America's Political Transformation

by masoudA

I wrote a few lines here some 8-10 months ago about then new "Tea Party" movement in America. A grassroots movement amongst Americans - not affiliated with either political party - with a conservative, capitalist, and nationalist agenda - against all potential interference from outside America.

Results of recent elections in New Jersey, and Massachusetts, provides a full proof of a giant political transformation in the United States. America is waking up to its weaknesses and shortcomings, tapping back at it's roots and foundation. Although Republicans won in impossible states like New Jersey and Massachusets - they should not start celebrating yet. People are fed-up with both parties, and a closer look at winners such as Scott Brown, shows exactly what type of people will be running America in the future.

As for us Iranians - this is great news, because American roots and foundations stem from our Persian ways. I see some serious American support for freedom fighters inside Iran. As for IR - I guarantee you, they will be derooted at any cost. It appears from the looks of things Iranian people will indeed get rid of the terrorists running the country in the upcoming months - but if god forbid this regime lasts another 3 years - then mark my words, the next US President will run on a campaign of war against terrorists - and will win in a landslide......... and IR would fall even before the new president takes office.


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A Mehdi

by masoudA on

Please get yourself familiar with US history of the last 100 years.   It will do you good. 


I'd hate to burst your bubbles

by Mehdi on

But the powres that be, be it democrat or republican have ZERO interest in what happens to Iranians. They BOTH have a LOT of interest in how they can milk that nation. Take a listen to this audio an dsee how they were INVOLVED in bringing this current regime in and that  they have no REAL reason to get rid of it.


You are too naive to think that they are afraid of "terrorism." This word is used only to push certain agenda. Security-wise none of these powers consider terrorism as anything serious. It is just a tool to scare their own people.


Dear COP

by masoudA on

I agree with you - I also find myself in disagreement with many of the conservative stances - i.e. abortion, stem cell research, environment, etc.   But as I said - don't make a mistake - this is not about Republican vs. Democrat thing.   This is more in line with what Ross Perot started in the erly 90's.   It's a new wave to fix some of what is wrong with the Federal Government - and more importantly some of the lobby impacts and influences from outside America.    As you know the original tea party was also about getting rid of foreign influence (the Brits in that occasion).   Another major problem is the press and the news media.   Our capitalist press has long lost touch with it's prophecies.  Many of our TV programs are now politically targeted and a platform for foreign money to control our politics.   Us Iranians know well how the Comedy Channel became a platform for IR to fight Bush in the name of promoting books by Iranian authors, etc.....    This is not even a Liberal vs. Conservative thing - I can feel the great but gradual winds of change to fix things... 


masoud jon

by Cost-of-Progress on

I consider myself a centerist although when it comes to the environment, a definite left.

It appears that Scott Brown is more of a centerist republican than the neo-cons running the US for the past 8-9 years. The trouble with the republican party is that it has been hijacked by the religious right. What you' might consider true conservative values have boild out of the mix and replaced by extreme right, anti everything attitude.  

So for Scott Brown and the likes of him to succeed, the filthy hands of the religious extremists will need to be off politics.

It is very ironic as we Iranian know first hand what theocracy can do to a nation and here are Americans trying to slowly turn this nation into a superpower mullahdom......

As an example, consider the comments made by Pat Robertson about Haiti. This guy has a large amount of followers in the US. It is rather alarming.







you watch too much fox news.