC.


With all due respect

by Mammad on

this blog does not make sense, nor does it contribute anything. Just because someone - regardless of who that is - poses questions to an organization does not mean that the organization should jump and respond. In addition, from a practical point of view, it is not as if NIAC has somebody monitoring (or any other website for that matter) to see what they say about NIAC, and react. A leading member of NIAC told me in reaction to what I told him regarding NIAC that are said on, "These people should get a life."

You say you strongly oppose NIAC. Fine; that is your right. Try to form an organization that conforms to your view and try to spread the word about its activities. Let us see whether anyone, including you Dr. Kazemzadeh, who strongly opposes NIAC can form anything that comes close to the organizational recognition, skill, and breadth of the work - regardless of which direction its work takes on, including one opposite of what NIAC does.

Regarding giving lectures to the CIA: Though I would not do it (I was asked 5 years ago but said no), others may not think so. If someone is of the view that by giving a few lectures to the CIA and presenting a realistic analysis of the internal situation in Iran, he may give the CIA a dose of reality about Iran, that person may do it. If that is the goal (which, in case of Dr. Parsi, I am sure it is, if he did do it), it is understandable.



hamsade ghadimi

bahram, that's what i

by hamsade ghadimi on

bahram, that's what i thought. don't stray off topic now.  focus.

Bahram Gohari

Hamsade Ghadimi

by Bahram Gohari on

I have nothing to enlighten you about, but would like to know which one of the above mentioned organizations do you support or recommed.

hamsade ghadimi

bahram gohari

by hamsade ghadimi on

 mr. kazemzadeh, are you playing the role of the pied piper?

mr. gohari, since you're such a big niac fan, please enlighten us with your answers to the questions in the blog.  by the way, for your information, here's a partial list of organizations that represent iranians in many different fields (business, civic, politics, professional, cultural, ...). ;)

Business Associations Coalition of Iranian Entrepreneurs (LA)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (LA)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (Bay Area)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce Central FloridaIranian American Technology Council, IATC (Maryland)Iranian Trade Association (San Diego)NIPOC (Orange County)SiliconIran (Bay Area) Civic & Political GroupsAlliance of Iranian Americans, AIA (Southern California) American Iranian Council (New Jersey)American Iranian Friendship Council (Portland)Iranian American Political Action Committee (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Voter and Candidate Portal (Bay Area)Bay Area Iranian American Voter AssociationCalifornia Society for Democracy in IranCivil Society, Mihan Foundation (Maryland) Democracy for America in Orange CountyIranian-American Democrats of New YorkBay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD)Iranian American Democrats of IrvineIranian American Democrats of Los AngelesIranian American Democrats of San DiegoIranian American Republican Council (Los Angeles)The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, IHRDC (Connecticut)National Iranian American Council, NIAC (Washington D.C.)Network of Iranian American Society, NIAS (Orange County)Iranian-American Youth (Washington D.C.)Pars Equality Center (Bay Area)Persian Gulf online (worldwide)The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, PAAIA (Washington D.C.)Project Connection (Massachusett) Political ParticipationIranian-American Participation in Political Campaigns - Iranian Studies Group at MIT (January 2004) Political PartiesGreen Party (Irvine)Iran National Front (Washington D.C.)Iran National Front (Bay Area)Marze Por-Gohar (Los Angeles) Professional Associations Anjoman (Bay Area)Association of Iranian American Professionals in San Diego (AIAP)Association of Iranian Professionals of AustinAssociation of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH)The Association of Iranian American WritersIranian Academic Association, IAA (New York)Iranian Academic Association (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Bar Association (Washington D.C.)Iranian Librarians Association of America (LA)Iranian/American Professional Society of OregonIranian American Society of Civil Engineers (Irvine)Professional Iranian Networking Society (Washington D.C.)Society of Iranian Architects & Planners (Los Angeles)Society of Iranian Professionals of TexasSociety of Iranian Professionals (Washington D.C.) Health AssociationsAcademy of Persian Physicians (Southren California)Beverly Hills Iranian-American Doctors (BHIAD)Iranian Dental Association of California (IDAC)Iranian American Dental Association (LA)Iranian Dental Club (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Medical Association (New Jersey)Iranian American Mental Health Society (Irvine) Iranian-American Life Science Network (San Diego)Iranian Psychological Association of America (LA)Iranian American Nurses Association (Texas)Iranian Society of Ophthalmologists & Vision Scientists (Kentucky)Iranian American Psychological Association (Los Angeles)Iranian Medical Society of Greater WashingtonPersian American Society for Health Advancement (Southern California) Iranian StudiesThe American Institute of Iranian Studies (New York)The Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (Chicago)Center for Iranian Studies (Columbia U.)Encyclopedia Iranica - Center for Iranian Studies (New York)Foundation for Iranian Studies, FIS (Maryland)The International Society for Iranian StudiesIranian Studies (UCLA)Iranian and Persian Studies (Harvard)Iranian Studies (Stanford)The Iranian Studies Initiative (Yale)Persian Studies (UT Austin)Persian Studies (UC Irvine)Persian Studies (U. Maryland)Persian and Iranian Studies (U. Washington)    Art American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (S. California)Art of Iran (Virginia)Beyond Persia (Bay Area)Iranian Art Foundation (New York)Persian Arts Festival (New York)Iranian Visual Artist (LA)Rumi Art Society (Austin) Cultural & Educational Organizations Andisheh (Oregon)Bahar Society (Los Angeles)Boarders across Alliances (Boston)Center for Iranian Research and Analysis, CIRA (Connecticut)Cupertino Iranian Community (Bay Area)Evecina Cultural & Educational Foundation (Irvine)Farhang Foundation (S. California)Ferdosi Society (Bay Area)House of Iran (San Diego)Inter Cultural Center , ICC (Virginia)International Soceity for Iranian Culture, ISIC (New York)Iramerican Civic Society of America (Washington D.C.)Iranian Alliances Across Borders, IAAB (Virginia)Iranian American Society of New York (IAS)Iranian Association of BostonIranian Community Center (Irvine)Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC)Iranian Cultural Society of America (Pennsylvania)Iranhouse (Chicago)Iranian American Society of Greater Daytona BeachIranian Cultural Foundation (Houston)Iranian Cultural Society (Illinois)Iranian Cultural Society of PhiladelphiaIranian-American Comunity of Utah (IACU)Iranian-American Cultural Society of MarylandIranian Cultural Center (Flordia)Iran Cultural and Educational Center (Maryland)Iranian Cultural Society of New MexicoIranian American Society of New YorkIranian American Cultural Association (Washington DC)Iranian American Community Alliance (Seattle)Iranian American MeetupIranian American Parents Association of Beverly HillsIranian-American Volunteer Alliance, IAVA (Virginia)Iran Heritage (Southern California)Iranian Women's Studies Foundation, IWSF (Massachusetts)Jewel of Persia (Irvine)Kamal Cultural Foundation (San Diego)Kanoon Iran (Virginia)Mehrgan Foundation (San Diego)Mehregan: Iranian Teachers Association (Washington D.C.)Mshab (New York)Organization of Iranian Scholars (San Diego)Palos Verdes Iranian Youth Cultural SocietyPars Educational and Cultural Society (Chicago)Persian American Society (San Mateo)Persian Center (Berkeley)Persian Chorus (Berkeley)Persian Cultural Center of the Carolinas (Charllote)Persian Cultural Center (Virginia)Central Virginia Iranian American SocietyPersian Cultural Center (San Diego)Persian Cultural Foundation (New Jersey)Persian Comunity Center of AtlantaPersian Cultural & Humanitarian Association (New Jersey)Persian Parade (NY)Persian Studies and Persia House at PSU (Portland)Philadelphia Persian SocietyRoshan Cultural Heritage Institute (Washington D.C.)Shabeh Jomeh Society for Promotion of Persian Culture (Indiana)The Translation Project (Bay Area)Wisconsin Persians     Religious-SpiritualIMAN (Los Angeles)Islamic Institute of New YorkIranian Christians International (Colorado Springs)Iranian American Jewish Association (Political)Iranian American Jewish Federation (S. California)The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the US (Illinois)Islamic Center LocatorSABA (Bay Area)The Zarathushtrian Assembly (Anaheim)Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, FEZANA (Illinois)California Zoroastrian CenterZoroastrian Association of North Texas Educational Foundations (Scholarships)Bita Daryabari Scholarship for Women in EconomicsThe Dabiri FoundationThe Hand FoundationHoutan Scholarship Foundation (New Jersey)IABA ScholarshipIranian-American Scholarship Fund (San Diego)Iranian Artist Scholarship, EP (Washington D.C.) IAB Scholarship (Boston)IFWC Scholarships (Bay Area)Dr. M.A. Modjtahedi Foundation (Student Loan Fund)Momeni Foundation (Oregon)Nahal Scholarship Foundation (Bay Area)Society of Iranian American Women for Education, SIAWE (Texas) Persian SchoolsEftekhar Persian School (Milwaukee)Ferdowsi Persian Language School (New York)Golestan Kids (Berkeley)GWC Huntington BeachIEC (Houston)Iranian Community School (Virginia)Iranian School of San DiegoKharazmi Persian School (New Jersey)Khayam Educational Group (Orange County)Persian Academy (Washington DC)Persian School of SeattlePayvand School (Bay Area)New York City Classes  Persian CoursesCollege & Universities offering Persian courses Student OrganizationsIranian Student Alliance in America (Berkeley)Iranian Studies Group at MIT (Cambridge) Support GroupsHomanIRC  WomenIranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF)Iranian Women's Society (S. Califronia)The Women's Center (Maryland)Irandokht (S. California)More..  Charities & Relief OrganizationsAlavi Foundation (New York)Ashiané (New York)Alborz Humanitarian Foundation (Southern California) (New Jersey)Bonyad Norooz (North Carolina)Boroumand Foundation (New York)Child Foundation (Oregon)Children's Hope International Literacy & Development (California)Children of Persia (Maryland)Earthquake Relief Funds for Orphans (Massachusetts)Iranian Children (Southern California)Iranian Refugees Alliance Inc. (New York)Kahrizak Charity Foundation (Los Angeles)Komak (Virginia)Omeed (Massachusetts)MahdiehMassiah Foundation (Boston)Mehr Humanitarian Society (New Jersey)Omid Foundation (Maryland)PARSA Community FoundationPersian American Cancer InstituteRahmat Foundation (New York)Razi Health Foundation (New Jersey) Human Rights OrganizationsThe Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)Iranian Society for Human Rights (California)Gozaar (Washington, DC)Society for Human Rights in Iran (S. California)


Bahram Gohari

So far NIAC is the only

by Bahram Gohari on

So far NIAC is the only organization that I am aware of that represent the Iranians, I beliave in it and support it morally and otherwise until Mr. Masoud Kazemzadeh create a better organization.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Not more of the same envy. Give it a rest, Masoud.

You don't like it, don't join. Join a different organization. Or start your own. You could call it the MIEC, short for Malcontented Iranian Exiles Council.

Yeah, that's the ticket.