America's Response to Islam

America's Response to Islam
by masoudA
Here is one American's response to Islam - This Ghoran burning thing is BS and is a disrespectful act that serves no purpose - therefore it did not take place, although it is every man's right here in USA to express himself in any shape or form on public property as long as it is within the local laws and does not physically harm anyone.

As they say - It may be legal but not wise. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad!!

America has nothing against Islam or any other religion - as long as it does not overstep the boundaries of our constitution.    So if you want to spread an unconstitutional message here in America - don't take it personal when we reject you and need be kick your ass.   Go ahead and build your mosques and raise god loving children - just don't cross the boundaries.    And in order to help you in advance, I will list some of the things that crosses over our boundaries. 1- We are a secular nation under God - and nothing else beyond that. Whatever you believe in, make sure you do not try to push it into our civil rules.
2- We believe in equal rights of all races, genders, faiths,....... so if you believe otherwise - don't take our rejection as an attack on your religion.  
3- Rights of children are protected by the state - so do not abuse them or do to them anything that is by law considered human and human rights violations.

Good luck



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So many Words

by masoudA on

and yet nothing to say.... Yep it's people lik ou who should be blogging........   What is funny is your urge to make useless comments under other people's threads.

13th Legion

What? you hiding behind the "stupid" flag now? ;))

by 13th Legion on

What? Are you hiding behind the "stupid" flag now?

There is no such thing as forced hejab in the United States you silly third world idiot! ;)

With your mind set its best you hop back on Camel Air or El Al and head back home instead of talking WE in a America this and the Constitution that….go read the constitution first before you put your foot in your mouth next time…jeeees we are granting citizenship to all kinds of idiots now days.

Dude its best to leave the blogging to those who actually have something meaningful to say instead of coming on-line making an a$$ of yourself.  lol



by masoudA on

Where do you stand on FORCED HEJAB ?!!   if you can't aswer that in ONE sentence then U are part of the problem dear. 

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

The content your blog is singling out a group of people and in many ways attacking them, judging them and dictating your personal opinion to them under the cover of America's Response to Islam.

People that are not born in this country often immigrate here so they can be entitled to the way they want and chose to live and raise their children! I have never heard of a single case of a Muslim child or teen that was abused and violated by parents that forced them to wear a vial! The majority of such teens to so due it willingly and in respect to their upbringing and perhaps by inheriting there families religion and manner of upbringing and all parents in the US have the right to raise their children as they see fit and as long it poses no harm to their physical and mental well being and to society!

we have some Muslims parents along with Parents that’s are from various faiths: Jews, Christians, Catholics, Hindus etc, that are very strict about the way they bring up their children, their religious beliefs and what they can and cannot do as long as the child is living under their roof and reaches the legal age of 18 and from then on often move along and live there life’s and make such personal decisions by there own preference and will.

We also have many different layers of society in the US that have very extreme and proactive views about their religion and philosophy, from Muslims to Jews to Christians, to the KKK, to the left wing and the right and the long list goes on, but I have not seen noon of them haven had “fully” the power or ability to push there believes and agendas into our civil rules and if they have, they have been far worse than the Muslims that you are circling out.

Sorry dude , I just don’t see any intelligent and practical value behind your posting and in your words,

All I see is a individual that is ranting and raving about his personal frustrations, hate and racist with Islam and a group of human beings and venting on line by hiding behind the American flag and system with WE this and WE that.

 As mentioned before WE are not YOU and your are entitled to your views and venting on-line if that makes you feel better, it doesn’t change anything and certainly does NOT represent Americas response to anything for as they say opinions are like a$$ wholes and every one of us has one ;))



No Capish

by masoudA on

my dear - for one reason or another you have a hard time to get passed the title of my post - if you could you would not have missed the very first line and saved both of us much trouble......

But it does not end there - U still don't capish....

Where do U stand on a Moslem father dictating to his teenage daughter on wearing Hejab here in America?   after two rounds of comment - anyone insightful would have something to say about that - whch is where I want to go with this post that U call BS. 

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

My dear insightful Eyranian (as you like to say),

I will start of my response to you with a  note Just to make my true INTENSION clear in commenting on your blog in the first place:

As you say : “First of all - the first line in the commentary says: Here is ONE American response” but the title of your blog in “BOLD” reads : “America's Response to Islam” so my first point is that you may have been granted citizenship by America and that will indeed entitle you for your right to freedom of speech but with picking such a title you “in your mind” have decided that you are representing the whole of America followed by the rest of your remarks which carries the language of dictation! As I mentioned in my first response:

For starters and at best, you should have started your BS article as: “One Americans response to Islam” as to taking way to bigger bites than your mouth Such as “America's Response to Islam”!!!”    

Yes, you have the right to your freedom of speech, but nobody granted you the right to represent the rest of this great nation and that’s what your main title suggests!




And as for the rest of your comments that carries a tone of dictation, well perhaps I can understand, for the fact is that for the past several hundred years Iran has been governed by one form of dictatorship or other and by nature this may have caused a type of “cultural Oghdeh” that may be part of our contemporary cultural DNA for dictating our views to others and as soon as some one does not agree with our views we will label them as being the enemy, I simply see this to be the product of having a limited filed of perception ruled by an all mighty “super ego” witch in the Persian culture I will refer to as the “all wise, know it all, syndrome”. And you keep referring to your comments as “we” this and “we” that, there is no “We” hear, stop hiding behind the American flag in order to mask your personal intentions of hate, frustration and ignorance, just be a man and state that “I” beleven this or that, cuz as a natural born American it pisses me of when you pretend to represent my motherland and makes me want to smack you in the head!



And as for the rest of your personal remarks about “Moslem first hamvatan” “Rahba loving Sandis seeker” bla bla bla. For your information:    1-    I am not a Muslim but I was educated in a way to have respects for all religions, faiths. 




2-    I was born in the great US of A and also have the privilege of having some Iranian blood in me with great love and passion for the land, culture and people of Iran, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Zoroastrian and all.    3-    As far as the rahbar and his sandis crowed and followers are concerned they can all go the hell. 




And the end, I truly regret to see you have such a narrow mind and limited filed of perception,I see no value in your article for the energy and language it carries is one that is full of frustration, intolerance and hate and product of an inflamed ego that over credits itself with being intelligent and insightful and allows its self to want to dictate policy to others out of its personal hate, intolerance and frustrations and hiding behind the American flag!  A good sign of that is your have allowed yourself judge others that live in this great country as to not knowing their constitutional rights and duties and wanting point out and dictate it to them, which is simply not your place! Keep in mind that whatever you write and post as a blog will have a response and if you don’t like negative or opposing feedback, then pay more attention to the language and true intensions before you post your thoughts and give yourself the right to speak on behalf of a nation, cut the “We” crap for “WE’” are not “You”, like it or not you are just an insignificant drop in this nations vast ad rich cultural ocean.  




13th Legion

by masoudA on

My dearest Moslem first hamvatan

First of all - the first line in the commentary says: Here is ONE American response......

Second: I know it is hard for you Rahba loving Sandis seekers to comprehend - but here in America we don't wait for any Rahbar to isse fatwa - we just say what we believe and our elected officials follow our wishes - capish? 

Third - do you not have ANY comments about the actual commentary?   Don't let your scarce alpha genes take the best of your brain - there are far far more intelligent and insightful Eyranians around to lead in anything...


In the mind of most US

by Sirius on

In the mind of most US citizens

 Islam = Violent terrorists towelheads.

(Corolary: No accident. That's what their media feed them, 24/7)


If you want to try to do something about it and educate them, be my guest.

I take comfort in knowing the world is wide and round.

13th Legion

Dude, you have no Quran MUSIC REMIX ;))

by 13th Legion on

13th Legion

masoudA, America’s Response to Islam, MY A$$!

by 13th Legion on

For starters and at best, you should have started your BS article as: “One Americans response to Islam” as to taking way to bigger bites than your mouth Such as “America's Response to Islam”!!! American has a president and the vote of the majority of its citizens to announce a response by and through its vast mass media when need be as it has done with its last response on the late Quran burning charade, no need for a half a$$ of citizen with the first name of “Masoud” to dictate policy on its behalf!! And as for the rights of our citizens, we    

Have our beloved constitution at the tip of our fingers available for our inlightment at any time, no need to dictate our rights for us! Because when you do it makes you look like such a “want to be” red neck. We have been kind enough to grant your 3rd world chelo kabob eating a$$ and a green card, followed by hopefully your citizenship, but don’t let it go to your head and as you say become “kaseh daaghtar az aash” lol

Work hard, pay your taxes, live and act as law obedient citizen and be a good old boy, no need to give American style “fatwa” on behalf of the rest of this nation, cuz last time I checked we didn’t have no dude in office by the name of masoud that was elected to speak on behalf of America.Take a chill pill, be grateful you have been accepted hear as a citizen and as they say “ boro dare k****o bezar”, America’s Response to Islam, MY A$$! 




lol ;) 






by mahmoudg on

I say keep your hatelful messages Islam spews in your own country.  Specifically, the Arabs, because Persia is soon gonna throw Islam into the dustbin of history, and hopefully sooner after America will make the Saudi desert our 51st.